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Absolutely Amazing Conference Pastor Chris Brown, & Pastor Larry Osborne, Thank you so much for taking the time to invest in Leadership. Counting down the days for next year
For the last 7 years I’ve listened to NCC sermons, they have consistently been the best sermons (most biblical teaching, sound doctrine, consistent conviction and call to action) that I have ever heard. I could not recommend NCC sermons more highly.
I would download onto my phone with the app or watch it on YouTube. Now I can listen to the sermon on the there podcast and not have to worry about stopping and losing my spot. That is thinking outside the box 😊
LOVE THE MESSAGES but one day as I was listening to a message the audio cut out and I haven’t been able to listen to any message from north coasts church ever since 😞
The teaching team at Northcoast church in vista California consistently brings forth Gods word with excellence and thoughtfulness.
Simply my favorite preaching. The sermons are biblically sounds and yet extremely applicable. Chris’ story telling us very strong and a joy, but he can also teach the difficult truths well when it is his turn. Larry is a very articulate teacher who can make what seems mundane interesting. The one two punch is very strong. I live in Raleigh NC now and I get to hear JD Greear preach every week which is also a huge blessing. Both JD Greear of the Summit and Chris and Larry of North Coast Church are worth downloading on your devise and listening to over and over.
We are so grateful for the teachings of this church. Rooted in God's word and so applicable to everyday life.


I Love this church, my gf (soon to be fiancée) and I have gone ever since they opened the San Marcos/Escondido campus and we couldn't be happier. I love seeing how this church is growing and really love the messages (especially the ones from Chris). Great atmosphere and great teaching that foster a love for God and a loving community. God Bless this church


By TehHah
Just listen.
Teaching from Larry and Chris is fresh, creative, and biblically solid. This church continues to lead and inspire others.
I love listening to your guys' sermons! I'm not from Costa Mesa but Chris comes and speaks at our church in Northern California a lot and when I saw there was a podcast almost a year ago I started downloading an haven't stopped since. I listen to them on my commutes, which are very frequent but I'm wondering about these last two. They were only posted as links to the website to be able to watch videos of the sermons instead? There doesn't seem to be a way to download the podcast version anymore of at least May 1st and May 8th. Is this going to be the way they are posted now? I can't stream a 50 minute video in my car. That's way too much data. :(


Love being able to enjoy past sermons, re listen, share, etc. Thank you for doing the podcasts! Would love if more than 1 year were available - was just listening to an old series and can't get the whole thing because it's older and not available any more. Please expand availability :)
Just wanted to personally congratulate Pastor Larry Osborne for build what Jesus wanted and not want man wanted. Thank you Pastor Larry. The church has gotten big so now I could download The Word.
Anyone looking for solid teaching for the 20th century, this is the place. I am finding healing from some of the suppressive teaching I have been brain washed with!
My bible is being written in and no place more so than Luke during the series North Coast is doing. I LOVE this series. It's challenging me and making me think about the role Christ has in my life. Thank you so much for making this available through this podcast. I am not able to make it down to Southern CA to participate in person but I will be a devoted follower of this podcast.
We've been going to North Coast since 2008 & had to move to the gulf in 2010. I am so blessed to be able to hear sermons from North Coast through podcast even though we are miles away from home.
Wonderful ministry to me my family and friends. Haven't missed one in 4 years. Always focused in the Word of God.
Been going there since 1992 and love it!
We originally found North Coast when visiting my husband's parents. We immediately wished we could move to Vista just so that we could attend this church. The teaching is very practical but also very well grounded and researched biblically. It's surprisingly entertaining while also uplifting. (We can listen to Larry or Chris speak for almost an hour per lesson and not lose interest or the thread of the topic. There are only a handful of speakers whom we feel are similarly gifted.) They try to present the "same old thing" in a fresh and topical manner, frequently challenging the usual interpretations -- not dismissing them necessarily, but addressing them as something new and thoughtful. We look forward to visiting each time we go down to Vista!
We moved away from Southern California back in 1995 and have missed Larry's "rubber meets the road" sermons. We are so excited that even though we are in Arizona now we can tune in and hear the great sermons we used to have that taught and encouraged my husband and I to be better Christians. You should listen to these sermons they will inspire you to grow in God.
i just moved down to vista. and i have found a meaning of the "church" the body of Christ coming together to seek His purpose. larry osborne and chris brown help lead us along the eternal way. thank God for men like these. my work isnt finished here until kingdom come. but im on the way.
Chris and Larry are a great one two punch. Both are very smart. Chris is spastic and a total ADD case on sterioids. Larry is calm(er) of the two. Both are amazing teachers that make the Bible and Jesus come flying off the page and into your head and heart. You will be touched by them. I promise.
In my 37 years of listening to preaching that has ranged from dreadful, to (more often) mundane, to sublime--I rate the preaching ministry of North Coast Church in Vista, California, as some of the greatest. It is consistently relevant to daily Christian living with clear and concise lessons from the Bible.