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Reviews For The Ob/Gyn Podcast


By Dr Ryak
Really enjoying the podcast, especially the episodes that delve into the history behind these topics (ie PID, contraceptives) which is fascinating!!
I love the basic medicine background reminders! Just listened to the PCOS episode and am halfway through the second twin France study episode. Please please keep these up!!
Love this podcast! I'm a current MS4 going into OBGYN and during my MS3 year I listened to a variety of podcast for each rotation and was sad there were so few for OBGYN. My favorite part of the podcast is the historical background that Dr. Chappelle ties in for the various topics as this is not information routinely covered during medical school. The series on contraception could not be more relevant to the current attitude towards family planning in the USA. I am looking forward to future episodes and recommending it to students on their OBGYN rotation and those of us pursuing a career in OBGYN.
This podcast does an excellent job of covering clinically pertinent topics in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way. I appreciate the inclusion of midwives in the dialogue and the constant invitation to get involved in the conversation. As a newly licensed CNM, I'm always looking for a way to refresh and expand my clinical knowledge, and this podcast is perfect for that. I really cannot say enough good things about it. I'd highly recommend it to any midwife or med student.
I've been hoping someone would come out with a relevant OBGYN podcast I could listen to on long drives. I hope this one sticks around.