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I liked season one and two but this current season is just chock full of leftist agenda. It’s mostly just jamming political stuff down my throat and thinly veiling it as financial advice..... telling me that a socialist society will get me out of debt is just wishful thinking gabby. Go back to actually giving good advice instead of being so gosh darn political.
I just strumbled upon Gaby's podcast and love it! Keep up the good work Gaby!


I thought this was a really cool podcast and very informative. I subscribed.


By Tcat399
Super informative and goes deeper than I expected. It's not just about money and taxes, she tackles sociological issues around money as well. Great guests and I learn a lot!
Was excited for this podcast but was completely turned off and will no longer listen. Everything is the white mans fault I get it
As someone who grew up in a lower middle-class artsy house with somewhat financially irresponsible parents I can seriously relate to Gabby and her experiences growing up. This is an amazing podcast for, not only personal knowledge growth and reflection, but also bridging that difficult divide between the individual and the political. I cannot recommend this podcast enough, it’s accessible, approachable and leaves you thinking about both your money and the point of this whole “money” thing.
I didn’t think I was bad with money. I’ve always been scared of the “credit” people. So everything is paid on time and more than minimum. But then I heard the episode with your sister and the borrowing money for sushi debacle and that’s 100% my family. I was so surprised. Giving money away is also being bad with it. So enlightening. Thank you Gaby!
My girlfriend got me into JBU which was cool. I’m not sure how I got into Bad with Money, but I’m so glad I did. Love having someone relay information that matters in an interesting way. My favorite personality has truly opened my eyes to marriage, children, retirement, climate change, etc. I can’t tell enough people about this podcast. It’s ruined me for other podcasts. Would be 10/10 but they only gave me 5 and that still doesn’t feel like enough.
Cool theme song. She seems like a positive human. The plugged nose voice tone can get fatiguing. But I think she really means well and fights the fight she believes in. I like the ideals but needs more depth of data if the show intends to avoid sounding too vague, white guilt-ish phantom fighting, and predictable. Or maybe that's what it's going for. Good awareness spreading and trying to do her part for change however. Good pacing. Dig in deeper.
Ugh. Hypocritical "feminist" SJW. Whining and making excuses for people she can't actually relate to.
Im 22 And I've been so stressed because of my bad money habits. And no one is talking about it and how to cope and change this behavior. I relate to gabby's relationship with money and this process she's going through is vey enlightening to me. This is a great podcast and hope it goes on for a while.
I mean .. I listen to lots of podcast ... this was awesome!!! keep it up! ... everybody should be talking bout money!! ... u inspired me to write my first review ever on Itunes!!
Dave Ramsey will help you fix your financial life, not this neo-Marxist horse crap.
Very educational!! This is awesome!
I powered through this podcast the past week - start to present. Only one episode has felt truly worthwhile. That episode is the one that touches on institutional and systemic racism (title "Bullet speed trains.."). The content is accessible and meaningful. I picked up this podcast because I enjoy Gaby's "voice"/perspective. The first season felt anemic. Second season a bit better. Third season feels like she's settling in a bit - and I hope she will find confidence in taking on weightier subjects. The style of the podcast is a little unsettling. It feels a bit immature or nervous - not sure which. There are a ton of openings in conversation where an interviewer could feasibly interject with thoughtful questions - lacking. G- Please try to limit the word "like". I know it's just a bad habit - work on it.
I love Gaby's critiques of the system. She strikes a good balance between practical advice and reminding us how f-ed up a lot of our financial institutions are!!! So excited to finally see new episodes! Rock on!
I've always loved this podcast but the amount of ads on it are reaching an unwanted sense of irony about the title and else
Relatable in the first season but quickly turned into a political platform. Her platform, her choice but unfortunately I can't relate anymore and will unsubscribe.
I’ve watched Gabby on YT for a while. This podcast is so charming it’s sickening! This is not normally in my wheelhouse but I can’t stop listening!👍🏾
Gabby is awesome and this show is at once funny and real. Very good pod!
Honest and vulnerable. I have been aware of family scripts running in my subconscious yet hearing Gaby talk about her issues helps me deal with mine head on. This is what I have been wanting and waiting for.
My dad works in finance & I still don’t know anything about money. This has gone on so long I’m embarrassed to ask & admit I’ve failed to absorb financial wisdom. This podcast makes me feel less confused and alone!
How did you know I needed this?!?? THANK YOU!!!!
