Reviews For Public lecture podcasts

Some of the topics are rather interesting, but the audio quality is terrible. Most times it varies between overly loud and inaudible. One can never quite understand the full words of the speaker. It appears, that the Univeristy of Bath merely put a microphone somewhere in the vicinity of the speaker, and then expected a decent recording. Perhaps, this university could actually find a sound technician to properly position the recording microphone, and then ensure a proper sound quality. Until that time, these lectures are a waste of time.
I've only listened to two podcasts, but so far, I'm not deeply impressed. I heard a rather clued-in economist talk about the benefits and drawbacks of global capitalism.... Okay, that was good. But then I heard an upper-middle class woman serve up pseudoscientific justifications for standard-brand social-science blather. A very long walk to nowhere. Nothing new or interesting here.