Reviews For authorpreneurship

Great Guerrilla Marketing Tips! I promise people will leave Best Buy tomorrow like #issaAuthor 🤙🏽
This was a great episode and very informative as a new author.
Awesome podcast. I just spent an hour trying to leave this review because it was that dope. Love Mercys transparency me realbess and the last segment is hilarious
Mercy I Loved It!! I'll tune in to the next one also! I love how you share information!! I'm tripping off of Brian I guessed 45 lol!!
Love how relatable Mercy always is. She's one of the best in the game yet she's also so down to earth and REAL! Love her! Tune in so you can learn and laugh!
Mercy B is one of my favorite entrepenuers, so when I saw that she had a podcast I was eager to listen. I loved how the beginning was business and she ending was humorous. I can't wait for the next episode. Keep up the great work.
Very informative, thanks for sharing very insightful information on starting up a business. I'll be looking forward to more from you Mercy!!
This podcast is so necessary for EVERY woman in ANY walk of life. I love how Mercy is very informative but not in a lecture type of way. I appreciate her relevance and how she is her own testimonial. Often times I meet entrepreneurs and life coaches who do not use the tools, techniques and tips that they assure you will make you successful, but it is evident that she is living proof of the results of her process. The rawness of this podcast makes you want to soak up all that she has to say and her confidence forces you to take heed to her teachings.
Great podcast Mercy B has all the tools to help you become a great Entrepreneur I hope you're ready for, "Lawd, Have Mercy."