Reviews For My Creative Corner3- quilting, crafts and creativity

Vicki’s topics are equally entertaining and thought-provoking. I enjoy hearing what another quilt addict is working on! But this podcaster also has other interests which makes for a nicely rounded broadcast. Michigan’s weather is almost always worse than mine, which makes me feel less sorry for myself, too. I listen at a speed of 1.5 because I’m impatient. I’m always inspired by My Creative Corner 3 because Vicki is wildly creative and her enthusiasm is contagious! Give it a listen. 👍👍👍
And I’ll be listening to all your previous ones—fun times!
I have listened to Vicky from the very first podcast and I grow to love it more and more each time I hear her! She’s so down to earth and so friendly in person! I hope to get to meet you again Vicki when we can spend a little more time together, maybe over coffee at QuiltCon 2021??? 😊😊 The added bonus to this particular podcast is I’m the luckiest girl in Quilty world to be the recipient of the mini Art quilt!! I feel very honored and can’t wait to see it hanging in my sewing room!! Thank you so much Vicki!! I really can’t thank you enough for all you do for us everyday! I admire how you continue to do all you do with your arthritis and other chronic pain. When I am feeling sorry for myself because of my pain I remember your motto. You can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes at a time. That has inspired me so many times to get up and keep going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! XOXO Cyndi @quiltingnursechic
I love this podcast. I have been listening for about a month. I started at the beginning and am working my way forward. I love listening to Vicki’s voice and hearing about her life and creative journey. I highly recommend subscribing.
This is a great podcast. Vicki shares the ups and downs of quilting which I can relate to. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my struggles. Thanks Vicki!
I like listening to Vicki talking about her hobbies, her house and the snow.
I enjoy the quilting and crafting info. I listen in the car though during my long commute and the volume is very low. I turn my car speaker volume up but it maxes out and I still have trouble hearing. This is not true with other podcasts in my car so I am wondering if it the microphone? Update: The sound has improved significantly. Thank you. I continue to enjoy your musings on quilting so much!
I enjoy Vicki’s podcast very much. She is always upbeat, positive and kind. I so appreciate that she consistently broadcasts and keeps us updated on her activities in crafting and in real life. Please stay with us Vicki! Nana Nora
One of two new to me podcasts I enjoy. Listened to Sandy of Quilting for the Rest of Us - until she had life catch up to her and no longer podcasts. I enjoy hearing about quilting, knitting etc.
I have really enjoyed Vicki and this podcast. I just caught up and am anxiously awaiting all those to come!
Vickie offers an easy listening and enjoyable podcast. She shares her various interests in hobbies from quilting and knitting to her fairy garden in northern MI. You won’t be disappointed.
She covers different topics, gets to her point pretty directly, and continues to grow. Good audio quality.
Five stars. I love the casual, friendly manner of this podcaster. Even though it's about knitting and quilting, and I don't do those, the creative process is similar, and I can relate. It's even inspiring to me, as a writer. I love that she creates often, does challenges, and thinks outside the box. It's cool that she wants to teach too. I would definitely take her classes. Her descriptions of her home state and the Ren Faire are so awesome too, really adds to the atmosphere. I really enjoy this podcast and I'm going to keep downloading more.