The Married with Board Games Podcast

Reviews For The Married with Board Games Podcast

This podcast really has taken their feedback over time and has become a great podcast!
This is a fun, light hearted podcast about board games but it still gives great content. I enjoy the dynamic between Spencer and Lara. What pulled me towards this podcast was the fact it was a husband and wife gamer group like me.They have a game night grub segment that I found was a great, unique, addition to their podcast. I've put quite a few new games on my wish list after hearing their reviews on them. The podcast makes me excited and want to play board games more often which means it's doing its job. The production quality it good and I have no problems. Thanks Spencer and Lara please keep it up.
The ads don’t bother me I come from listening to sports radio which is ads every 15 minutes basically but it’s free amazing entertainment. Everything in life can’t be free. This podcast is amazing and has really helped me get my wife into the hobby besides just catan. Love it and love you guys!
I leaned of this podcast from listening to the Dice tower podcast. After one episode I was hooked. I have been absorbing as much about the hobby as I can since my return to board games after 15 years in the digital world. Lara and Spencer are genuine, funny, and informed. They are not your typical 'masters of the hobby that have played everything.' They pick and choose based on time, family and cost. In other words they are like most of us out here. I have a wife and daughter that I am blessed to say play games with me now. I love listening to married with board games to direct me to new gaming adventures. They treat the hobby and more important each other with kindness. It is a treat and pleasure to listen to them. Congrats on your current and future success!
My wife and I, are new to boars games. This podcast, inspired us to go to our first local gaming event. Great ideas for games to play, reviews, and some good gaming grub recipes. Keep up the great work.
Lara and Spencer consistently bring their very best to the table. From their charismatic game reviews to their delicious game night grub recipes, I look forward to the release of each podcast. They're always striving to improve quality and are open and real with their audience! Keep up the good work MWBG!
The format is longer than I prefer, but it feels like I'm sitting at the table with Spencer and Lara as they discuss everything pertaining to board games.
Really good gaming podcast with lots of content and personality. The dynamic between the hosts is great.
I discovered MWBG after seeing their Top games of 2016 on the Dice Tower's YouTube channel. I decided to check out the podcast, and it's wonderful. Spencer and Lara, the hosts, are married with small children, just like us. Not only do they provide concise, entertaining reviews of games, but they also touch on topics relevant to married couples. These include tips for couples, and the ever-important topic of snacks for gaming! After discovering their presence on social media, I reached out to them via email to thank and encourage them, and I received a reply almost immediate. I cannot recommend this podcast enough. It's a breath of fresh air for anyone who is interested in tabletop gaming.
These guys bring something awesome and fresh to the table: great personalities, quality reviews, and good advice for couples who love gaming. My wife really enjoys the Board Game Grub segments, where they dish out a new game night recipe. I'm telling everyone I know to check this rad podcast out! Keep up the great work, MWBG!
I'm glad to see Married with Board Games growing and spreading the board game love. It's great to hear their thoughts and reviews on games for 2 people, but they also cover other games for bigger groups too. They do a good job of thoroughly reviewing games instead of simply saying a game is great or isn’t. They break down the quality of the components, the artwork, and how well games work with different player counts. Thanks for helping us out guys! Keep up the good work.
So glad to see this new podcast! My wife and I love games. This is a well planned, and perfectly executed show with good insight into games, thoughtful discussion about relationships, and delicious ideas for game gatherings. Keep up the great work!