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By goscgal
hello folks the audio has issues...hopefully it can be fixed so i can understand everyone. thank you for the mostly interesting podcasts.
Sooo happy to find this podcast. I quit the C2C a couple years ago since it became political, one sided. For me it was prejudicial and I’ve no use for that nonsense. I’m happy here. 👍🏿👍🏼👍🏾
I really want to give this 5 stars but I can’t. Rich is super annoying. Just kind of a db. Can’t link facts etc. no idea why he hosts. And Dave is a good dude but sometimes it seems like he’s not paying attention, long pauses etc.
George fell off long ago and Knapp is only on a few nights to tune in for that are worth it. Randomly came across this and I’ve found a new home for a former C2C listener. Actual interviews and discussions instead of old man nods and mhms.
Occasionally there will be intelligent discussion, but mostly a bunch of whack jobs spouting nonsense, or blathering on and on for hours without actually saying anything. Waaaay too fringe, with guests spending nearly the whole show speculating on ways to make their idiotic theories work. Pure garbage.
Worst episode ever with the cook Stephanie Burke
Host is very honest about his questions and theories, these resonate with me. Great podcast with very interesting guests!
Can’t get enough !!! Keep up the weird, spooky, scary, strange and amazing !! Dave Scott rules!!! 👽 “I’ll be watching at your window “
Great show & highly recommend if you’re interested in all things “woo!” Keep an open mind & explore the concepts that there’s much more on this world, (& perhaps other worlds!), than what you may have previously thought.
They spend the time to really delve into the different subjects.
I listen to at least 3 to 4 times a week.
One of the BEST show out there. Great host, great guest and all around great time. Keep up the great work!
Love this podcast!! Love when Tim comes on every 3rd Monday of the month
I love anything to do with aliens , so this show is perfect for me .
I ❤️ the show ‼️
Love the show--great interviews and topics.
I read about the context of this show and decided to listen to a few broadcasts! It was outstanding, interesting and very professionally put together ! The hosts and guests cover a wealth of topics in the paranormal world. Famous recognized guests who have been in the business are often on & I enjoy their contributions. If THIS IS YOUR GENRE, SUBSCRIBE and LISTEN. You won’t be disappointed. (Plus there is a chat room & you may meet many people of interest) NLS