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Thank you ! I look forward to it every week. I wish it could cover more topics . They are so brilliant and I ‘d love to hear more from them about issues such as education costs and delivery, infrastructures, future of employment, everyday misinformation, politically motivated aggressive behavior, mental health as public health and feasible solutions projects. Am I asking too much?
I can’t listen to Capehart
The professional and friendly exchange between Brooks and Shields was the best in the bizz. No yelling, no insulting, no berating. Simply the best. We will miss you Mark. Don’t sense things are going as swimmingly with Brooks and Capehart. Little chemistry so far and seems to be mostly on Brooks. He looks befuddled at times.
OK, they are admittedly big shoes but I could have lived with any other of Mark’s stand-ins. Capehart is OK but I looked forward to Mark & David every week. Now I almost don’t care. I read David in the Times. Likely The Newshour will likely cease to hold me. It’s been deteriorating for quite a while under Judy’s leadership IMHO. Best of luck. I got lots of years out of the show.
Firstly, Thank you for all of the jokes.... Im going to miss ur heartfelt ideas, ur words n convictions n the love of country which permeates ur portion of the news hour. Thank you for ur honesty n analysis n the moral courage with which u share them. Thank you, thank you, thank you... you are irreplaceable! Sorely missed ;(
Mr. Shields will be missed. His years of experience, his connection to an idealistic past are irreplaceable. I felt his anguish, indignation and disappointment these past four years and it saddened me for the state of our country and politics. But I remain hopeful because of Mr. Shields idealism.
There appears to be only one side to any story. No mention of the many wrong deeds committed by Democrats. Republicans are not rioting, sleeping with the Chinese or defunding the police. Please be more objective in your reporting and commentary.
Sheilds and Brooks are paragons of reason.
Brooks and Shields are honestly the best. Judy is iconic. Highly recommend
So grateful for their ethical, intellectual journalism. Their friendship and respect for each other - even when they disagree - is an example we need now more than ever!


By 541red
Simply the best. Done
So grateful for these conversations. I look forward to this every Friday.


Program needs to put the date of each episode ABOVE THE SUMMERY. Now I must begin running g the episode to discover its broadcast date. Which is a waste of my time, if I’m trying to catch up. Invite Diane Rheem one day, for assessment of events. Otherwise, you would have gotten a 5 STAR.
These two are so out of touch with reality. It’s time for new representatives of the two parties on the show.
Mark Shields and David Brooks are a great combination. It seems to be the only place in the news to hear different perspectives without people trying to yell over each other. They respect one another and still have strong individual opinions.
I look forward to this segment all week! Keep up the good work! These are not the guys to watch if you want to hear your own views echoed back to you! I don’t Always agree 100% , but I always learn something!
You repeated the same podcast twice in a row.
To correct Ms Woodruff’s statement that was echoed by Mr Brooks - Trump’s proposed date of June 19th (Juneteenth) for a rally was NOT the anniversary date of the race massacre in Tulsa, OK. That date was May 31 - June 1,1921. Juneteenth is the date for festivals in celebration of the emancipation of slaves in Texas on that date in 1865. I don’t listen to the show - only podcasts so if you have corrected this error, I have not seen or heard. I am sure you will jump to your immediate reflexive responses that Trump is either very very bad (Mr Shields) or just bad(Mr Brooks) and so it doesn’t matter or it is the same conclusion. Maybe, maybe not- Not so sure about that. I do know this - If your facts are wrong then it damages the very foundation on which you have built your case.
I’ve been listening to (and watching!) Shields & Brooks for decades going back to Shields & Gerson, Shields & Gergen, Brooks & Marcus, and beyond. I’m unable to simply listen to their voices. I must see the expressions and interactions between Judy and her guests for this segment. For me, these expressions (David’s “smiles”, Mark’s gestures, and more) are a critical part of my understanding of these contentious issues of significance to our nation. Without it, I’m left feeling empty and anxious. Please offer an alternative VIDEO version of this segment. I watch and listen to Rachel Maddow nightly on just such a podcast offering video and audio alternatives. Otherwise, I will refrain from using the podcast and will go to YouTube or other streaming sources.
I have enjoyed their commentary for years. Like so many things since Trump this show has been de-normalized. I was disappointed tonight to hear David Brooks admit that he gave trump the benefit of the doubt on an activity. Unfortunately trump is either lying or is denigrating and never truthful or unifying. Brooks and Shields commentary needs to reflect this, even if it requires an accompanying verbal asterisk.


