Reviews For Founders

I have listened to many podcasts on entrepreneurship (HIBT, Masters of Scale, etc.) and find Founders to be consistently more helpful than any other entrepreneurship podcast. David is a craftsperson, he carefully reads biographies of founders, distills the most important anecdotes and themes from their life, and draws commonalities across lives. David’s focus is rightfully not on teaching you a formula to succeed but on constantly pushing you to think different.
Listening to the stories of founders such powerful insight to help anyone learn quickly. This format is the best out there and I’d recommend this to anyone.
Stumbled upon this podcast (pretty much stumbled on all my podcasts) while searching for some info on Larry Ellison. After one episode, I quickly joined the Misfit feed since $5/month is a few cups of coffee a month for great detailed biography on amazing leaders. Love the insight and thoughts shared along the way. David loves what he does and it shines through on the podcast. Definitely my go-to podcast now.
No fluff and all substance, David does an outstanding job summarizing these biographies and hones in on the elements that make his subjects so unique among entrepreneurs. I particularly enjoy that he focuses on both the founder’s positive and negative characteristics as a way of highlighting things to mimic and avoid.
Stumbled upon this podcast after reading a biography on Edwin Land. Searched for him on the Apple podcast app and was surprised at how little there was out there. I quickly subscribed to the Misfits feed for $50 a year and it’s honestly been the best money I’ve spent all year. It has inspired me do read biographies and business books I would have never thought I’d be interested in. Highly recommend
This is the most inspirational and best business podcast out there. David has inspired me to focus on biographies and how much you can learn from the journey one takes, rather than general business strategy and culture books. I’m addicted and will continue to listen to every episode.
With a couple young children I don’t get the opportunity to read as much as I like. I listen to this podcast on my commute. He does a great job. Keep up the good work.
David saves you hundreds of hours by summarizing bios of legendary business founders and providing valuable insight on what makes an individual successful. Not only that, but he has introduced me to many founders I would have never known existed. Keep up the great work.
David produces amazing podcasts. He distills 400 page books down to fascinating facts quotes and dialogue that is useful and easy to listen to.....Thanks David
Dear Dave, Coming across this podcast is one of the best things that has happened to me. As a college student, it is easy for me to get distracted by outside influences such as parties, friends etc. Your podcast has inspired me to focus on learning. Your work brings forth value that way exceeds the price tag of the misfit feed. Thank you and keep being you! Best Regards, Tyler
The Podcasts are presented offer spectacular lessons on life, human nature and business achievement. David’s enthusiasm and personal thoughts bring me joy. My journey has been enhanced by his efforts.
Anyone interested in business must find the time to listen to each any every Founders podcast. A high return on investment will be a virtual certainty. It is in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. Subscribe and start listening as soon as possible.
David does excellent job of covering biographies of entrepreneurs and shares highlights of book/concept.he shares lot of ideas patiently.i enjoyed listening to lot of episodes including the ones on Charlie Mungerand Malcom McLean.
I started with the Thomas Jefferson one and moved onto the wright brothers and Steve Jobs. This is like spark notes but 10x better because you get to here someone’s opinion about what they enjoyed from these influential people’s lives.
This is worth the review because it's excellent content. David delivers solid material, the only reason I withheld a star is the actual delivery of the content is occasionally frustrating when David goes from his rather quiet, almost under his breath narration to his excitable half-shout in a span of 7 seconds. It makes an inconsistent listening experience with headphones or while driving when I can't just relax and listen but am repeatedly adjusting the volume to compensate from quiet to cacophany. I imagine it would be impossible to re-record/have multiple takes on multi-hour episodes for sure, but perhaps just being mindful of taking drastic leaps in volume would suffice, or compressing the audio afterwards to remove the eccentric peaks and valleys. All in all I appreciate the reading and work David does, and the water is worth the faucet.
I am so glad I found this podcast! I’ve been working my way through every episode. It’s incredible. David does a great job of summarizing the books which (1) gives you tons of valuable wisdom and (2) highlights which books you should probably buy to read. He’s also great, a down to earth guy giving value, that’s it. You can’t go wrong getting into this.
