The Wake Up Call

Reviews For The Wake Up Call

Love the show but has the worst commercials (each podcast at least 2 and 1/2 mins???) and constant repeats.
I grew up near Sacramento and have listened to the wake up call since they were on 107.9. I moved to Texas a few years ago and still listen to every podcast. Gavin and Katie are awesome!
Why did they fire him he brought half the funny. Orphan Andrew is rly boring and I don’t like him. Why do they think it’s okay to fire a guy and not tell us why, just like Jason.
Before Rayne got fired. Why did he have to get fired. Now this show is bad but I am still listening to the old podcasts. The new podcast are still not as good without Rayne. Love You Katie and Gavin.
Chemistry is no good after Rayne was terminated, almost feels forced.
Long time listener. The show is just not the same anymore. Rayne was definitely my favorite and the chemistry is just not there now that he’s gone.


By JzSingh
Long time listener but will no longer be listening to the show after Rayne’s secret termination. The same thing happened to Jason in the past and after this time can’t support the show. I will miss listening to Gavin and Katie.
I’ve been listening to the Wake Up Call since Gavin and then Katie began. I have always loved it, but by replacing Rayne with Orphan Andrew, I just can’t listen anymore. I’m really sad and will miss the show so much
I hate how many ads I have to get thru to listen to an episode. Beginning and at the end. Makes listening annoying and not worth it.
I lived just outside of Sac and have been listening to The Wake Up Call since I was in 3rd grade, and I’m now in my 20’s still keeping up with their podcast in another state
Ugh why does every radio show have to have to token flamer? I mean when did his lisp evolve?
I grew up in the Sacramento area and moved across the country a few years ago. Gavin and Katie have been a part of my life for so long and I’m happy to still be able to listen to them whenever I want!
I love this show everyone is so genuine. Hands down for them
Absolutely love listening to these podcasts! Gavin and Katie are hilarious
I love this show and it is a bummer that it only plays on air at certain times. I will not miss a thing anymore with this podcast. thank you guys for listening to your audience and making this a reality.
These three are hilarious!! I love that the three of them have unique voices and things to say, and that the combination of that comes together so well. Topical and funny! Definitely worth giving them a listen.
You can't compete 107.9 the end is hands down the best radio show out there!!!