Called to Communion

Reviews For Called to Communion

Dr Dave Anders needs an extra hour. He is amazing
David and Tom are great hosts on this excellent program. Dr. Anders is faithful to the Catholic magisterium and quite balanced re: the internecine squabbles about liturgy and such. He also apparently knows everything and is at least moderately interested in everything else! which I mean he usually has a good solid answer for every question a caller has, and on the rare occasion he doesn't know something (usually some fine detail about canon law) he's careful not to speculate or guess. Anyone (Catholic or not) who is confused about some detail of Catholic belief should listen to this program.
Brilliant discussions. Very thoughtful and thought provoking.
I truly love this podcast. I listen to it every night while going to bed. I like to hear good inspirational words to live by before my slumber. ❤️
Dr Anders caught my attention from the start, ....his radio program on EWTN open line Thursdays. I am so thankful that we get to hear you more now. Your answers are so clear and truly informative. Praise God always for the people like you who educate us more about THE RELIGION and our beliefs.


Dr. David Anders is very knowledgeable and it is a pleasure to listen to his explanations on numerous topics. I listen to him every evening before I retire for the night. I have a better understanding now. I’m like a sponge, happy to absorb it all.
Surely one of the best radio shows out there very informative,eye opening and best of all 100% catholic!!
I love the called to communion show Dr. David Anders. The clarity of the explanations attests to the truth of the Catholic Faith. You brought me back to The Faith
Wax on! Wax Off Catholic Apologetics 🥋 I listen to Mr. Tom Price and Dr. David Anders almost everyday for the past 3 1/2 years and this show has helped me grow in understanding of our beautiful faiths and defending it and it’s many misconceptions that non-Catholics may have! Love and pray for all involved in making this show great!
Dr. David Andrews is extremely knowledgable on the Catholic Faith and always answers the questions asked with in depth and direct and truthfully authentically Catholic answers. I've learned more from listening to him then any other theologian. He does not chit chat about things on the radio....he gets right to the questions and the meat of the answers. Very easy to understand. God Bless Dr. Andrews!!!! Thank you so so much for all you do!
Dr. David Anders is a top-notch resource for understanding the details of the Catholic faith, and the kinds of questions often raised by non-Catholics. He answers very quickly, though, while covering a lot of ground. When he answers a question, it's often helpful to have a recording of the answer, so that you can play it back two or three times, and jot down some notes. That's why the Podcast is a great way to hear the show.
I love Dr. Anders and his honest and truthful answers without beating you with a bible on your head. Blessings for Dr. Anders & Thom Price.
I can't get enough of this, I love Dr. David Anders, and his approach to answering people's questions about the Christian Faith.