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Best analysis on TV although I listen to it on a Podcast. Bright, articulate and penetrating.


By GrRS16
Finally, a politics/news show that seems more fact based and balanced. I need this ,and we need this. Keep going PBS
Experts from varying sides of the political spectrum discuss current political topics. Love it!
I miss his voice. Is he coming back?
Brooks and Shields always have wonderfully insightful views on our current political happenings. Warning: listening may make you wiser. One of the last forums where people with different political viewpoints still treat each other with respect. We need more of this.
If you don’t listen to these guys, you’re missing some of the most thoughtful analysis out there. Clearly on two different sides, but in these days - respectful, willing to listen to opposing views and insightful. The best.
I look forward to Friday’s to listen to these intelligent, personable and civil men discuss the issues of the week.
I look forward to my short, weekly sit down with these two gentlemen. Wish it were longer
I love listening every Friday! Its good to be in the know on essentials for the week without being lambasted with inessential.
I have been listening to this pair for years - they are always right on the money in their analysis and since they are somewhat on different sides of the spectrum, it is a more balanced presentation than I would see anywhere else. Thanks, and please keep it up.
These two gentlemen make me feel better about the world because their intellects are in it.
Excellent adult conversation on current events and topics. This podcast will allow me to never miss my favorite part of the Friday night broadcast of the PBS Newshour.
Opposing views who act like grown ups. Don't listen if you want unsubstantiated, jaded, or vitriolic diatribes 2 people with knowledge, though differing views, but who act like adults and discuss---not yell One of my 6-8 "must listen" to podcasts
Finally a show that models civil political discourse. Our nation needs more of this. I listen every week.
If you're done with the inanity of political pundits screaming at each other listen to two persons with intelligent, cogent discourse without the vitriol.
I really appreciate the insights that I pick up from this podcast.
I've enjoyed this segment of the NewsHours for decades. Insightful without the yelling or hosts trying to be cutesy. I wish it was a full hour!!!
Pitch perfect team of Shields and Brooks. They present their views thoughfully and passionately. They differ on many occasions but agreeably and agree on some occasions - what a concept. No screaming talking head here. Great show!
Mark Shields is always wonderful - I love hearing his perspective based on his deep experience with the political process. He always makes me think! Wish all journalists, political observers and analysts were up to his high standard but unfortunately nobody else comes close. Please don't get discouraged with how things are playing out this season! We will need your insights to guide us no matter what happens this November!
Judy Woodruff talks with columnists Mark Shields (from the left) and David Brooks (from the right) (or their replacements) about their reflections on the week's political news. Both regularly criticize and praise both Republicans and Democrats. Thoughtful reflections on the week's news. I look forward to it.
No flash, all substance. Great interviews with two really smart people (and their subs are always great, too). The glorious thing about S&B is that it’s really clear that they like and respect each other. It makes the substance really transcend the potential conflict that might arise from liberals and conservatives discussing the week’s news. Such a refreshing departure from what passes for punditry in this day and age!