Gabby is funny and insightful. I definitely related to some of her “money scripts” (personal philosophy on money). It was interesting to hear a money psychologist analyze her particular scripts and offer a viewpoint that’s financially healthier.
I’m from a family with poor financial literacy, and this show has been such a blessing. It feels like a friend walking me through some pretty scary topics, and I feel a lot stronger for it!
This podcast came into my life when I needed it, y’all. Thank you Gaby, for being brave and sharing this stuff with us! I don’t know how you managed to make a podcast about money that I actually want to marathon. Hot diggity.
This podcast is like chatting with a funny honest friend that gets you and leaves you feeling better after your weekly coffee visit. I listened to this while dealing with the financial fall out of a family crisis, and it was just nice to know I wasn't the only one dealing with corrupt systems and my own ineptitude. Thanks Gaby.
I thought this was going to make me feel worse about budgeting and money, but it’s actually made me take small steps towards getting better while resetting my expectations and comparisons. Plus it’s funny and has great guests!!
Despite the premise being “bad with money,” I’ve learned a lot from this podcast about my finances and the systems that shape them! Can’t wait for the next season!
SO Good. Such a friendly look on a touchy subject. Starting the conversation is the first step to education
i am also bad with money and this podcast makes me feel less alone
Great podcast!!
This podcast was a light in the dark when I was lost in financial woe. A lifeline to anyone struggling with finances who was never taught how to manage them in the first place.
Use to like this show it’s just gotten too political for me. We get it you’re a lesbian who hates trump. What about the money?!
Formative, entertaining and political, Bad with Money goes way beyond personal finance. Listen even if you are good with money.
Gabby Dunn is so charming that I'm happy to tune in, regardless of who her interviewee of the week is. The show is progressive, honest, insightful, and a fun listen. Nice blend of anecdotes and actual financial info. Entertaining regardless of your financial literacy.
Love that this is about more than just money, but sheds light on how money issues affect marginalized people differently! So important to be talking about more than one kind of experience in this capitalist elitist nation.
Her guests are informative and she is funny, relatable, and raw. Very easy to listen to and take away nuggets of advice to use in daily life.
I wanted to hear about retirement but most of the episode was talking about how the system was rigged against women and poor. When the suggestion was made to limit Starbuck visits and to save that money, the host replied it was ridiculous to not have coffee. I'm pretty sure it's sound advice to make your own coffee and not buy $5 coffee every morning.
If you're looking for traditional finance advice, go read Bloomberg or something. This is more like a financed themed "This American Life" with more cursing.
This show is great. It's not advice so much as it's shining a light into a collective fear we have. This show actcually finally convinced me to try a small investment, because women like me are not supposed to and screw the patriarchy!
This podcast makes me feel less crazy for being stressed about money. I love how Gaby tackles this tricky topic. Thank you Gaby!
The podcast really seems to stay true to the intent on the first couple of episodes, but from there on, it goes on to talk about how marginalized groups who financially struggle, or the woes that certain groups have. It stops being about "bad with money" and turns into something pushing a liberal agenda. Which in itself, is ok... But not what the podcast title suggests the podcast should be about.
I really love hearing Gaby talk about this subject. I like the way she brings in many different perspectives, from minorities to money experts to poor people...and talks about the big picture along with the small picture. It's refreshing to hear actual stories of people struggling with this or empowering themselves to be financially savvy when we're so used to ignoring the question of money altogether in a lot of alternative subcultures.
Really appreciate how frank and genuine this show is about money. These are conversations that need to be had and shared so we can all have a better relationship with money.
The very first time I heard her voice, I kinda didn't like her attitude and the way she spoke. But my wife liked it so I continued to listen. And I'm now a big fan! I've only listen 4 or 5 epsoides in season 2 but I found Gaby really funny and she has some very helpful tips for millenials. I like her point of view. THB, she is very liberal but she is also very educated so I don't feel one-sided. There are always some really cool and professional guest speaker and I like the social issues they touch on. It ain't NYT or WSJ but it's a very good amateur podcast.
Its great to know I'm not the only one who knows they're terrible with money, only a few episodes in, and I feel hopeful for both Gaby and myself
Loved season 1, but season 2 Gaby seems very checked out. Giving 5 stars anyway in the hope that she can re-engage as host. Love the direction of looking at her personal experiences with money, while at the same time looking at personal finance through a social justice lens.
More than your average personal finance podcast
Great content, engaging host, very well done.👍🏼👌🏼✌🏼