By MGB74
Dull does not begin to describe the opinions of these two geezers, sideline pundits who never participated on the field of battle. The only thing more boring would be to have Joe Biden join the cast. If you’re having trouble sleeping this is the show to listen to for instant slumber.
If you are looking for thoughtful, intelligent, non “far right” or “far left”, this is it!
Been a fan forever. David Brooks needs to upgrade his audio quality
The show was on a day ago. Please updates
This is my favourite part of the Newshour ... Judy is my favourite host 👍👍
I really appreciate the insights that I pick up from this podcast. They dissect the stories, give context and are well spoken.
These two are both out of touch with reality and do nothing more than recite talking-points of the two establishment parties. Brooks: ‘...the US presence in Syria was a beacon of stability..’ - what a joke. Any one who spends time in this part of the world knows how absolutely untrue this is. Get rid of these two clowns before PBS loses all credibility - complete waste of time listening to what they have to say.
PBS has a public obligation to produce more informed commentary. Mark Shields is well past his prime and his reactions seem to consist wholly of democratic partisan talking points. He makes zero effort to base his long winded opinions on facts. David Brooks is a poor philosopher just happy to have a weekly forum to offer weak bromides. We need some strong minded, informed commentators. A real conservative and a smart liberal. But most of all let them be knowledgeable.
Real news
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Shields and Brroks compete against each other on who can tear down Trump more. They do not even try to hide how much they hate our current President and the millions of us who support him. Listening to these two are a waste of time if you want to get a unbiased opinion.
I love Shields and Brooks. Most reasonable commentary around.
They don’t even mention the impact on the—now 7—women. One said he pushed his face into the back of her head and breathed in. That is more than a friendly hug. Shields and Brooks need to move on along with Biden. It’s only about them.
How these analysts could overlook the nine deaths with no conviction for the42015 biker shootings in Waco, TX as not being a top story in frightening!!! OMG we are now ignoring topics that ought to bringer major fonts
The best discussion out of all the big news publishers today. The best way to end the work week is listening to Shields & Brooks on fridays right before relaxing for the weekend.
An important 13 minute investment every week to gain insight into an array of topics concerning politics and policy.
Intense discussion between Salam and Shields was irritating. I want to watch Friday discussion between Shields and Brooks for an intelligent discussion of recent political events. Salam is articulate and impressed with his knowledge. He fails to acknowledge the knowledge of his more experienced peers. If I want to watch a verbal war of words, I’ll find another station. Salam does not represent the PBS News Hour as I have come to expect.
Best analysis on TV although I listen to it on a Podcast. Bright, articulate and penetrating.


By GrRS16
Finally, a politics/news show that seems more fact based and balanced. I need this ,and we need this. Keep going PBS
Experts from varying sides of the political spectrum discuss current political topics. Love it!
I miss his voice. Is he coming back?
Brooks and Shields always have wonderfully insightful views on our current political happenings. Warning: listening may make you wiser. One of the last forums where people with different political viewpoints still treat each other with respect. We need more of this.
If you don’t listen to these guys, you’re missing some of the most thoughtful analysis out there. Clearly on two different sides, but in these days - respectful, willing to listen to opposing views and insightful. The best.
I look forward to Friday’s to listen to these intelligent, personable and civil men discuss the issues of the week.
I look forward to my short, weekly sit down with these two gentlemen. Wish it were longer
I love listening every Friday! Its good to be in the know on essentials for the week without being lambasted with inessential.
I have been listening to this pair for years - they are always right on the money in their analysis and since they are somewhat on different sides of the spectrum, it is a more balanced presentation than I would see anywhere else. Thanks, and please keep it up.
These two gentlemen make me feel better about the world because their intellects are in it.
Excellent adult conversation on current events and topics. This podcast will allow me to never miss my favorite part of the Friday night broadcast of the PBS Newshour.