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Can you please start airing earlier next time? Is that possible? I had the distinct feeling during several episodes that I wished I had this info earlier, rather than sort of last minute right in the middle of the midterms. In any case, thank you for this excellent work.


Love this podcast! Astead! What’s your next podcast?! I’m hooked!
This podcast had potential, but instead of actually analyzing data, they went for sound bits, like interviewing a couple of voters and deducting that they reflected an entire country. Even Nate Silver has fall for the same tricks.
Thanks for bringing us this deep dive into the minds of voters. What’s struck a chord is the fear we have for one another. I had heard this expression of fear in 2020. The isolation throughout the pandemic didn’t help trust issues.
Although I think he can be a bit biased at some points, Astead is a great interviewer, is willing to ask questions or take criticism. I love the conversational format. I would like there to be more episodes with him just talking to more voters on both sides. I like hearing what other people i’ll never meet think of the world.
Love your deep thoughts and clarity of presentation Astead. Thank you!
the black mother in PA, from NY, on her way to GA, she said more truth than the rest of this podcast's total episodes. one thousand percent. give this woman her own podcast & a job at the NYTimes asap!!
If you’re a Daily listener, there’s no reason to follow the show - the Daily literally plays every episode. I love this show, but it’s pointless to follow.
I absolutely love this podcast! Astead has an excellent interviewing style. These conversations always leave me with so much to think about.
Amazing podcast! This last episode was heartbreaking but resonated truth. Keep up the good work!
Excellent and informative episode. Pay attention, Democrat Party!
This is truly amazing. So many questions that I have had…how can someone feel that way?? are answered time and again. Thank you so much!!
I'm not someone who consumes a lot of election coverage, although I vote and follow the broad strokes of an election season. I decided to try out this pod because I like Astead on the daily. I'm so glad Astead has this whole show now, as he brings an earnest perspective, rare empathy and allows space for interviewees to speak their mind. Thank you for the skill and grace!
I have enjoyed this podcast. Interesting to hear the Trump/conservative/religious right position. BUT the 2nd grass root episode- what the heck? After the 1st interview (the girl that needed to be REMINDED of 1/6???? ) was an awful start. Is that how you want to paint Democrats???? You know that conservatives are not your prime audience. Really frustrated me a d I BBC actually turned it of.
Thank you for this super excellent, informative, and enlightening podcast series. I am an American who has been serving in Iraq for many years, since 1991, initially with the UN and then as advisor in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). As I listened to the latest episode today, I could not help but see startling similarities with Iraq. Iraq held elections over a year ago but only recently formed a government. Will something like that happen in the US if results are not accepted? Governance in Iraq has been depressing. People complain deeply and are disheartened by the system. In the Middle East, regarding elections, there is a saying that “losers never lose, they get even.” Long before January 6th, Iraqi friends and colleagues saw political violence coming to America. According to their life experience, the signs were clear. The irony is that both the fraught Iraqi and American political situations were made, arguably, by failures of the US Government.
This episode of the series was so moving and meaningful, the people interviewed so thoughtful and intelligent! I have never commented on a podcast before, but I wanted to say how impressed I was by the sensitive and honest and insightful ideas these interviewees expressed. And I wish them all well because they deserve it, and I hope the Democrats and this country can someday live up to the values they hold and the hopeful energy they have put into believing in this country, in spite of all the fact that they seem to get so little in return.
I enjoy the variety of voices represented on this show. The host’s obvious liberal alignment distracts me from the dialogue at times. Still, the show takes the Right more seriously than a lot of liberal news/politics shows.
She says it all! I was brought to tears listening to her astute, emotional and lived testimony to the state of our democracy. If there are politicians who truly care about this country (Obama) they all should head her words. Astead, I would love to hear your views, where would you begin to heal this country, aside from this amazing podcast which I think is definitely a start!
I’m thankful for these interview episodes. I’d vote Nelson (second interviewee from part 2) for President in a heartbeat.
I love this show. I feel it does a great job of asking interesting questions, that it tries to get both sides, it’s clear and flows great. I look forward to it weekly.
I really love how Astead doesn’t pull any punches! Don’t get me wrong, he’s not unkind about it in any way, shape or form, but he’s definitely asking some tough questions and sharing some wonderful insights. I love the show if it ends after the midterms, I truly hope he does! Another podcast.
In particular, the last person interviewed in the latest podcast: wow. So articulate and expressive that my gut hurts. Thanks for this episode and all the others.
Rochelle’s analysis of America historically and its present is so on point and moving. I highly recommend listening to this show and especially this particular episode. It’s refreshing to hear her perspective expressed on the NYT platform.
I love the show. I think he does an excellent job of asking questions and listen listening to the answers.
I’ve been listening to this show from the beginning and have to say that I really, really want to love it, but I can’t help but feel like Astead Herndon needs some interviewing training. It often feels like he has a laundry list of questions he has to get through, so follow up questions rarely come after an answer is given, which makes him sound disengaged. There are small mannerisms that almost make it sound as if he’s trying to rush the answer (a lot of quick, terse “Mmm hmm”s). I do feel that his political bias/leanings tends to seep through—it sometimes feels like he’s looking down his nose at Republicans or subjects that are less informed or not on the same page as he is. I’m listening to the Grass Roots Pt. 2 right now and his interview with the first subject (with the Jan. 6th parents) comes across as exploitative; like we are supposed to laugh at her lack of political knowledge—as a liberal, I don’t think that’s a good approach. Like I said in the title: great topics but Astead’s interviewing approach could use a sharp in-house critique.
I do find this podcast intentionally balanced. A hard task, for certain. But giving both time and respect to both sides of the political divide - letting all be heard - makes me want to listen further. To invest myself more. I appreciate it.
I appreciate the way individuals are asked insightful questions and then given time to answer them fully. Too often hosts are quick to interject or cut off a respondent in an effort to steer the conversation down a predetermined path. I may not always agree with every voice on an episode but I am always better off for having heard them.
Unlike some reviewers, I really appreciated the interviews with conservatives. Although I didn’t agree with everything they said, I felt more compassionate towards them, hearing that we do share some common values, fears, and even beliefs. I also could better understand why they vote the way they do and imagine myself in their shoes. We have to have these conversations or we’ll just breed more hate and misunderstanding.
I don’t understand the reviews saying that this show is very biased. Ansted does challenge the people he is interviewing at times. Those questions aren’t taking aim at whether or not that person’s views are right or wrong, they are just pointing out ideological or factual inconsistencies. To date, I haven’t heard nearly as many liberals interviewed on the show as conservatives. I am waiting to see if he asks them similar types of questions. If so, then this is just his style of interviewing (which I appreciate).