Please create a video podcast as well. I would love to download the segment, and full episodes, for offline viewing. Thanks!
Real political insight from two experienced observers who know how to hold different views without being as partisan as the cable network 'analysis'. Great for time shifting the Friday night broadcast, but maddeningly slow to be posted as a podcast.
As others said, what a wonderful opportunity to hear reasonable people from each party debate each other as professionals, and even admit they were wrong or that the other side has a better argument!
Great podcast, look forward to listening every weekend. But no podcast since late July? What's going on?
Outstanding dicussion of this week's issues without the mendacity and with the civility that was once politcal dicourse in our country. What has happened to the podcast? There have been none posted this month. I rewuire my fix of Mark and David.
I love Shields and Brooks. It's one of the last bastions of civility on TV. But c'mon PBS - it's the 21st Century. You need to leverage the tremendous talent you have on the News Hour by actually publishing their work in a timely fashion on multiple platforms. This podcast seems to be published when the intern gets around to it, or not. The world is moving faster PBS, time to speed up. We need you!
Nothing compares to Mark and David having an ideological yet friendly debate that gets straight to the issues and skips right over the finger-pointing. Please add the Double-Headers to the podcast so we can take even more Shields and Brooks with us.
I run short of superlatives for Jim Lehrer, he is the finest newsman in this country, and also the last of his kind. When he hangs up his hat broadcast news in America, in the great tradition of Murrow and Cronkite, will be dead. Not coincidentally then the Shields and Brooks program is really the only current events focused news program worth watching today. I'd add my voice to the others; the mindless "double header" segments with cub reporters are annoying to watch at best. If I want levity I'll watch Stewart. We are living in complicated times, where voices of reason are few, why waste a precious resource at a time when it is so desperately needed?
I love these guys. But they are very inconsistent and untimely in the releasing of this podcast. I often have to go to the NewsHour podcast to download the most recent episode. For example, it's Monday 9AM PST - and this podcast still doesn't have the most recent episode. Please update more quickly...much thanks!
I'm a long-time listener to the Shields/Brooks podcast. While it has always been excellent, the new doubleheader feature is really annoying. It provides a poor forum to two distinguished journalists and makes them appear silly.
Needs to be updated.
Shields is a moderate Democrat and Brooks is a moderate Republican. If our actual politicians were as smart and sensible as these fellows our problems would be over. If you think Brooks is leftist or Shields too far to the right you are an extremist.
I so appreciate the in-depth analysis and civil discourse of this program. A must-listen!!
Great piece.. I look forward to this every week.


By te0799
Why did they stop updating this?
I have always enjoyed their intelligent, sane, non-histrionic discussions (never thought I would see Brooks as a voice of reason), BUT... it's mid-July and there have been no updates to this podcast since June 25. As others have noted in other PBS podcast reviews, they really don't seem to give a damn about keeping them functional & updated. I'm still hanging on to Washington Week for now, but it's had its problems also. If you're hoping to regularly listen to this podcast during your Monday morning commute, prepare to be disappointed more often than not when it fails to show up in iTunes. Very frustrating.
These guys are well-read, very articulate, and usually correct in their predictions. Their analysis is superb.
Both these guys are complete idiots. Why waste the bytes?
What a difference from the msnbc circus shows.
These two are an intellectual powerhouse, and their respectful tone toward each other is exemplary. Now if only there was a video podcast of Shields and Brooks!
This is a must listen- podcast and one that I really look forward to every week. David Brooks gives you a moderate-republican view of things (and he is very thoughtful), and Mark Sheilds brings his considerable experience to the table (along with an old-school liberal view point). All in all, this is a fantastic podcast!
Now if I miss my favorite 10 minutes of TV I can simple listen to great questions followed by great answers and sometimes great debate....This kind of stuff has been sorely missed on TV for years and we can thank PBS and Jim Lehrer for putting it on.
David Brooks is easily the most articulate and intelligent Republican in any of the large Newspapers (NYTimes,Time,Newsweek,Slate,WPost,CHT,MST), and my favorite. Shields is also a very powerful force; the Hannity and Colmes show on Fox should model themselves after these two. Even when Brooks can't make it, I think National Review's Ramesh Ponruru makes a great replacement, too! Great Podcast! Our national IQ average would go up tremendously if high schoolers were forced to watch and reflect on podcasts like this.
the link to the 10/10/2008 show is broken eom
Best 15 minutes of the week! BUT .. need to get Friday night shows uploaded sooner! 10 PM PST on Friday night... broadcast is nearly 3 hours ago on West Coast. and still zip!
This sparkling 10 minutes of debate over the top issues each week never fails to give me hope. the guys make me believe that there is intelligent news analysis out there. We don't all have to rely on screaming graphics and the stylized rants of talking heads. Thank you for making the best 10 minutes in news each week available to us! (Writing from a 2 year NGO project in Peru, South America)
Faster, faster...pls post the podcast faster. It's Sunday night, and Friday's broadcast isn't up yet. ESPN/PTI is on within an hour. Surely MacNeil/Lehrer Productions can find someone to post this before they go home Friday night...thanx.
If this were a video of Shields and Brooks every week, that I could have automatically download to my computer, that would be truly fantastic. As it is, I watch streams of their segment from the NewsHour site without fail. Except on days like today where there's only audio to be had there.