Reviews For Down by the Bank: A Jacksonville Jaguars Podcast

Love the honest and sincere evaluation from the guys, as a local guy from Clay County living in Tally these guys keep me updated! #DUUUVAL
Truly the only people that can make 1-15 interesting. Great job fellas
2 things I really like about this podcast: 1. They are fans. They don’t put on a smile and make a pod. JK3 and Darrick wear their emotions on their sleeves and they don’t sugar coat it. They’re mad, upset, disappointed and I appreciate that more than sticking to an agenda and covering the next story. 2. They take a stand. I’m not sold that Urban Meyer is going to 100% win in Jacksonville (if that happens), but JK3 is. They’re not wishy washy. The make a statement and stand by it. Right or wrong. I love that as opposed to the other pods that don’t want to upset anyone or be wrong down the road. Keep it up gents. At heart I’m a Bucs fan so while I’m not going to bleed teal, I appreciate keeping up with the local London Jaguars. This pod keeps me informed and is a great/easy listen.


They are really fun to listen to. It’s pretty funny as well.
I love this podcast. I live in California and can’t always watch jags games. This informs me on the team. Great topics and discussions!
These guys are real down to earth cool guys.They break things down and talk about things my buddies and I talk about as we’re drinking a few beers.This podcast is helping me get pumped up for the season.Been a dedicated fan since the beginning and this year I am more excited than I’ve ever been for the season to start..Keep it going guys.


By Jaqinit
Best jags podcast. Quenching my thirst for football in the off season. Myles Jack wasn't down
great discussion, great analysis, and the best part no Jeff Prosser


Huge jags fan here since the later 90’s. Really cool podcast! Keep the shows flowing!
You guys have a decent podcast and I love that you are fans having a Jaguars-based podcast for Jaguar fans. However, I feel like you should know whether or not Cody Kessler was acquired via trade or not (you weren’t sure as was evidenced by the 07/25/18 podcast), you should be aware of and have discussed how good Rashad Greene played in the mini-camp’s and OTA’s and how that could factor in to him sticking as the 6th WR instead of assuming it will be Mickens simply because of S/T’s, and you should seriously at least know who Allen Lazard is. I’ll keep listening and support you guys, but i feel like you should be a bit more up to snuff on your details, gentlemen.
I love listening to these guys! It is a true fans perspective! 🏈 DBTB!! 🏈
Humorous, engaging and from a true fans perspective. These guys deliver big time all things DUVAL in an honest and engaging Podcast for our boys in Teal.
Awesome show! Keep it up. P.S. love the pics of the cat 😍😍
You guys have a great show every week! I enjoyed the show ahead of the AFC Championship.
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I just recently started listening to this. Not really a podcast guy but this may have changed. I live far away from Jax and it’s nice to make it feel like you’re in a convo with other Jags fans.
Great content from a Fans perspective!
Corey, JK3, and Darrick all provide great inside, and have a chemistry that just works together. They have excellent guest, including this Jimmy Siettmann guy, who is pretty awesome tbh. Jaguars fans who want to look for a good podcast to follow should definitely check this out. Content = greeaaaattt.
Highly enjoyable podcast. The guys are reasonable, not vulgar, and fulfill my need for more Jags content in a great way. Thank you for making this. Go Jags!!
Love this podcast! It’s so hard to get info on my jags living outside the tv market in West Alabama and this podcast keeps me connected to all things sacksonville. Started listening mid way through the season and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks for doing such a great job guys with this podcast.
I enjoy this podcast quite a lot. This feels like the official fan podcast of the Jaguars.
Love the pod


By knnthp4
I love this podcast and I go to Brewers Pizza because of it. Keep up the great work!
These guys know their stuff - informative and funny! Go Jags!
No need to search further for a great JAGS podcast. You’ve already found it! Just recently found it but I can’t stop listening! Keep up the amazing job guys!
Great job guys... really enjoy listening... keep up the good work.
Love listening to fan podcasts and this is a great one. Good varied insight from the various presenters with a mix of stats and personal takes. Could us a little less of the Bortles apologetics though ;)
Stationed in North Carolina and this podcast is like a little piece of home I get to listen to when I drive to and from work. Helps me keep up with the jags when I can’t always watch the game or see every play. You guys keep it real with the constructive and honest criticism, but still hopeful and show love for jags. Love the passion I hear on this show every episode, please keep it up guys! GO JAGS! 13-3 SUPERBOWL CHAMPS! SHOCK THE WORLD!!!
I love listening to these guys because it's like talking with my friends about the Jags. No holds barred and they have the passion and the fandom! Keep bringing it guys, the Jaguar Fans need this
Love the podcast! The detailed post game analysis is solid. Keep it up boys! Cheers to the shifting back to Teal Uniforms.
As a jag fan, I have found the best jag pod out
Glad to finally find a podcast about the Jaguars and Jacksonville that isn’t by beat writers or media that is otherwise affiliated, and won’t go in hard on when it’s warranted by the product on the field. Fair criticism, good analysis, and all of it with the central thread of being passionate about the Jacksonville Jaguars and the community surrounding it.
After a crushing defeat to the Jets, someone in Jags nation needs a win. Let it be this podcast. Corey serves as an excellent host to a very knowledgeable Darrick and JK3. True fans offering great analysis, great guests, some golden nuggets of NPR style reporting...keep at it gentlemen. Hit that B gap. Be the light that guides me through this tumultuous season. #LizardKings4lyfe
Love it, always happy to hear that other people love the Jags as much as I do. You guys seem to have some great insight about this team. Go Jags!!
Love it


Awesome job, informative, smart, funny 😀👍🏾
I'm a new Jaguars fan that lives in San Diego and this Podcast has been PERFECT for fueling this new fandom. I subscribed back in June and I can officially say I'm hooked! These guys have great reviews, thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the Jags and being that it comes from real fans who know the ins and outs, I truly respect and appreciate what they say. Thank you guys and keep it up! Congrats on the BCC partnership! Cheers!
If your a die hard Jags fan then this is the podcast for you. I enjoy the open and current dialogue. I also appreciate the hosts' honesty; as much as it hurts sometimes. Sure hope the team gets up to the level of this show.
This is the best place for Jacksonville Jaguars sport talk anywhere. All 3 of the guys know their stuff, it's formatted perfectly and flows well, they bring on great guests at times and it's very entertaining and informative. My go-to Podcast for the drive home from work. Excellent work guys!
A little biased, but it's professional, well organized, and just the right amount of time.
Listened to previous last three episodes on my drive from DC to Philly last night, and it helped the time fly by. Keep at it.
The best Jaguars podcast
Keep up the good work guys
I really enjoyed the podcast. Keep'm coming.
This is a great podcast that every jaguars fan should be listening too!! Great group of people talking that actually know what they are talking about haha 10/10 would recommend to any fellow Jaguars fan in Nebraska....
Really enjoy this podcast about Jags football... they're knowledgable and enthusiastic fans
Good work guys!
It's a good show with good jags analysis. The host doesn't understand jokes the cohosts make sometimes though, and will spend the next couple minutes saying "wait...I don't get it." It's ok you don't get it just don't audibly say you don't get it. Just move on with the topic or change topics.