I love both history and biography as an entrepreneur this podcast makes sense. I enjoy the level of detail and energy placed into each book. As an avid reader this also has helped me find my next read as well as broadened my scope of what I considered interesting. To date my favorite has been the Frick & Carnegie episodes but I also extracted a lot out of Charlie Munger. I signed up for the misfits because I felt guilty getting so much knowledge for free. I’m waiting on the gear aka shirts, hats etc.
I listened to 4 of these while staining my deck. The value of the information dispersed in these podcasts is off the charts. Learn from the greatest leaders in business and get a perspective on life and economics that will infuse you with wisdom that you can apply as you see fit. These podcasts are like diamonds of hidden knowledge that the host has dug up for us to see. Thanks.
I absolutely love this podcast! David brings a sense of wonder and respect for the people and companies he covers by summarizing a wide range of books in a way that is honest and easy to consume. I’ve learned so much from his shows and have become a subscriber (a “Misfit,” as he calls us). Thank you David!
I listen to this to and from work - amazing work! Stumbled across this trying to learn about Phil Knight and now I’ve started listening to every single podcast!
Excellent job of telling the founders story on how they approach business
I stumbled on this podcast while searching for John Rockefeller’s bio “Titan”. What I thought would be a one time listen turned into one of my favorite podcasts. Keep inspiring us, you might not see where this podcast is leading you yet but you sound like you’re enjoying yourself, and that MATTERS!
David is a create story teller and every morning on my drive to and from work I listen to his podcasts. They are inspiring and knowledge he summaries the books in a way that leaves you curious for more but informed enough to understand the key message of being a founder. Thanks David
I came across this show after listening to another podcast about entreprenuership and feel like I've learned so much more from listening to this one. David does such an amazing job of highlighting the inspirational nd eduactional moments of each of these founder's biographies that I keep coming back for more. I've finished about a half of a dozen episodes, starting with the Walt Disney and George Lucas and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Thanks so much for your hard work, David! Please keep going!!!
There's a lot to be learned from the stories of successful entrepreneurs of the past, in terms of which qualities to emulate and which to avoid. David does a fantastic job of distilling these traits and actions that enabled these entrepreneurs to reach the pinnacles of success so that we can apply some of them in our lives and be excellent in whatever we choose, regardless of whether or not we are or aspire to be entrepreneurs. Highly recommend!
The Founders Podcast in Herb Kellerher was great.
I love the work he is doing. Consistently educating and inspiring entrepreneurs and misfits. Keep up the AMAZING WORK!!
This podcast has a unique format in the way it’s put together. It’s a mix between a book review and interview, with business strategy commentary that is accumulated from all the notes from all books. I believe that success leaves clues and the best way to learn about them is to study those who are or have performed at the highest level. Keep the podcast going- I’m loving it.
I found this podcast by mistake and have been a regular listener since 2 months ago. I found the content very easy to understand and easy listening. I am giving a 5 star review I highly recommend it.
I’m learning so much on this podcast! David does a great job giving insights into every founder he covers. I can’t wait to go back and listen to past episodes. And more importantly I plan to take what I’m learning and implement in my businesses.
I listen to a ton of podcasts and this one has an unique approach: David flies through the high points of a biography, pausing between excerpts to make his own quick commentary, explanations, and asides. It's effective and refreshing. I knocked off a star because there's one thing that really bothers me - he barely acknowledges the authors or book titles of these biographies. He'll actually just say "the author." The entire episode is contructed on the immense hard work of an author who barely gets any credit or mention at all. It borders on copyright infringement or some form of stealing.
I’ve read a lot of these books and I’ve wanted to go back and read them again, but I don’t have time. This gives me a way to do that. These podcasts provide great summaries and reviews with insights into lives of company founders. I really enjoy listening!
