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I discovered this podcast thru another one of my favorites. I love Gaby’s personality and energy that she puts in to her shows. It’s very professional right down to the intro song. The topics are wide ranging but most about personal finance. The guests that she interviews add additional value to the topics. Keep the good work and looking forward to new content.
I love Gaby’s insights and her guests blow my mind in just about every episode! I’m super excited for the new season!!
Where you at?
Honestly? I loved the first few episodes. It seems like everyone does. We all can relate to Gabby’s financial issues one way or another. However.. she lost me when I realized her financial problems are very minimal she still makes very good money, and yeah.. she might be learning along as we listen to her find out about her college or car loans, etc. But I don’t actually believe she has gone through the financial struggle most of us go through in our late 20s/early 30s when we realize we can’t turn things around quick... like the college loans (that her mother pays...). Oh.. her mother is a lawyer... I mean... really... The episode with the financial psychologist was good, but her plan of just writing a huge movie and all her money issues will be gone? It seems naive... she’s trying too hard to be cute when she already is. Anyway, I tried to look past the fact that I couldn’t really relate to her. And then.. one day the podcast stopped being about Gabby and her personal struggles and it turned into interviews of already successful people. Again.. not relatable to most of us.. I had to stop. And now here I am... writing this review...
Really enjoyed this podcast. I have been a fan of Gaby for a few years but even if you don’t much about Gaby-you will love this pod—-if you are even remotely bad with money or just starting out earning and spending money. Learn from our mistakes and listen :)
Oddly both soul crushing and motivating at the same time.
I just found out about this podcast from a fire blog and I'm totally obsessed. Not only have I listen to 8 episodes in the last 4 days I've also told all my friends and started talking to EVERYONE about money. Gaby is really funny, she has great guest speakers and she asks questions everyone else is afraid to ask. I love you Gaby! I wish we were best friends! Instead I'm making my BFF listen starting at episode 1.
This is the only financial show that has actually had an effect on me. I’ve started investing and am teaching my kids about compound interest and the importance of saving. When do we get more episodes? I need you back Gabby!!!
Funny and heartfelt. Thanks to Gabby Dunn for honesty and humor.
If you want to listen to a podcast with young adults taking responsibility for their bad choices in finances, careers and relationships...keep looking. If you’d like to join a collective pity party and blame capitalism for everything in your life that’s not ideal, subscribe now!!
It’s relatable, well-written and well-researched, and so interesting! Thanks, Gaby Dunn!
This is the best podcast! Gaby is awesome to listen to and has some really amazing conversations that help me feel less stupid when it comes to money!


Gabby is a refreshing voice through my speakers. She’s unafraid to ask the questions I didn’t even know I had! She’s funny but not obnoxious. I’m a big fan!
A fun listen, but if you're listening to get actual advice, take what's in here with a grain of salt. Some of the earlier episodes have statements that are flat out wrong, like when Garrett tells Gaby to go to a bank to open a 401K. That's now how it works - 401Ks are through your employer and you usually don't get this benefit as a contractor.
I love Gaby! She’s kinda my hero! ❤️thank you for speaking the truth about money, it’s sooooo refreshing! As someone who struggles and feels constantly like I’m doing something wrong because I can’t catch up, I know all too well the shame and guilt we put on ourselves. Thank you for sharing keep up the good work! I am most definitely just as frustrated and dejected at times when it comes to money as you are. Hang in there! Much love! -Erin
This podcast has been an incredible lifeline for me. It has given me hope in an area that overwhelmed me to the point of inaction and desperation. When I started listening to this podcast, I wasn't even able to pay my student loan bills. Not because I couldn't afford to send at least something in, but because I was so overwhelmed I couldn't even find the motivation to log onto my accounts and fill out the right paperwork. I was so scared and confused. Then, I started listening to this podcast. I learned the tools and found the inspiration to give it a go. I started this podcast as someone who is bad with money, but now I'm better with money. I have used the resources Gaby talked about. I invest with Ellevest, I've read Wired for Wealth, I've faced my debt head on like Gaby has done. I've faced my spending habits and relationship with money head on. Every single episode of this podcase is a gem and a lifeline. I don't know where I would be without it. I am so so so grateful for it and for Gaby's amazingness. I highly recommend this podcast to EVERYONE!
