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A delicious and salubrious smorgasbord of horror and pop culture tasty treats from two people who really know how to cook on the air. Highly recommend for your daily dose of nostalgia kick.
I am a huge horror movie fan and I really enjoy listening to the crew review horror series. I hope the Halloween movie series is eventually done. Rob, Brittney, and Graham all have a great rapport. I definitely recommend this pod if you enjoy goofballs, humor, horror movies and Halloween in general. Keep up the great work guys!
I don’t even like most horror movies but I love hearing Rob and Co. give their takes on the movies covered in this podcast. They are nearly always funny and interesting and give a nice light take that is a pleasure to listen to. Five stars!
If Slasher Films are like comfort food to you like they are to me, you’ll love this podcast. The hosts hilarious banter and keen insight into what worked in these classics and what definitely did not is thoroughly engaging and entertaining!
You cannot beat the friendly banter between these hosts as they break down classic horror franchises with honest, straight forward reactions and informed hot-to-just-warm-enough takes.
I thought surely I had written a review for Pumpkin Spice Podcast, but I guess I haven’t! Life is wild. I give this pod 5 out of 10 stars, I love it!
Hosts Rob, Graham and now Brittany have fun, insightful conversations about some classic horror movies. Short episodes make this a perfect listen for your morning latte! Highly recommended!
Do you love to bake? Are you searching for the very best in seasonal, pumpkin-based recipes? Then get ready for a wild ride - ‘cause you’re in the wrong place. This is a podcast for horror movie buffs, or for scaredy-cats like me, who need a proxy in order to keep up with horror pop culture. Listen to some chill folks who really know the genre, and the formula for good podcasting. Bonus: there’s a good chance you’ll bust up with laughter when you least expect it.
I heard about this podcast from The Greatest Generation and am burning through the Child’s Play eps. It’s basically my favorite podcast format: listening to two friends riff on pop culture. Rob and Graham are really funny and smart and this is a great podcast. 🎃🎃🎃🎃
Whether it’s spooky season or not, this is some good stuff. 10/10 would recommend.
I always look forward to new episodes of this podcast! My week isn’t complete without it!
I thoroughly enjoy the banter between Rob and Brittany, and the discussions of the movie with Graham are insightful. Get Brittany to review more movies!
Worth checking out! Brittany is a fantastic addition!
I've been really digging this podcast - it's just fun to listen to them get into classic scary movies.
I'm afraid of everything but I still love this podcast. The hosts are so funny and dynamic!
I’m not a horror fanatic, but the hosts of this seasonal pod really make me want to dive in and get some spooks. Hope it becomes more of a regular thing!
As one of the hosts of this show. I can honestly say I have a lot of fun watching these films. Each ep is better than the previous.
A clever slow burn from guys that really love these movies. Some real gems here. Love this podcast. 🔥
I really like this show! Good production values and the whole show takes you on a fun informative journey. You can tell these guys like what they do and are good at it. One thing I really enjoy is Graham's trivia about the production companies and the lesser-known actors on the films. It's always a cool insight to know how and why the movie was produced. I'm a fan and will keep listening!
This podcast is great. There’s movies, jokes, facts, spookiness, and a will they/won’t they chemistry between the hosts that makes Moonlighting look like Lawrence of Arabia. Listen to it right now!

By Gompy
This show is fun and is produced well
Every fall I look forward to these two guys talking about horror films. Entertaining and hilarious!
i love Nightmare on Elm Street, so to finally get some in depth discussions on the series thrills me!
Great production and fun information. I've never actually seen the nightmare on elm street movies, but I really enjoyed the trivia. Super spooky soundtrack. Spooky.
Fun and informative--Rob Schulte leads you through the haunted forest while Graham Young explains the history of each severed limb you encounter. Give er a listen!
This is a fun and informative podcast which gives you bite-sized insights into how some of your favorite Hollywood scarefests were made. I'm intrigued to see what else they decide to cover. Solid production values and interesting content, and a perfect length for your 20 minute morning commute.
Found this podcast on reddit. Glad I clicked on it! Not too long, which is nice, and very high quality sound. I'll be back for more!