Reviews For The Left Coast Gamblers

but I love this podcast!
This is coming from a fan who needs more than just stats and hearing the same old ESPN/NFL Newtwork analysis. I love how the guys are very well informed without sounding pretenscious like they are holding state secrets (it's football people). The push and pull every week as potential fans of their seond home, LA, is intriguing and offers a place to go every episode, so it sounds fresh and authentic. I find their personalities are in balance with each and their quality of sound/timing is awesome. Speaking of sound, the 80's Ram It song is a great find!! I also really enjoy their season long games and the Mary, F***, Kill section is always a great segement. I recommend this show as an awesome one stop shop for anyone who wants their news from awesome personalitites with something new to offer every week!!!
If you are a LA football fan or a football fan in LA, this podcast is a must-listen! I'm neither of those things and I still love this podcast, because these three co-hosts are informed football fans, have great rapport, and have well-produced, fun segments. All three play off each other well, and they are football fans first. I've really enjoyed their individual stories about how they've become football fans of their childhood teams and how they have chronicled their current journeys to become LA Rams fans! I especially love that they don't talk about fantasy football, which dominates many fan conversations and too many sports broadcasts these days. If you are a football fan looking for a weekly podcast, I think you will really enjoy this! If nothing else, you get to hear the Rams' iconic team song from the 80s! Ram it!