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This podcast is a must listen for all college football fans. They deliver fun, enjoyable content every time. Definitely a five star podcast.
Best podcast on college football hands down. And it’s not even close
JC and Mike Morgan are an optimistic and refreshing duo covering what we all love most. College (SEC) Football. Keep it up gentleman! Keep challenging the stupidity of the mainstream media — never shy away! -Phil
This is always a must-listen podcast for me. Every show is full of interesting and thoughtful dialogue and informed points of view. JC and Mike avoid hype and “hot takes” and focus on the people and issues that matter to the game they clearly love: college football. Enjoy!
Best podcast around that gives a great look at all power 5 teams. I’ve been listening for years and will be happy to continue.
Mike and JC are great, know college football like no other and have great chemistry together. Not as great chemistry as Mike and the late Tom Price on gamecock baseball games but close 😉
I never thought I would put the words intelligent next to sports talk but you to do a great job increasing the IQ of sports talk with each episode. Keep up the great work!
Keep up the good work Mike & JC. What’s your take on how long it will take Coach Collins to get GT to the point of challenging in the ACC?
This is the best sports podcast there is
Amazing podcast for college football fans. This is required listening if you want what coaches, athletic directors and players are saying about college football games and headlines. Mike and JC are seasoned and tenured in this industry. It’s no nonsense and informative and help you talk with your friends about the college football details they don’t know about.


By Natt 2t
In a world full of hot takes and politics invading college football, mike and jc shoot it straight. Best CFB podcast on 247 and one of the best in the country. How are my Cyclones going to do this year?
These two are fair and know their stuff. There isn’t a lot of fat to be trimmed. Mike had OSU not bailed on the season would they have beaten Clem?
Love listening to you guys. Wish you would do one every day. Question. I am a big South Carolina fan. What will the Gunner commitment do for our program? Keep the content great guys
Guys, keep up the great work. Your perspectives and insights are such a refreshing change in the ever one sided media world we live in. Love the work and keep it up. Always look forward to seeing the new podcast pop up on my alerts every week!
The best CFB podcast out there. Period.
This is the best Gamecock of all, where do you see the football in the next four years. And do you see our head coach still being there? Thanks
Quick question tho what’s the biggest reason Clemson passed USC when USC was killing them 5 years in a row.
No agenda
One of the beat
Someone please tell Mike that 100k people have died. When I tune into a sports podcast I don’t want to hear someone making light of a pandemic for an hour. Unsubscribe.


By xByronx
I LOVE the fact that you guys dive into teams outside the top 5. Keep it up!
My favorite college football podcast that doesn't focus on one particular team. I look forward to it each week.
Thank you for the information provided!
I love this podcast as opposed to listening to a few minutes here and there of crappy analysis on the radio of guys that don’t know what they’re talking about. On this podcast, they actually give good solid insight into the college sports world and I only have to listen to probably 3 minutes of “ads” and get a whole hour or more of good Sports Talk! I Love this Podcast!
Hard to find such candid discussion anywhere these days. Honest takes and fair opinions from two level headed experts.
Great Unbiased discussion. Really enjoyed listening.
Love the SEC convo and little insider nuggets I don’t hear anywhere else about recruiting and behind the scenes stuff.
Outstanding podcast covering all there is to know about college football. The two cohosts bring a ton of insight every show every week. They mean what they say and they say what they mean.