Reviews For OR-Live: Live and On-Demand Medical Healthcasts

I used to get this podcast, and it used to feature full surgeries for download though iTunes. But now, all it has are promotions of ones to watch online. I wish that they would put full length surgeries back on it, so I could watch surgeries on the go.
I am a medical student and I love watching the innovative procedures on ORlive. In rating this podcast, not the show, I would have to say that 2 minutes of an introduction is not enough. You still have to go to the web site and open a flash player (Realplayer or one of the other 10) and hope it is good enough quality to watch full screen. It would be much easier and more user friendly if we could have the procedures on iTunes directly. Thank you.
I am really interested in medical practice, and for a while ive been browsing the internet for videos of surgerys without much luck. One day i found one of there youtube videos (A Heart Surgery) and visited there site. I found they had a podcast and suscribed. Its very educational and very interesting. Its a 5 star Podcast.
As close as you'll get to the OR before Medical School/residency. Many different surgeries performed covering a wide range of diseases and organs. Excellent podcasts.
I'm a high school student who is really interested in the medical field, and I was so excited to find this educational video pod cast! It’s really great because the surgeons take the time to explain everything they are doing and another doctor is present to answer questions from the live audience via email, so you are able to get a different view of some of the information in layman’s terms. This is great for anyone who would like to learn more about medicine and various treatments on all levels—from basic anatomy and physiology to the more complex levels of structure of the body.