Michelle Biloon discusses her career in comedy, and generously offers advice to aspiring comedians. She is wonderfully down to earth and I appreciate her ability to put the challenges and highlights of a comedian's life into perspective. Basically, she's the best and the smartest and she has the nicest hair.
Have always enjoyed listening to Michelle. She is funny and relatable. Normally I don't like listening to just one person talk (I normally get bored with just one voice), but she pulls it off with her thoughtful comments and stories.
I may be biased because I truly enjoy Michelle's comedy and friendship. It's nice to hear someone say advice I need to hear as a comic every week. You can genuinely tell that she cares about her listeners and that makes me want to listen even more. I love sucking D. - Anthony
This is an necessary pod cast for pre, new and not so new stand-up comedians. It is filled with excellent advice, and stories of what to expect on your journey. I have been doing this for a long time, and I learned quite a bit from her. Unfortunately, in my experience, a lot of successful comics aren't very helpful to those behind them, so thank goodness for The Biloon Cast! In addition to the message, Michelle has a voice that is pleasing to listen to, though sometimes she talks a little too fast for this Southern boy!
Very informative and no bs
And also those just interested in comedy altogether. Michelle is wonderful to listen to and lends amazing insight into the world of comedy, at both an amateur and a pro level.
This is a great podcast for anyone getting into the world of comedy. Michelle's perspective on the local and national comedy scenes is unique and valuable. She's also a really nice person! Check it out!
Learn some of the unwritten rules before you accidentally break them; decipher some of the confusing terminology; hear how going up a lot makes you funnier and builds confidence. Michelle has lots of experience, is fun to listen to, and her emphasis on celebrating diverse comic voices is so refreshing.
Great pod for any young comic or anyone thinking about getting into standup. Michelle is very funny and has the experience to back up her advice.
This is a great podcast, I've listened to every episode & it just keeps getting better. I'm not a standup comedian, but there's so much overlap between professions that a lot of her advice is totally on point. Great recommendations as well. I will keep listening. 8 stars.
I couldn't have designed a more perfect podcast; I love listening to Michelle's straight forward advice to newer comedians (and audience members- but just that one time). It's fun to see behind the curtain a bit. If you are crazy about comedy podcasts like I am (I'm the dork with the CBB bumper sticker) then you'll love this podcast too!
Michelle has a lot of insight on comedy and standup. Interesting to hear it from an outsider perspective.
I love talking comedy with Michelle. She's very insightful and helpful and helps give me a lot of perspective at times when I don't know what the hell I'm doing. It's dope that she's putting out a podcast where she's picking her own brain for me.