The Lesbian Story Project

Reviews For The Lesbian Story Project

I absolutely loved how Jen put being a Vet into perspective. Being a Vet myself and serving with soldiers I know were lesbian, it didn’t matter to us. We had each other’s back and that is all that matters. Everyone is different the military is the common factor that ties us all together. Mary asks all the right question and is compassionate and curious.
Stepping forward to do something positive. It’s cathartic for the guest and the listeners. We don’t always know what’s behind lesbian journeys. It’s a great way to learn from each other in a very accessible way.
The Lesbian Story Project is a 'don't miss' in my book. Mary is insightful and warm; her subjects are engaging and compelling. It feels as though she's known each woman all her life, and they each respond with candor and honesty. Love this podcast!