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By T0ph4r
That cloud computing story was rough. Full disclosure, I didn’t finish it. It’s unclear to me if they just didn’t have experts in the area of cloud computing or if they were just so enthusiastic about drawing a connection between Bezos/Trump feuds and the JEDI project that they make broad, largely inaccurate, statements to connect the dots. Either would be lazy, but I suspect it is the latter. I typically tune into technology podcasts to hear knowledgeable reporting on the topic of technology. This sounded like a political rant from someone who read about AWS on Facebook. Too much politics in my technology.
What would otherwise be a great podcast is tainted by openly biased politics. How about leaving the politics out of it and focus on the "Gadgets & Tech" that is your promise.
Some of the pods contain too much disdain for the current administration that I can get on other podcasts. Unsubscribing...
This is a test
Which is what Gizmodo is about. All it's ever about is politics, specifically Trump. I'll go to a REAL news source for this thank you. I wanted to enjoy your podcast to enjoy what you are known for (tech) and hear something enjoyable. Get away from the non stop politics of today. Get your podcast together people. This is pathetic. Oh and it's always a short, 1 story episode less than 2 minutes. Don't put yourself out too much...
gizmodo writers are great.
First off, I actually thought this was a text-to-speech program. A five year old would do a better job of reading this. I subscribed thinking I would be kept up to date on tech developments, but instead this is just an outlet for political drivel. If I was looking for that, I'd listen to NPR.