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This podcast is like chatting with a funny honest friend that gets you and leaves you feeling better after your weekly coffee visit. I listened to this while dealing with the financial fall out of a family crisis, and it was just nice to know I wasn't the only one dealing with corrupt systems and my own ineptitude. Thanks Gaby.
I thought this was going to make me feel worse about budgeting and money, but it’s actually made me take small steps towards getting better while resetting my expectations and comparisons. Plus it’s funny and has great guests!!
Despite the premise being “bad with money,” I’ve learned a lot from this podcast about my finances and the systems that shape them! Can’t wait for the next season!
SO Good. Such a friendly look on a touchy subject. Starting the conversation is the first step to education
i am also bad with money and this podcast makes me feel less alone
Tone down the SJW-y stuff and it’ll be so much better
Great podcast!!
This podcast was a light in the dark when I was lost in financial woe. A lifeline to anyone struggling with finances who was never taught how to manage them in the first place.
Use to like this show it’s just gotten too political for me. We get it you’re a lesbian who hates trump. What about the money?!
Formative, entertaining and political, Bad with Money goes way beyond personal finance. Listen even if you are good with money.
Gabby Dunn is so charming that I'm happy to tune in, regardless of who her interviewee of the week is. The show is progressive, honest, insightful, and a fun listen. Nice blend of anecdotes and actual financial info. Entertaining regardless of your financial literacy.
Love that this is about more than just money, but sheds light on how money issues affect marginalized people differently! So important to be talking about more than one kind of experience in this capitalist elitist nation.
Her guests are informative and she is funny, relatable, and raw. Very easy to listen to and take away nuggets of advice to use in daily life.
I wanted to hear about retirement but most of the episode was talking about how the system was rigged against women and poor. When the suggestion was made to limit Starbuck visits and to save that money, the host replied it was ridiculous to not have coffee. I'm pretty sure it's sound advice to make your own coffee and not buy $5 coffee every morning.
If you're looking for traditional finance advice, go read Bloomberg or something. This is more like a financed themed "This American Life" with more cursing.
This show is great. It's not advice so much as it's shining a light into a collective fear we have. This show actcually finally convinced me to try a small investment, because women like me are not supposed to and screw the patriarchy!
This podcast makes me feel less crazy for being stressed about money. I love how Gaby tackles this tricky topic. Thank you Gaby!
The podcast really seems to stay true to the intent on the first couple of episodes, but from there on, it goes on to talk about how marginalized groups who financially struggle, or the woes that certain groups have. It stops being about "bad with money" and turns into something pushing a liberal agenda. Which in itself, is ok... But not what the podcast title suggests the podcast should be about.
I really love hearing Gaby talk about this subject. I like the way she brings in many different perspectives, from minorities to money experts to poor people...and talks about the big picture along with the small picture. It's refreshing to hear actual stories of people struggling with this or empowering themselves to be financially savvy when we're so used to ignoring the question of money altogether in a lot of alternative subcultures.
Really appreciate how frank and genuine this show is about money. These are conversations that need to be had and shared so we can all have a better relationship with money.
The very first time I heard her voice, I kinda didn't like her attitude and the way she spoke. But my wife liked it so I continued to listen. And I'm now a big fan! I've only listen 4 or 5 epsoides in season 2 but I found Gaby really funny and she has some very helpful tips for millenials. I like her point of view. THB, she is very liberal but she is also very educated so I don't feel one-sided. There are always some really cool and professional guest speaker and I like the social issues they touch on. It ain't NYT or WSJ but it's a very good amateur podcast.
Its great to know I'm not the only one who knows they're terrible with money, only a few episodes in, and I feel hopeful for both Gaby and myself
Loved season 1, but season 2 Gaby seems very checked out. Giving 5 stars anyway in the hope that she can re-engage as host. Love the direction of looking at her personal experiences with money, while at the same time looking at personal finance through a social justice lens.
More than your average personal finance podcast
Great content, engaging host, very well done.👍🏼👌🏼✌🏼
Gabby is brave and honest. Fascinating interviews with diverse people. Sometimes the discussion starts with money and goes elsewhere. And that's when some of the great stuff happens. How being in a manic phase takes over your life and spending. Then a dicussion of the fiduciary rule works. It's about money and more.
I like a lot of money advice you give; only wish there was more tips on ways to make your money work for and tactics to get out of debt
There's nothing quite like Gabby's podcast that I found elsewhere. Other shows are great for news, our personal finance advice. Gabby mixes personal, political, financial, and emotional and a really interesting way. I've been lucky to have a high-quality education about money from a young age (tho no one in my family has a "winter house") but I've learned SO MUCH from this podcast, both about the workings of loans as well as the emotional sh*t. Maybe one day I'll be okay at money!
