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Re-entering job market 1/1/21. Searched for a relative podcast. Listened to a few- meh. Then I found you. Perfection!! Stoked to binge on your informative,real life, entertaining, and oh so pertinent podcasts. Thanks!
I am fine with your laughs. Don’t even notice them (and I have no clue what the other reviewers are talking about because the content and your delivery is clear and delivered with personality). You keep doing you. Thank you for the insight. I’ve been wading through podcasts like this for years and rarely do I listen to more than 2-3. I’ve been listening all day.
Her advise is useful and succinct. One thing that I would change is that every 5 seconds, her weird-sounding laughs distracted me. Sound so annoying and unprofessional
Helpful information on all things career. However, because this is a podcast, the listener has to wade through all of the host’s verbal idiosyncrasies. By this I mean she over-pronounces a lot of words and intersperses her comments with ridiculous bursts of giggling which is unhelpful, distracting and unprofessional. She needs vocal training, but she’s not aware of that fact. Listening to her is a mixed bag... I listened because of the content but she drove me away because of her annoying whispery style. Oh, did I mention the occasional vocal fry?? Yikes.
So insightful and it does resonate so much for me. Thank you.
I wanted to move to CA for a long time. I made the move and felt prepared to look for work. Stephanie’s list for looking for work while in another state helped me move successfully from MA to CA. I found a job in less than a month and found my career in one year.
Quick episodes that have concrete tips and suggestions.
Very helpful and to the point. Really appreciate that
Each episode is quick, practical and entertaining.
I found your podcast searching specifically for “career advice.” Your knowledge has helped me in a time in my life where so many unknowns exist. This podcast is practical, easy to listen to, and I love the laugh!
Cheers on your podcast!! Looking forward to your next episodes!
Too much laughing
Spent so much of quarantine life listening to this. Come back Steph! Awesome podcast.
Some topics Steph covers are very sensitive but she presents them all in a way that is calming. The lists are helpful and great and they are included in the descriptions. Topics covered also go beyond just the initial job prospecting process. They go into later on in your career.
As someone who spent most of his career in search, now career coaches and also hosts hiss as own show with more than 1700 episodes, I think she does a solid and sincere job of helping listeners. Great job and slow down!
This podcasts helped me land my dream job ! Thank You Stephanie for all your wisdom shared!
I love listening to this on my hour commute to work everyday! It’s straight to the point and she has such a fun personality that I don’t even get bored. Her tips are real and has the best advice. She doesn’t sugarcoat


Just discovered this Gem the other day! I’m currently living that ‘full-time job applicant life’ and it is definitely a lot more stressful than I had anticipated so I’m super grateful for these tips!
I stumbled upon Stephanie’s podcast looking for tips on the STAR interview process and hers was the only one that came up in my search. At first I was disappointed to see the episode was so short but that was replaced with immense satisfaction once I got into the show. She really knows how to get to the heart of a subject and give you exactly what you need to know without wasting your time. I feel 100 times more prepared for an interview after that short episode than I did before. Now I’m subscribed and eagerly listening to the back catalog.
Very informative, to the point and practical.
Stephanie, host of the Career Talk podcast, highlights all aspects of careers, success and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I have binge-listened to almost every episode because it’s so helpful and easy to listen to. Stephanie is a credible, thoughtful host who strikes the perfect balance between polished and down-to-earth. I have learned so much about interviews, productivity and professional development from this legit insider.
I discovered this amazon podcast just a couple months ago and I’m glad that it came back this year (2019). Steph is pretty awesome and professional. Thanks for all your tips! I’m having an interview with my dream company in a few days. Wish me luck!
I would love to hear more about career transitions, how to stand out in applications and how to score an interview when there are many applicants I love your podcast! It’s been so helpful for my career search!
Listening to Stephanie’s entire podcast has been positively life changing for me. Episode 64 was truly a God send podcast! ✨
Appreciate Steph’s transparency and authenticity!
I listen to a couple episodes whenever I am going to a job interview. I’ve done this for the past two years and I land almost every interview! So helpful, so fantastic. Thank you so much!
