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Reviews For Alternative Tentacles Batcast

Good place to visit for current events and actual news. Well done. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone seeking factual information about the current state of the nation.
It’s great! I hate leaving reviews, I like this so much I did it anyway.
I listen on my headphones and I have to listen at full volume just to listen to the pane speak, but quickly reduce volume when the music selections are played. Other than that, great to listen to how things are at the label and Jello’s views!
I would love to hear new episodes. so good.
Fantastic more please!
We need more episodes! Bring it back!
Good stuff Jello, I’m a long time fan of you and A/T - keep up the good fkin work!
Archived episodes of this podcast continue to provide entertainment and knowledge. Interested in local events, literature (at times), and discovering a variety of rock'n music or Jello Biafra's perspective on stuff? If so, subscribe!
Keep it up guize! love the punk rawk, the politics, all of it!
I have completely fallen in love with Alternative Tentacles and its Batcasts...Music talk, sometimes from Mr. Biafra himself and music from some really great bands, most of which I've never even heard of.
This podcast plays the best (and sometimes funniest) bands
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sincerely, Jello Biafra and all the Alternative Tentacles releases are oustanding! Keep the politics and music flowing!