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I was happy to find this podcast, as it’s an excellent resource in accessible language. I just wish they would speak slower!
The reviews speak for themselves, this podcast is great for anyone looking to kill two birds with one stone by practicing your french and keeping informed en meme temps. Highly recommended
I LOVE francais facile. It is so helpful and I'm grateful to rfi. The only issue is that they don't include the transcript, which they *do* include in the revue de presse. Either include a link to the transcript on the website, or even better, petition for more space in the description!
The newest episode never downloads automatically, per my settings. I have to turn subscription off in settings, then turn it back on. Then the episode appears - sometimes( sometimes the episode doesn't appear).
I have not been able to download any programs for 5+ days. Please do not quite broadcasting as I listen to this podcast every day.
If the script came directly in the podcast, I would give it 6 stars! Congratulatons.
A wonderful tool for brushing up on my French and getting the news!
Its 10 minutes of French that I look forward to every day!
Unable to download RFI to iPhone problem exists for past week, others (with iPhone) have same issue). Hope this message can get to right place. My star rating doesn't reflect the program which is worthy of 5*
This is a wonderful resource, but the field reporters talk way to fast! Please follow Antoine's example.
The reporters' careful enunciation along with downloadable transcripts makes this a great tool for learning.
Antoine Genton is the best!! He speaks slowly and clearly. His colleagues should follow his example. Merci..!
Ce podcast est très bien pour les étudiants de français. Merci de le produire.
Much needed source of news in French. Should help in learning.
This podcast is entertaining and a great tool for those learning French. Thanks for all the hard work to those who create it!
Very well done! I enjoy the fact that French is spoken in a clearly articulated way for those of us who are new to listening real world information in a second language. Keep it up
Beaucoup trop de musique. Pas assez de nouvelles. Je veux écouter le français PARLÉ, non pas le français chanté.
this service is unavailable now. the podcast is just 10 minutes of music. weird
...des actualités par la perspective française...facile à comprendre...adulte toutefois
Excellent news summary in simple French for those of us just learning. Appears to have ended download through iTunes on 18 Jan 2008, though it's still on RFI's webpage. Quel bummer!
I do listen to this daily. Not only does it provide a brief synopsis of international and French news, but it is at a level of French accessable to most learners. Once a week they provide a word or expression of the week that is tied to the news somehow. If you have time, visiting the website in conjunction with the audio can greatly enhance your French.
but has it stopped coming out through iTunes? I have had to download the MP3s from RFI's website since last week. Easy enough to be mostly understandable to this old French student, and it also reports on parts of the world that the US press ignores, such as elections in Africa. Merci RFI!
Short, informative and very accesible language level, no matter what your level of French, you will benefit just by being exposed and not overwhelmed by too much information. It is focused towards language learning so, even though it runs just as a news program would, they include little tid bits of phrases commonly used in a certain area or subject and explain them.
i'm an american student of french and this podcast is very helpful in that it allows me to hear french on a daily basis - outside of class. pretty easy to understand and informative! enjoy
C'est très bien fait et intéressant, mais il faut mettre le texte comme "lyrics" sous "song info" afin de pouvoir le lire en écoutant.