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This has been astonishing. It’s intriguing and well voiced. I think those who got upset about the way that Payne talked to Brooke are those who don’t understand how to make adult choices. This is not his job, he had a right to voice his opinion and go after justice.
The first episode of Season 2 is drawn out and has so much filler music and dialogue, I lost interest.


By K8Bored
If it wasn’t for Episode 9 in season 2 I would have rated this much higher. In my opinion, the whole episode was a waste of time. There were about 30 seconds of that phone call that were relevant, the rest I couldn’t even follow and got bored. Listening to someone ramble on for almost an hour and not making hardly any sense at all, I just don’t see the point. It really ruined the podcast for me.


The entire show basically copies Serial, but in a sad ripoff way. He keeps talking about how he's never done this....and blah blah but it's obvious it's a lie. The interviews are obviously rehearsed. Really felt like a waste of time.
Story is interesting. Material gets repeated over and over and he spends a lot of time going over the same crap. Stopped listening after he “interviewed Brook.” What the hell is he doing telling her how Bo should act and what he should do? Completely unprofessional and unethical. His job is to report, not give advice. Read the rest of the story on wiki. Not going to listen to anymore, completely lost respect for Payne.
The “Producers” have not produced much of anything here. The story is compelling but the presentation is poor. No editorial discretion has been applied to the overly lengthy presentation of interviews. It is more like “look what we found”. and than interviews drone. Wow I am not looking for a USA today Synopsis, as an avid podcast listener I have higher expectations. Not journalism nor journalistic. Great that they turned it into a fundraiser but now there’s an agenda.
I’d give this a much higher rating if the recorded phone conversations didn’t sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Can’t hear a thing.
Wow, that phone call with “Landon” in season 2 episode 6 was absolutely impossible to understand! And it went on for forever!
Please fire your sound engineer.
Payne and his team do a good job of digging into this case and staying dedicated to the memory of Tara. It seems like they always try to keep her memory at the forefront.
I listened to season 2 before season 1 and season 2 is amazing!! I love season 1 as well, but for me I’m not a fan of the Q&A’s and case evidence episodes, but again that’s just me. Payne Lindsay is so good and is the reason I’m completely hooked to anything crime story related podcasts. Thank you!
Absolutely the best podcast I have listened to. Riveting! On the edge of your seat! I binged this podcast and could not stop listening! There’s a void now I’ve finished. No other podcast is as good!
First season was superb with the rare and awesome outcome!! I absolutely love Season two as well, Payne chooses cases that are interesting and not the predictable status quo. Happy he is getting exposure for these women and bringing closure to their familiesZ it’s what they deserve they didn’t deserve this violence and it’s so satisfying hearing the podcast echo that!
This cold case is incredibly engaging and interesting. However, the podcast itself does a so-so job of delivering the narrative of the case. Many episodes deliver repetitive information and the sound quality during interviews is subpar. There is significant self-congratulatory rhetoric and some parts are sensationalist verging on disrespectful to the grieving (i.e. the live episode). The mystery of the case kept me listening.
Loved his dedication to find the truth and his honest and relatable he spoke to this journey. He didn’t try to be anyone but himself. I’m glad I took a chance on it.
I really like Payne Lindsey and I love the content of this story but the audio is really bad. Phone call recordings are really muffled, background noise is too loud, and even in person interviews sometimes have bass static. Because I want to find out more I’m going to keep listening and hope the sound gets better! 🤞🏻
In our day and age of agenda heavy journalism, it’s so refreshing to listen to someone who is compassionate, truth seeking, and objective about the details. Payne and his team are very careful to report their findings with very little to no opinion, just the facts. And they do it because they care about the people they are helping. It’s such a pleasure to listen to and I am hooked! Bring on Season 3!
Such a good, easy to follow podcast. I don’t know where the time goes! Glad someone is looking into these cold cases and getting closure for the families.
This investigation is engrossing. Regardless of the sound quality issues or the fact that he is an amateur, it’s absolutely worth listening to. I cannot wait to listen to him grow as a sleuth and reporter.