I love this podcast. I love Gaby. I think she is hilarious. What she’s doing with this podcast is great. No one taught me these things in school and not everyone’s family is able to teach it. I really have learned so much. It has made me much more aware of my finances and what I’m spending my money on. It makes me feel better to know there are tons of people out there who don’t know about these things, too. I highly recommend giving this one a chance. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pay off your debt. Haha (I really have paid my credit cards off since starting this podcast. So, thanks Gaby!!)


20 somethings, this ones for you. For me, in my 50’s, it was torture.
Interesting subject matter and interviews but sections where it’s just Gaby talking, her tone and pace and inflection are that of someone reading off of a piece of paper rather than that of someone speaking to the audience.
Gaby Dunn is funny, bright, insightful and honest about her knowledge of personal finance. She also encourages this kind of discourse with her guests, who then share their financial challenges and victories. In a world where people are constantly trying to impress each other with their wealth, accomplishments and the Facebook version of their lives, ‘Bad with Money’ offers a refreshingly honest look into the habits and bank accounts of regular folks.
I got interested in this podcast because of it's original premise: A lot of people have a lot of shame about finance, and talking about this, and learning to understand this, will help alleviate the shame so more constructive action can be taken. I count myself amongst the ashamed. Ms. Dunn is actually unwilling to be as transparent as she thinks she is. She consistently runs away from her fears by making her problems out to be a joke. The joke is on the listener, because she's laughing all the way to the bank. She's insincere, and a self-centered bore. I suggest that she bring more average people onto the podcast. People who have been bad with money, and have overcome whatever fears from which Ms. Dunn consistently runs away. That way more who identify themselves as bad with money understand how to overcome their own fears. I gave it two stars because the original premise of the show is worth carrying over to a better host.
I really wish that the host would discuss these money issues in our world today with less feminism and race. I feel as a woman that I would benefit more from getting direct information about the topics without the basis of the topics being related to feminism and race. If you want to learn about how conservatism is suppressing minorities in her view within these money issues this is the podcast for you. However this podcast is not for me. I would rather have unbiased direct information given to me.
Thanks to this podcast and the range of guests, topics, and styles I’ve talked to my family about credit, debt, wills, and made it a habit to confront my own money scripts. It’s my favorite podcast and I recommend it to everyone. I turned it on for a 10 hour road trip with friends and we were all hooked. Thanks Gaby!
If you ever thought there’s no way you would ever understand your financial issues, or the world’s for that matter, you must listen to this podcast. Many of us are in positions of privilege AND deep in debt, they are not mutually exclusive SHOCKING right?? Everyone, just listen to this podcast it’s amazing, at least do it for the intro music it’s my favorite part.
Started out the first few episodes as a pretty great show, but I’m six episodes in and I’m hearing a ton about discrimination in Hollywood and not a lot about finance at all. I think the host is super likable and funny and I’m passionate about what she’s talking about, but I came here to hear about finance and getting it together and it doesn’t deliver on that front.
Literally the best podcast. It’s entertaining but also caused me to have to think about my relationship with money in so many ways. Could not recommend more.
If I can recommend one podcast to friends and family (or strangers) its this one! Gaby doesn’t just explore personal finance, she delves into the details of the American financial system, exploring the nitty gritty details of what it’s really like to be a minority trying to thrive and grow in a system set up for the straight white male majority (she’s also really funny). 10/10 - 5 stars - 100 rainbows!
I’m bad with money and have learned so much. I love Gaby Dunn.
Gaby shows talent as a podcast host. That said, a recurring theme of this podcast - blaming large groups of people who are whites, men, or capitalists - does little to bring value. We can encourage our society to be both color blind and gender equal, but not by presenting a double standard. I would encourage Gaby to bring strength to her listeners through empowering them to conquer the world of money by succeeding in it. Diverse groups of people from all walks of life have done exactly that. Their success can be emulated.