I absolutely love this podcast because it has given me so much confidence, specifically with interviewing. I came here looking for interview tips, resume tips, and cover letter tips. Steph covered it all and gave me the confidence boost I so direly needed. I really love that most of Stephanie’s podcasts are only 10-15 min, yet she hits all the points. She doesn’t get off track with meaningless convo’s, she just gives you what you need to know, and keeps it short and sweet. And she is so relatable, and personable. Super chill. She just helps you “get it”. I’m bummed she stopped making podcasts. I honestly feel that she’s the best career talk podcast out here. Steph if you read this, please please please consider making more podcasts. You are so great at it! Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed to tackle my fear of interviews.
Stephanie has provided a ton of insight. I had hired a “professional” resume writer and have been beating my head against the wall for 6 months in my job search. Since listening to this podcast, I’ve updated my resume to something that actually fits me and have been motivated to keep searching for a new job.
This podcast really helped me out in validating my concerns and preparing for my most recent interview process. Easy to listen to and very informative.
Each podcast that I’ve listened to in these series is short (approx. 10 mins), but packed full of helpful information! I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a new job, or looking to advance in their current job.
So helpful in a time of need. Haven’t had to take my resume serious in a long time and feeling out of touch your podcast has really helped provide perspective to the other side. Would love to know about Cover Letters and do resumes need to be 1 page!!?? Thank you!
I really like how the host doesn't waste time and drag out the tips. She jumps right in and gives you the helpful advice you need. It's delivered in a real, authentic, no frills way. No fancy intro music and sound producers, just the MF'ing info! I thoroughly enjoy it. Please keep them coming!
Great reminders on things I already know as well as insight into approaches I hadn’t thought of. Good advice, professional and interesting. A nice companion for my runs this week!
Stephanie, the information you provide has been SO much help to me in my career search. As someone who is looking to gain entry into the Human Resources field, your wisdom is timely and greatly appreciated. Looking forward to learning more. Keep up the awesome work!
Great information and relevant to me and my career as a HRBP, but she’s Too quiet and I can barely hear anything no matter what speaker system used
Very different than the other podcasts I've listened to. She has a very down to earth personality that makes her so relatable. Her tone keeps me engaged and wanting to learn more. She definitely helped me out and made me feel more confident with my current interviews I'm going through for a promotion at work. I've been recommending her podcast to everyone🙂
I just moved back to my hometown which is Miami. The job market here is very challenging. I chose the toughest season to job hunt. Before each interview, I play one of your podcasts and I listen carefully to your advice and to the way you speak. I admire your communication skills and your enthusiasm. I need to take a few minutes to thank the person I currently looking up to.
Stephanie provides top-notch career advice and finds genuine enjoyment out of helping others.
I like how this podcast is concise and gets to the point. I also like how Dennis is organized and structured show.
I'm having such a blast listening to these great tips!! I used what she said about phone interviews and I might get an additional client out of it!
Thank you your words that are helping me become a better person
Host and former recruiter Stephanie Dennis packs a ton of worthwhile career advice into these short weekly episodes. Each show focuses on a different topic and Dennis fills every podcast with practical tips. Recent subjects covered include resumes, job interviews and career pivots. "Career Talk" is well produced and edited and Dennis has a candid, no nonsense style that keeps every show moving at a good pace.
I enjoy each new episode so I may apply a bit to my own daily work life and career goals. Charming personality, melodic voice, sweet wit. Appreciate that each episode is short yet packs a nice punch!
Stephanie is sweet, smart, and offer some solid career advice. Hopefully one day she can offer a quick 30-minute crash course questionnaire📝 to listeners that will help guide them even better.
Not only does this podcast provide you with insightful info for people trying to find a job, resume tips, and career advice but the host is amazing! Everything you need is here. The host is very genuine & truly cares about helping. Ive personally reach out to via via email and she replies with great advice! Definitely subscribe people!
Very helpful to gain that confidence needed in the work place. I like that there isn't a lot of rambling.
Right to the point with the most useful examples. Her experience shines through!
Nothing but love for this podcast! Each episode is full of actionable techniques and resources that have really helped me take my new career search to the next level. My application response rate is up over 500%. Expecting an offer any day now. After listening to the podcast be sure to check out her online resources they are just as amazing. Keep up the good work :)