Absolutely the worst true crime podcast on here. I understand it was Payne’s first podcast but he’s terrible. The story is really great but he ruins the story. He glosses over major leads, leaves massive holes unexplored, and ultimately misses the boat so badly. And he becomes a whiney, thin-skinned jerk by the end. I can’t believe this was renewed for a 2nd season. Don’t waste your time - you’ll be infuriated at the end.
The story of this podcast is really interesting, but i couldnt get through an episode because the “background” music is so loud i have to really strain my ears to even hear the narrator. It also doesnt help that his voice naturally doesnt project very well and he speaks with lots of vocal fry. Most of the time you can’t hardly hear his voice over the music.
I listen to a ton of true crime podcast and this was is just ok. But, could be better if he narrated more rather than play long drawn out interviews. The biggest turn off was the playing of really bad audio conversations that I couldn’t make out what they were saying so I lost interest in what started out as a great story.
I am very very intrigued by this but the narrator is horrible. Just horrible! Has one of the worst voices I have ever heard. Would love to hear the podcast performed by someone else
Count me in the group that likes the actual podcast and the story but I had to quit after season 2 episode 6. The sound quality got progressively worse and after listening to an hour of awful recorded phone calls that were completely inaudible, I had to give up. Bummer because this was a local story for me that was interesting but I don’t understand how they can put out a podcast where you can’t understand half the content.
I’ve been a fan of true crimes for years and just started listening to Up and Vanished. I love what you’re doing with this podcast and I love how you’re doing it. Amazing.
Compelling story, but I can't go on. Arrogant, irresponsible true crime documentarians and podcasters will be the end of this genre and it makes me so, so sad. Lindsey comes off as incredibly self-important and seems to see the case as a commodity. The real people involved get left by the wayside. I used to dismiss critics of the true crime genre who said that authors and podcast hosts were harmfully sensationalizing crimes, but if this is the sort of thing they've been listening to, I can totally see their point. I still love true crime, but this one just makes me feel gross. For responsible, compassionate takes on interesting mysteries, check out any of CBCs numerous true crime podcasts.
Keeps me interested with every new episode. Payne’s dedication to uncovering the truth is inspiring. Will keep listening to anything this guy creates.
Love Payne hopefully a season 3 and join discussion board and Facebook group to help decode with us!!
5 stars for the great stories that grab me and don’t let go but I am constantly turning up the sound in my truck so I can hear the interview and phone conversation segments and then I get my eardrums blown when Payne narrates or does an advertisement. I have the same problem with season 2 every time there is someone on the phone. I really really want to listen but I just can’t handle the sound
I was intrigued by the story in season one but found it way too drawn out. The guy doing the podcast is a filmmaker and not a journalist and it shows. Also kind of turned me off how it kind of seemed like they were bragging about their part in the case. I thought I’d try season two, but yet again it was drawn out with long interviews and I stopped at episode 6 because the sound quality of the interviews was TERRIBLE, to the point I couldn’t even understand what the people were saying.
I became obsessed with season one and LOVE Payne Lindsey. I’ve listened to so many crime podcasts and he is my all time favorite host. I have convinced my friends and family to listen. We all love up and vanished and FaceTime about it! Great podcast.
Despite feeling like it drags sometimes and the audio isn’t always the best I can’t wait to see what comes next from UAV.
Don’t listen to anyone saying the sound quality is bad! It’s just fine. The story is so addicting that you’ll be hooked after the first episode. A very binge worthy series!
Have found this podcast interesting and informative, but extremely turned off by host Payne Lindsey’s behavior toward the end of season one. Found him to become increasingly self-important and self-congratulatory for his role in drumming up interest, even though his theories didn’t reveal the truth by any margin. Lindsey behaves in a self-righteous manner and lacks objectiveness while interviewing Brooke Sheridan, and publicly and very personally overreacts to criticism by locals. Feels a little too drawn out and repetitive. Worth the listen for the content, but likely won’t be listening to season 2.