I remember listening to the first few episodes, years ago, thinking “interesting and entertaining but neither queer nor feminist enough” - but oh boy did that change! I’ve been catching up these last couple weeks and: Endless episodes plzzz!
This is accessible information and given with a lot of humor. Gaby features a variety of very qualified guests that discuss all kinds of thing money related. I have devoured all the available episodes.
Gaby is hilarious and her conversational tone is really engaging. More importantly, though, she features guests who are top academics and experts in their fields to have fascinating discussions about the most complex of issues. Easily one of my favorite podcasts...
As a young adult with little to no understanding of fincances and trying to save up for the future this is a great show! I’d love an episode on unemployment — the process seems deliberately confusing, not to mention overly politicized and conflated with racist ideology. (Not sure I’m wording that well, but the connection between race and unemployment seems problematic and worth digging into).
It’s a podcast for people who don’t know about personal finance by people who don’t know about personal finance. I gave it three episodes to see if I just started on a dud. Nope they’re pretty bad. I think they are just playing up the feminist angle. If you are looking for better entry level investment or personal finance podcasts there are much better ones out there.
I liked season one and two but this current season is just chock full of leftist agenda. It’s mostly just jamming political stuff down my throat and thinly veiling it as financial advice..... telling me that a socialist society will get me out of debt is just wishful thinking gabby. Go back to actually giving good advice instead of being so gosh darn political.
I just strumbled upon Gaby's podcast and love it! Keep up the good work Gaby!


I thought this was a really cool podcast and very informative. I subscribed.


By Tcat399
Super informative and goes deeper than I expected. It's not just about money and taxes, she tackles sociological issues around money as well. Great guests and I learn a lot!
Was excited for this podcast but was completely turned off and will no longer listen. Everything is the white mans fault I get it
As someone who grew up in a lower middle-class artsy house with somewhat financially irresponsible parents I can seriously relate to Gabby and her experiences growing up. This is an amazing podcast for, not only personal knowledge growth and reflection, but also bridging that difficult divide between the individual and the political. I cannot recommend this podcast enough, it’s accessible, approachable and leaves you thinking about both your money and the point of this whole “money” thing.
I didn’t think I was bad with money. I’ve always been scared of the “credit” people. So everything is paid on time and more than minimum. But then I heard the episode with your sister and the borrowing money for sushi debacle and that’s 100% my family. I was so surprised. Giving money away is also being bad with it. So enlightening. Thank you Gaby!
My girlfriend got me into JBU which was cool. I’m not sure how I got into Bad with Money, but I’m so glad I did. Love having someone relay information that matters in an interesting way. My favorite personality has truly opened my eyes to marriage, children, retirement, climate change, etc. I can’t tell enough people about this podcast. It’s ruined me for other podcasts. Would be 10/10 but they only gave me 5 and that still doesn’t feel like enough.
Cool theme song. She seems like a positive human. The plugged nose voice tone can get fatiguing. But I think she really means well and fights the fight she believes in. I like the ideals but needs more depth of data if the show intends to avoid sounding too vague, white guilt-ish phantom fighting, and predictable. Or maybe that's what it's going for. Good awareness spreading and trying to do her part for change however. Good pacing. Dig in deeper.
Ugh. Hypocritical "feminist" SJW. Whining and making excuses for people she can't actually relate to.
Im 22 And I've been so stressed because of my bad money habits. And no one is talking about it and how to cope and change this behavior. I relate to gabby's relationship with money and this process she's going through is vey enlightening to me. This is a great podcast and hope it goes on for a while.
I mean .. I listen to lots of podcast ... this was awesome!!! keep it up! ... everybody should be talking bout money!! ... u inspired me to write my first review ever on Itunes!!
Dave Ramsey will help you fix your financial life, not this neo-Marxist horse crap.
Very educational!! This is awesome!