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It was uncanny how episode 65 addressed multiple questions that I had and recent conversations I’ve had with other people. Great information for beginner and experienced OCR racers. Didn’t feel like I was being talked down to as a beginner.
I got my start in OCR from Mike and his buddy Nick (who turned me on to Mike’s gym) and without Mike’s patient guidance I would not be where I am at today. I started listening to this podcast just a few days ago and I have already gone through two full shows, both of which he highlighted research informed training advice and interviews with experienced coaches. One thing I appreciate and enjoy about Mike’s shows and coaching are his humble approach. He makes learning easy. I recommend
I really like the format and content of this podcast which has a lot of useful information. The only thing I would change is increase your volume Mike! Most interviews I can hear the interviewee just fine, however your volume is low. Great job and keep up the awesome work!
I only recently stumbled upon this show but I have since gone through and listened to more than half of his previous episodes. While the show focuses pretty much exclusively on Spartan Race the interviews, race recaps, and various training studies are more than enough for me to come back for more, aroo!
Fantastic podcast with great information and excellent interviews. Thanks for making this!


By EmilyAD
I love the perspective and information I get from this podcast. Good interviews with great info. I'm feeling more prepared for my next race already!