Day After Graduation podcast

Reviews For Day After Graduation podcast

Intriguing, enjoyable, and educational! had the pleasure of working with Longwood University's Office of Alumni and Career Services to create this new podcast series and I am thrilled to hear the finished product!
Well produced podcast that tells some great stories about what lifes like after college. Lot's of great ideas and advice.
I love the podcast. But I also helped make the podcast, so I hope you like it too.
At Longwood University, the coined term "citizen leadership" is thrown around constantly, and it revolves around the idea that our community is producing students who become impact- driven, service- oriented, and community- focuses citizens for the world-- this podcast does just that! Through multiple conversations in each podcast, the staff in the Office of Alumni & Career Services at Longwood University present a diverse and quality conversation centered around the big question: what do I do once I move that tassle, pack the boxes, and leave the small town that surrounds my university? Not only does this podcast ease the anxious minds of students and young professional from every area of study, but it gives every person, whether they are looking for a job, working the perfect job, or searching for what's next, the idea and assurance that it is okay to do something different, that it is okay to challenge yourself, and that it is okay to not fully know what's next. I would highly reccomend this podcast to anyone looking for some great advice, a laugh, or a stirring of memories and hope that everyone who listens to this loves it as much as I do!