LOVE the podcast. Super confusing and frustrating to find new episodes when some are listed under Season 1, some are listed under Available Episodes, and some are under Unknown Season. Please clean this up so I don’t miss any episodes and can keep track of where I’m at!
Muffled. So bad. Like what did anyone even say???
Season 1 was my first podcast ever and I immediately was hooked. Love how Payne conducts himself and works through the investigation. Have listened to both seasons now and a lot more different podcasts. Up and Vanished remains one of my favorites. Keep up the great work Payne and team!
I love this podcast. I really enjoy trace evidence it really helps to clear up any questions the listeners might be having. Great speaking voice also.
I’m listening to Season 2 for the second time! This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I am officially an addict now. I heard about Season 2 back in November and I binged it then I binged Season 1. I love Up and Vanished and Monster!! I missed Payne in Zodiac though. He’s my favorite!


I listen to A LOT of true crime podcasts and while the subject matter of this one is interesting, the host (and PI he deals with) are insufferable and hard to listen to. I gave him the benefit of the doubt in the first few episodes because he wasn't a podcaster or an investigative journalist but I'm on episode 13 now and he's still just as awful. He needs an editor - BADLY - you don't need to post the entire interview with someone to get an idea what they're saying. A good podcaster will make the important parts into a tight story. Payne has no clue how to do this, and no gift for interviewing or storytelling. I also don't think he can claim any real credit for helping to find the murderer outside of maybe drumming up a little more interest. There are much better true crime podcasts out there.
Had to stop listening at episode 6 because of the sound quality :( couldn’t understand anything
Season 1 was completely amazing and interesting. I don’t feel like Payne is as self glorifying as people seemed to review him. I also really appreciate how they are following up with the trials. Season 2 was different... it feels as though Payne bit off more than he could chew. The situation had so many variables about drug use, flighty people, the possibility of mental illness, many people relying on supernatural, untrustworthy witnesses, vast wilderness, and a small town where typical law protocol is not followed. This makes it a rough podcast to follow. There was also a lot of pressure to solve the case after the way season 1 ended, so it’s almost as though season 2 will automatically be a let down. You can almost tell the host feels the need to try to solve it by his repetitive phone calls with catfish and interviews with others, which makes it kind of boring and confusing for the listener.
I really enjoyed season one of this podcast, that is until Payne started to victim shame Tara for her “relationship” history. Thank you Nancy Grace for putting him in his place on the Oxygen special! Season two was just too drawn out. It’s a good case and I hope that Krystal can be found, but the episodes were very repetitive.
This podcast created great energy and helped solved a cold case so that makes this hard to give it less than a 5 star but the redundant information time after time and Q and A are painful. The interviews are hard to hear and understand and there are a lot. This is such an enlightening. podcast but you can listen to less than a third of it. The problem is that you have to listen to all of it to get to the third of what really is important to the case. It truly was a great gift that this guy created but it gets lost in something else. I understand the parody podcast ‘done disappeared’ and it’s spot on. I’m embarrassed to post on this but it should have been separated better.
I love, love, love this show. I love that I’m real time we have been able to experience an investigation, confession, and trial in one series. This is Gold, and Payne is a great guide through the podcast, love all the extra people like Phillip and the lawyers and investigators. I really need some of grandmas cowboy cookies though!
I have been searching for a podcast ever since I finished listening to In the Dark season 2. This podcast is absolutely fascinating! It’s well done and very detailed. I love the additional case evidence episodes and the QA with Dr. Godwin. Payne may be considered an amateur investigative journalist but you can’t deny he helped crack Tara’s case. Keep up the great work guys!!
This podcast is my all time favorite. His voice is so calming but yet he still knows how to make everything have an eerie feeling. I can’t put my phone down when I stop listening. I’m in school and I listen to it on the bus and in school during work. The fact that the case had been sitting for so long and a rookie basically solved it shows a lot! I highly have enjoyed listening to it. Although when people are on the phone it is hard to understand, he recaps the highlight of the call basically. This is a very interesting and thorough podcast and I do recommend this to all of my friends who enjoy mystery!