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I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Anna is so genuine, grounded and curious. She has the best guests and asks the most thought provoking questions that result in me walking away with a tangible shift in perspective that opens my life up in some way. It’s always a fun, uplifting and productive use of my time to tune in! Thank you Anna! Keep up the great work! 🙏🏼
I’ve worked with Anna as a coach in the past so this podcast is like having her in my back pocket! She brings great guests on the show who offer super practical advice and have inspiring stories that always seem to resonate with where I am at the moment. I especially love all the science backed discussions on mindfulness/productivity. They always make me feel more grounded and motivated. Thanks, Anna!
I love listening to Anna because she’s no BS and asks thought provoking questions that make for really rich conversations. Anna goes deep on complex topics.
I've known Anna for a while and she has always been one of the most genuine and authentic coaches and entrepreneurs I know... That is why I'm also drawn to her podcast. I really enjoy her interview style -- she brings a wide range of people who have figured out how to do exactly what they love. Anna brings such a genuine curiosity to each conversation and it is a fun journey each time to listen in. I've learned about lots of awesome people and techniques through this podcast and each episode always has golden nuggets! Anna rocks!
I have had the amazing privilege of working with Anna and it has changed my life and my business. I always turn to her podcast when I need to feel uplifted, grounded or inspired and it works like a charm every time. I love how REAL all the interviews are - they are so validating and powerful to listen to.
I LOVE this podcast so much. Anna always asks the questions I want to know. I’ve learned so much and feel so inspired by all the different ways people make their businesses thrive.
I love listening to this podcast. I learn a lot and there are many different topics. I looked forward to hearing it every Thursday! Highly recommend this podcast if you are looking for topics on healing, entrepreneurship, motivation and more.
I love Anna approach to each interview. She brings out the best of the interview. Each episode is a nugget of wisdom. I look forward each week for a new interview.


By jb2ny
Love the broad topics discussed. This podcast has been a major motivator.
I was looking for women-focused business and motivational podcasts. This one is a goldmine. I am so grateful I found Anna's podcast. Anna's topics are great and she and her guests are amazing.
I love this podcast because 1) it consistently comes out on Thursday's so I know a new episode will be waiting for me over the weekend. 2) Anna's approach and follow-up questions lead to answers that resonate with me. I'm new to the whole finding your purpose thing and yet all the topics feel relatable and not too out there. 3) I don't know how she finds her guests but they are all inspiring to listen to. I learn something new from each one, which is pretty great and not always the case with other podcasts.
I learn a lot - it helps me think outside the box. It's filled with practicial strategies and real life stories that inpsire me to take more action. There is a range of topics from personal development to business and everything in between. I highly recommend this show!
Anna inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to live by the “you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going” motto. The podcasts name couldn’t fit any better as the people on this show range from entrepreneurs to healers whom used their passion to pursue their purpose and made profit simultaneously. Anna finds a way to weave in spiritual/feel good topics into her podcast that resonate with any person trying to overcome the mental roadblocks to starting a business. I truly enjoy her podcast and cant wait for the next episode to come out every week!
Having worked with Anna in the past, I find her podcast the next best thing to having her on the other end of the phone. She introduces you to coaches and entrepreneurs who are making money doing what they love. Not only do they discuss their successes, but they also discuss their fears, what held them back, and what they are working on to move themselves forward. I love hearing their stories and learning about their path to success as I plot my own. Nice work, Anna!
As a budding entrepreneur this podcast is awesome. I love the guests just as much as I love her shorter words of wisdom episodes. I always learn something or find myself thinking / pondering a topic I hadn't before. It is inpsiring to hear some of the background story on entrepreneurs I have folllowed from other avenues. Approach your life/ business/ money making from a more positive view point! Thanks Anna!
I listened to Anna's interview with Natalie Berthold and it was great! I highly recommend it, especially for anyone looking to get unstuck and heal past family patterns/traumas. Anna's questions are very direct and engaging, and she has SO many quality experts and professionals on this podcast - very helpful for anyone looking to up their game in business and life. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely listen to more interviews.
Every time I listen to Anna's podcast it's just what I didn't know I needed. I walk away feeling enlightened, inspired, and refreshed. Not only does she interview amazing guests but she also does an amazing job of inviting her guests to break down their area of expertise so the listener walks away with a new nugget of information. I love that each guest is invited to share their story AND the best advice they were ever given. It's like receiving compounded life advice in a small podcast. Keep it up, Anna! You inspire me and still help me on a weekly basis.
Great topics, guests and very positive !! More please !
Yes yes yes finally a podcast that talks about profit with a purpose you can make money and a difference !!! Loving it so far!!
I really enjoy this podcast. I find myself being able to relate to the stories and get practical tips on how to move forward in my business and life!
While so many people want to talk numbers and statistics, Anna gives you the business advice for your heart. If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur looking to bring your purpose to life, put this podcast at the top of your list!