I seriously love Bad With Money. I'm a college student who knows little to nothing about my own finances. I'm fortunate enough that my school is paid for without loans (thanks Mom and Dad!) and that my living expenses are fairly low, but I still freak out about money. Listening to Season 1 made more more aware if money. Season 2, however, made me want to pick up a pitchfork and burn down the system. Keep up the good work, Gaby!
Just recently discovered this podcast thru Spotify and added it to my iTunes. Have only listened to 3 episodes and I'm hooked. Gabby is hilarious. But the information is priceless. Def will spread the word for more peeps to check out...
Started out good. I could relate to her struggles with money. Season two took a weird turn. It was more politically charged and pointed toward the struggles of certain interest groups rather than sticking to the topic of struggles with money in general.
This show had such great promise and started strong, but I'm giving it 1 star to reflect how spectacularly far it lands from what it promises to be. Gaby Dunn could focus on educating listeners about financial literacy, talking about money shame (both for rich and poor), and other valuable topics. Instead, shortly after her first few episodes she stops talking about any of these issues and turns her focus to social and political debates (and I largely agree with her angle, but she delivers her views in the MOST lecturing tone) and/or interviews with celebrities who she clearly wanted to meet. Those conversations usually spend about 1 minute talking about money and the other 59 minutes discussing something completely off topic. This is not the Gaby Dunn variety show, and she's squandering her opportunity to be the voice for a badly needed conversation about financial literacy and money shame.
I enjoyed this podcast at first but lately it's more wining about the system and blaming it for every problem while offering no substantive advice. There is no personal responsibility aspect.
Gaby started off this podcast knowing nothing about finance. One season later and she's absolutely convinced the entire financial system is irreversibly corrupt and if you can't get ahead it's because he system is keeping you down. More and more she uses this podcast to explore social issues that have nothing to do with money. When she discusses financial issues the show is very good...but she regularly goes into many topics better suited for an entirely different podcast.
I strongly recommend the NPR podcast, "Planet Money" to really learn about a wide range of economic/financial topics. This podcast, "Bad with Money", has become more sensationalist than informative. Using data makes the difference between saying, "People with an engineering degree have just as hard of a time as those with arts degrees" and instead saying "The unemployment rate for people with engineering degrees is significantly lower than those with arts degrees."
Gaby is very easy to listen to and offers great advice and stories.
I know a lot of reviews are upset that this isn't a strict financial advice show, but I think it's cool that it's become a real understanding of the concept of money and American capitalism-- asking us why we got here and why so many of us have questions. Gaby is great about acknowledging privilege and always brings on interesting guests. 2nd season was a huge step up from the 1st, which was still good but entertainment-focused.
Good tips about saving and investing. I appreciate that it describes the whole system and how taxes actually function.
I liked season 1, but I'm LOVING season 2. Well worth it if you are a human person who has to pay for things.
When I heard the title of this podcast, I thought it might be made for me (it is). I love how natural Gaby is, how relatable the content is, how the episodes are structured and crafted, and how I always leave feeling like I'm not alone and can get a grip on this money thing. Thanks for making this show!
Gaby Dunn is both funny and heartbreakingly insightful in this fabulous, fabulous podcast. I came to learn about money, but ended up hearing wonderful + personal stories about being a minority in media. I don't rec things "to everyone" often, but here it is: everyone should listen to this. (Season 2 is less heartwrenching, but more informative. I still love and appreciate it as someone about to go into the world/figure out her own money situation.)
I'm glad she said "the talk you should have got before you got into the world". I'm also glad I found a little positive reinforcement to getting out of debt
This podcast is so raw and honest it makes me uncomfortable and reflect on my own financial situation. I am binge listening to it and gotta check out the YT channel. Aaaaaaaand I live in Silverlake too! Yay hipsterville!
This podcast is great! It's not going to tell you details about how to manage your everyday expenses, but it will talk about bigger ideas about finances and the world we live it.
The title of this podcast is good but doesn't really represent what you're getting from it. If you're looking for just basic financial advice, that is not a consistent element of this podcast, but will pop up in certain episodes. What BWM does offer, particularly in season 2, is really solid analysis on the "state of things" and how money plays a role in different aspects of our society and its ties to social issues. Finally having a podcast that is funny AND relevant AND hosted by a millennial woman WHO ALSO mostly interviews women guests is such a breath of fresh air.
I love this podcast and look forward to new episodes. Gabby is funny and informative and I love spending my time listening ! ❤️
And I listen to a lot of money podcasts. I think it's because the other ones are more how-to instructional manuals; or even when they have a guest on to dissect their individual financial health it's like watching someone going to the doctor for a physical. With Gaby it's more like reading about a disease on WebMD - only much more fun, of course. I never heard of Gaby before this and I only came to this podcast because I was referred to it, but she is crazy good at being not only an entertainer but a thinker: she thinks about the social context in which we make all these important life-changing decisions. I'm not going to lie, Gaby's progressive politics definitely inclined me toward her. It's so nice to hear from someone who thinks there *is* such a thing as society and that we're not all a bunch of automatons programmed to make rational decisions!