Timm Talk

Reviews For Timm Talk

I’ve been listening to this show since the beginning and I’m a big fan! The dynamic between the hosts and the (usually) love of the material is so wonderful. Keep ‘em coming guys!
I seriously wish they came out daily.
Honestly, this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to as I commute to and from work. I work at a high-stress job, and it’s nice to listen to nerdy banter to decompress. Chris and Cameron have great back-and-forth. No, they really do. So many podcasts have two people who are trying WAY too hard to be cute or trite, and there is none of that pretension here. It’s two friends who have a wide spread of nerdy interests between them just talking. Even if this podcast weren’t about something I love, I’d keep listening just to hear their conversation.
I love this podcast. Batman TAS is one of my favorite series, and it's such a blast to listen in on these chats. Everyone is so knowledgeable and funny. Love it.