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This reporting is so thorough, well laid out and devoid of personal projection and speculation that’s used as filler in so many other podcasts. Yet it’s engaging storytelling that keeps me listening. I’m finding it hard to listen to any other true crime/investigative podcasts now because caliber is so inferior. Can’t wait for the next story!
In The Dark Season 2 (Curtis Flowers) is the very BEST true crime podcast I’ve ever listened to!!! When a podcast leads to an innocent man being released from 27y in prison & even mentioned in federal courts (up to the SCOTUS)…u know this team did something right! Their investigative journalism on this case was clearly leaps & bounds more thorough than what the cops put into the crime. And w/out question… far, far, far more comprehensive questioning, fact finding, & evidence gathering than district attorney Doug Jones & his “investigator” put forth.
Please come back!! I enjoyed the first season but the second season was so powerful. I have never cried over a podcast but the injustice that existed in Curtis Flowers case and all the lives ruined because of it needed to shared to the world. Amazing reporting and investigating!
Please come back. I’ve been waiting patiently for a new season. This podcast will have you binging all the episodes at once.
A great investigative podcast
How does Doug Evans still have a job? I am so distraught that this happens in the USA.
Listen to both seasons, i’m really addicted lol , Great job excited to see what you ladies have next, also a Bay Area Guy & follows the IG page
This hit me hard. What gets me the most is this prosecutor. How dare he do this to this family. In my opinion, all because of his ego. It should be against the law what this man has done, not only to the Flowers family but also what he did to the witnesses. He is just despicable. I can’t stand it that he does not have to see or know the impact that his actions have had on this family.
Amazing work done by everyone at the show, you guys are really making the world a better place with your efforts.
One of my favorites of all time, truly got me hooked on podcasts and not many live up to In The Dark.
The reporting is amazing. Season 2 had me on the edge of my seat. So much overlooked, so many assumptions made. The deep dive into the legal process was eye-opening. I hope a Season 3 is in the works!
Episode 15..spit out my coffee laughing! Great investigating and laying out the story & timeline, well done!
This podcast was decent until I got to the episode where they’re empathizing with child predators. It was bizarre to say the least.
When people ask for a podcast recommendation, this is always it! I love it so much, I listened twice! I really feel so sad for the victims families and I wish they could hear what everyone else hears.
Season two, in particular is incredible - the reporting is remarkably detailed and the story is very well told. Highly recommend listening Thank you to the team for the remarkable work for this story, calling out the systematic racism that is infused in this case, and ultimately for this man.
Not only is this season fascinating with all the information ITD has uncovered, but to have all that hard work contribute/result in an innocent man being heard, all the way to the Supreme Court has earned this team a place in heaven. Thank you for the terrific post-season updates. I eagerly await Season 3.
Fascinating investigation into the miscarriage of justice. Great story telling—one of my favorite podcasts.
Great podcast! Madeleine and her team are amazing! Keep uncovering the truth.
Amazing podcast!
This podcast is great! It’s awesome that they also add follow ups to seasons/cases that they cover. The journalists for this are truly amazing.
Season 2 Curtis flowers case was incredible. These reporters seems to be the reason why hes free and im amazed by their work.
I love both seasons, but season 2 about Curtis flowers…. Wow. The disgusting injustice by Doug Evans and the DA’s office in Mississippi is absolutely despicable. It’s important to share these stories and bring to light the corruption and racism so that it can be corrected - thank you to the in the dark team for setting the record straight and helping free an innocent man!!!
Both seasons were great, but season two is simply incredible. We listened on a long car trip & stayed glued to it. Kudos to this team for life-saving reporting!
Overly scripted and corny. Unprofessional and repetitive wording - “that guy from…”, “back then”. Wastes time simplifying things that don’t need simplification then skips over explanations that need to be said. Hard to follow and poorly organized - often had to re-listen to figure out what was going on. Story went off on tangents - often for most of an episode. Confirmation bias in research due to the clear search for a scandal to break. Anti-law enforcement.
This podcast is quite long, but really good. You’d be shocked at the lengths a state institute will go to convict a man with no evidence, to the point it gets fabricated.


OMG, what this man has been thru. Thank you for the work you did to make the details of the case come to light and this innocent man freed.
Don’t waste your time.
“…there are no perfect crimes. There are only failed investigations.” I’d love to know more about the psychology of police departments who refuse to reflect on failed investigations, who jump to the most complicated (and often wrong) conclusions, who won’t apologize to wrongfully accused folks whose lives they’ve negatively impacted. It was so hard to listen to the interviews with the Sheriff. That is one toxic dude.
At first glance you might think this is another “woke” podcast. But if you dismiss this based on that assumption you are missing out! Three reasons to listen to season 2: 1. The narrator has a nice voice and the pacing is easy to listen to. 2. This is first rate journalism. This team left no question unanswered, questioned every bit of evidence, and never, ever rehashed old news stories. 3. As a lifelong conservative I always felt the claims of “systematic racism” were either overhyped or based on things that happened during the Jim Crow era. While I never thought racism ever vanished, I felt the left used it as a political ploy. Probably to some extent they do. However, this podcast showed me how wrong I was. It does exist and it seems to thrive in our criminal justice system in one way or another. This podcast shocked and disgusted me and made me see things I never knew were happening. I found the things reported on in this podcast absolutely terrifying and worth the attention of every American. Any kind of racism is an injustice to us all. Unless we deal with it as a people, we are doomed to repeat the past. This podcast made me see that and I think it should be required listening for every American.
One of the best podcasts I have heard in a long time. Kudos to the journalists. Such a compelling story.