By kiraj25
I was so into this podcast until the most recent episode. Ugh, another close up look at why white conservatives think the way they do. It’s been done so many times at this point and it’s always the same.
Why interview a Trump right winger when attempting to shed light on the potential swing voter in the midterms? That southern catholic MAGA lady made my heart hurt when she went on the anti-abortion screed then immediate support of Walker. Insanity need to die in the dark.
Are you going to keep talking to republicans, while clearly not liking them? I guess the New York Times wants to show they want to hear the republicans, but they don’t like you, and - honestly- you have a hard time hiding the fact you think they are a bit silly. Was hoping for a way more balanced podcast
Some views are hard to listen to but I like and respect your approach to hear everyone out- despite the fact that I want to scream half way through some episodes! Enlightening to hear others opinions! Thanks for doing this thankless task!
This podcast is an absolute prime example of balanced, fair investigative journalism seeking real- time information on the pulse of our country’s electoral dynamics. Astead is thorough and thoughtful in his conversations with representatives across the political divide. His challenges to faulty logic are respectful and well thought out. He is working overtime to bringing respectful, balanced reporting by focusing on the issues presented by the speakers, even in the face of overt racism. I am a huge fan and committed to listening through.
Great insight on Americans.
Interesting show. If this is what republican voters are really like then there is no persuasion possible. They’re not living in the same reality as Democrats
I come to the Times for journalism, not irritating soundscapes, please tone down the music.
Show was very well done. Astead Herndon is respectful and affective with his questions to participants. The countries polarization that his interviews uncover, although not surprising raise the fear that our countries reality is marching toward autocratic rule. Once that occurs freedom as we know it will be over. No more 2 party system of checks and balances. It has been said that if history is forgotten it is destined to repeat. Germany 1933-1945.
I don’t mind a little bias in a show like this, everyone has their views and it’s very hard to keep unbiased when doing anything, but this show is EXTREMELY left-wing. Annoyingly left-wing. I consider myself a democrat, would describe myself as “a little left of center”, so I don’t write this as an angry Trumper who doesn’t like truth being spoken about my supreme leader. I write this as a normal (somewhat normal…) American who is sick of extremes on both ends. This is supposed to be “journalism” but, like a lot of other shows, starts taking a left turn that doesn’t end. It would be nice to hear some reporting where the author/creator isn’t trying to shove their views down my throat while masquerading as neutral reporting of facts. This could’ve been a good and very interesting show, but it’s not.
I love Astead‘s encouragement to share opinions and also pushing people to contemplate those opinions deeper.
This was so disturbing. I may not sleep well for weeks after hearing this. But I suppose that is the point. Well done.


Bad music on the ‘maps’ episode
I appreciate these explorations, with their helpful details of history. Astead Herndon is describing the fracturing of America’s political life with a kind of down-to-earth clarity.


By JH_210
Have really been trying to give this podcast a chance (the 2022 run—uninterested in anything Barbaro does), and I’ve found it illuminating and insightful by turns, but I feel like the theme should really specifically be that the podcast explores trends in conservative politics, because that’s the great majority of what’s covered. Maybe we’re all supposed to expect/understand that “the NYT audience” already knows all about liberal politics or some such axiom, but in that case, one could just make the podcast’s upshot (lol) explicit. (The Abrams episode was fine and not cursory, but it doesn’t change my sense of the larger trajectory and broader concerns of the project.) But ya know what? My thirst for any midterm-centric audio content ensures that I’ll be coming back for more each week. Even when they do the inevitable second deep dive on “the Hispanic vote” (as a Tejano unimpressed with virtually everything that has been said or written about that forced “topic”/category, including the correctives, gag me).

By dhard
This is a very interesting show. It’s a little cringy that the New York Times tries so hard to be critical of democrats in their desperate attempt to make Republican love them (they will never love the New York Times). But I’m glad they do it. That said. I look forward to the next series that is just as critical of republicans. Right? That is going to happen. Right? I mean… I really hope the New York Times doesn’t bend so far over backwards bashing democrats so they can appear to be critical and neutral, and then not do ANY critical reporting of republicans.
Thank you Stacy, we been to speak about Moore and Harper Supreme Court case. Hope your election goes well.
This show is just high quality reporting and deep interviewing. Always goes way above the rest.
I truly appreciate Astead’s reporting style that is easy to understand, relatable and comprehensive. He asks the hard questions to get honest answers from both sides. I am grateful for reporters such as him that know how to reach everyone regardless of affiliation with fairness and humor where there can be none.