Finally, a podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously while delivering something seriously valuable. David takes an unpretentious approach to sharing lessons from the lives of larger than life entrepreneurs, recounting his takeaways in a casual format that can be best described as a one-person book club without ads, intro music, or a production crew for that matter. It's a one-way conversation that is surprisingly acceptable because of the extraordinarily good synthesis he provides of a subject matter that is educational and forever-relevant. Founders is, pound for pound, probably the most insightful media out there, with high amounts of learning per minute. Ok, I'll admit that I ration episodes so that I don't have to wait too long for the next one.
Like every other busy entrepreneur, I never had time to read biographies. This podcast changed that, and I now look forward to my car commutes.
Great podcast. Authentic and full of great information. Love the entrepreneurial stories and your take on it. Keep up the great work!!
I love your show. You give great insight into founders. I respect your stance on advertising. However listening to your soapbox statement against advertising is starting to turn me off. I’m to the point I would prefer to listen to another square space add over the repetitive rant.
This podcast is one of my favorite for thinking about business and entrepreneurship. I listen to it every time I go to the gym. Work out for the body, workout for the mind. This podcast offers valuable insight from successful founders.
This is a great podcast. Awesome content. Great host. And amazing stories. Just love it. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in knowing what great people did in their lives.
This podcast has been great from the first episode. It keeps me looking forwards to Mondays!
This podcast is amazing. Each of these books takes the author years to write, and this podcast boils them down to 1hr, pulling out the best concepts and themes. I also love how it veers off topic and recalls recurring themes and ties them to other founders. Every episode is a must-listen. I also laugh at his inability to pronouce any names hahah
Really enjoy this podcast...I’ve learned a lot and it helps me decide which books to read first.
I really enjoy Founders podcast. You can basically listen to the summary of the books instead of reading the entire books. Keep up the great work! 👍🏻
A great listen to get your creative juices flowing.
Very informative, motivating and David’s pronunciations of simple words keep me coming back for more.
Amazing podcast and the book summaries are fantastic. Keep em coming!
This podcast for anyone who is a bit of Businessnerd and is a learning machine !
This is the most energizing content I've ever found in a Podcast. I've found myself eager to get into my hour+ commute to pick back up on whatever founder I'm learning about that day. A commute I used to dread. I evangelize this podcast to all my friends now. At work (for an experiment) I put a whiteboard outside my office and wrote it in big letters advising passers by to check it out. My wife's given me a quota of 3 founders related comments a day. My listening to this podcast so much got her listening to podcasts though so it's been a win for her too. I do think differently (I'm trying to retrain pathways in my brain), or at least I think I think differently which I've had to rope in a little. I was in the elevator the other day with a vice president at the company I work for (that I'm not a founder of - it's a fortune whatever, one of those top few recognizable brands in the history of the planet companies). I asked him how his weekend was and he proceeded to tell me how many calls he had to be on late all weekend. I smiled and conjured up a quote from one of the Jeff Bezos episodes and told him "Jeff Bezos says communication is a sign of disfunction". I then walked away and laughed at myself for being so stupid for the rest of the day. Anyway, the podcast is fantastic. Goosebumps material. It's very educational, not interrupted by ads, It's like a kale smoothie for your brain. The stories are hilarious too, the guy that delivers them is so excited himself it's contagious. It makes me want to read these Biographies. The latest episode (on the Banana man) was the first to make me pause after the first few minutes to debate if I wanted to first read the book. Unfortunately I was out of others to listen to and I had 45 minutes of my commute left. It wasn't the first time I had to pause one though. I often find myself pausing them to ponder an idea, or calling my start-up friends to discuss an idea it inspired, or just talking to myself, mad that I am driving and can't take notes. I guess if I had to give any constructive criticism or warnings it would be that some people may find his communication style hard to get through at first. It took me a while to get my wife to listen because she thinks some of them start slow as the guy does stream of consciousness sometime before he dives in. But I've grown to really like the style. The guys like talking directly with you. It makes me want to talk back. Something I have some startup ideas for I'll probably send his way at some point. (guy, I'd communicate directly to you if I knew your name) Already this is too late and too long and I don't have time to clean this up and update so another may come another time. Everyone that wants to be a Founder, you need to listen to this. Get your brain going. Act. Boom.