By mz ng.
My name is Nicole from so Cali area I’m early 50s , I’m a mom along with other rolls I play . My life is hectic .never heard a podcast in my life I just wanted to reroute my thinking, curios, I hit podcast button on my phone and started listening to the curtis flowers tapes, well let me tell u! the straight professionalism, the down to earth personality and all the great work and time these people have took on a open personal level, all or nothing winning attitude, I was blown away, seriously! I was instantly drawn in,I’ve even repeatedly played it. Hands down and hats off to you over there #1 in journalism.
I’ve listen to both seasons now and can’t wait for 3. Madeline is quite an interviewer as well as a great storyteller. She has a way of getting people to talk to her and tell her things they haven’t told anyone else. She deals well with people when they get ugly with her and comes across as very sincere. The amount of research and chasing down people they do is astounding.
A friend recommended this podcast to me. I love it, just the pure old journalism at its finest. They dig deep to get to the stories. I am already on Season 2, hoping for more soon.
The best podcast I’ve listened to. The structure, storyline and subject of season 2 was incredible. I’ve never been so invested in a story and the emotional roller coaster of the case was so well told.
This is a case for why good, solid, professional investigative journalism matters in a democracy. The work they did seems amazing, but is really just hard, unrelenting work along with clear and precise presentation.
I’ve listened to literally hundreds of crime- and court-related podcasts, thousands of hours, and the first two seasons of In the Dark are the most profound body of independent journalism I’ve ever heard. Madeleine’s integrity, persistence and commitment to the truth—no matter how ugly or difficult or unpopular—is truly remarkable. She deserves every award available in this field. Parker, Natalie, Will, Samara and the rest of the team clearly dedicate their lives to the case they are investigating each season, and clearly have made an enormous difference in the lives of the people they interview. Even more impressive is their unfailing ability to stay calm and cool while asking intensely personal, probing questions and confronting folks who are obviously racist, violent, and full of hate. The respect they show to every single person on both sides of each case is something to aspire to. I’m shocked this podcast isn’t at the top of the charts and hadn’t arrived on my radar sooner. This is what journalism should always look and sound like. Bravo and thank you, APM.
It’s the best investigative journalism I’ve ever heard.
I tell everyone that will listen about this incredible podcast - what an incredible journey and turn of events that transpired over the course of the journalists reporting. In the Dark season 2 is my favorite podcast ever, and I binge and listen to A LOT… you will not regret listening.
Season 2 is, hands down, the best podcast ever — amazing investigative reporting and entertaining storytelling. Not to mention that the In The Dark team got Curtis Flowers released from prison. Absolutely stellar. I can’t wait for the next season.
Great reporting! This is a must follow podcast. Im waiting patiently for season 3!
Updated with question: WHEN IS SEASON 3 COMING OUT? I’m anxiously awaiting In the Dark’s return. I just finished binge-listening to the first two seasons of In the Dark. Your podcast and reporting is one of the best I’ve heard thus far. The attention to detail, the time that your team spent covering both cases, and your tenacity is impressive. I can’t wait to listen to Season 3. Keep up the excellent work!
This is the best kind of Journalism. The story here makes me both angry and fascinated. God Bless Mr. Flowers and this podcast.


Such a wonderful show with great detail. It is a good way to use your time as you are trying to figure out who did the set up.
So sad child molesters have to be on a registry. /s They deserve far worse.
One of the best true crime podcast I have ever listened to. Very in-depth, many characters in both podcasts, who are major players, and are examined throughly in this very detailed podcast. They gather everyone around, and dissect each and every motive. That Jacob and Mr. Flowers were not afforded the protection of the law, along with a thorough investigation will make you very angry. It will have you questioning any police work “what would happen if?” a crime happened to your loved ones. Both true crimes podcasts will stay with you for a long time. When you anxiously for season three.
Wow! I just finished season 1 and I have to say, I loved it! I could not stop listening and binged it in one day after hearing about it on Crime Junkies. That poor guy spent his whole life as a pariah all because he came forward which is what police want/NEED you to do in order to solve crimes!!! They had no proof he did it, botched the whole investigation and couldn’t even apologize and patted themselves on the back when they had the right guy in their grasps for decades!!!! This is the problem with our police/judicial system! A judge signing a warrant based on nothing ruining this guys whole life and his family’s life. Several people were hurt by the police not doing their jobs!! This guy should have been caught and arrested years before Jacob was killed! Such a shame! Great job on this podcast!! Can’t wait to listen to season 2!