Table Talk with Tottie

Reviews For Table Talk with Tottie

This podcast makes my morning commutes in Atlanta such much easier! She SUPER down to earth and relatable. Never boring or dull. Love it.
These podcast episodes from Natasha never disappoints me. I’m a firm believer of living your truth OUT LOUD, which also helps someone else. Tuning in I’m definitely hearing LIVE OUT LOUD unapologetically. Thanks for sharing and being FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tash this podcast was so enlightening, heck it was a breathtaking. I was screaming 🗣okkkkaaayyyy Tash, yessssss. All I can say is great job on opening up with your past relationships and I am ready for part 2. #livingsingle
Just listened to the Branding Photoshoot Episode and I just want to say, thank you Natasha! I have a strong DIY personality when it comes to my brand, and this episode opened my mind to the importance of knowing when a professional is needed. Love the show!!! I just subcribed to the mailingl list, can't wait to hear more!
Special thanks for all the tips, tricks, and guide through a brand photo shoot. I found this podcast so motivational, up-beat, and real!
I had the pleasure of listening to Tottie’s podcast and it spoke to me!!! I love her transparency and real ness she speaks on each episode. 🙌🏽🙌🏽
I am so grateful that I got a chance to listen to this podcast. I finally have been able to listen to you and this was so on time! This is literally the life I’m living right now. It means so much to me because I am glad I am not alone in this life. With people “shaming” 9-5 or jobs, I think it’s more people working a job than they admit. There is nothing wrong with it. Working at my job is like training to be where I desire to be as well as the source of being able to pay my bills. So this was so on point!
I felt SO grateful to have been a guest on Table Talk with Tottie. I was lucky enough to meet Natasha and Candice at the United State of Women Summit and we experienced a magical weekend together. It as great to continue the conversation on the Podcast because it has taken me a good 2 weeks to fully process all the magic, inspiration, emotional enlightenment, and truth that was the USOWS. Natasha is an amazing host! She had engaging, thought provoking questions and made me feel so comfortable, so we could have real talk (aka my favorite kind of talk). She brings joy, wisdom, intelligent conversation and strength to everything thing she does and this podcast is no exception. I believe people come into your life for reasons. I'm so grateful you and Candice came into mine. Keep up the amazing work! Much love and respect! :)
Very interesting show! Motivating and inspiring! She motivates me so much on starting my brand and have been a great help! Both thumbs up for this!!
Love love love this podcast!! Not only do I get great tips to help my Mom with her business, but also I get great tips for life in general! I am always motivated by Tottie to be the best me I can be! Thank you for your podcast, Tasha! You're the best!
I can honestly listen to Tottie talk all day. Her topics are awesome and always interesting ! She is definitely a motivation to millennials . Thank you Tottie for staying consistent and please keep the podcast coming ! ❤
Natasha drops so many gems on this podcast! If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, this is the podcast for you :)
I discovered Table Talk with Tottie a few days ago and I've been hooked. I'm literally binge listening as I type this. As a small business owner I have come to realize that listening to motivational podcasts helps me to stay focused and inspired. So I listen when I'm working or even cleaning my home. This podcast is perfect for that. Tottie is down to earth and #relatable. If you are looking for real talks with real people who have done amazing things, this is the podcast for you!
I appreciate this podcast so much! After listening to the final broadcast of the Christmas Season I felt motivated, invigorated and equipped to move forward into my next phase of music. I look forward to what Tottie has to offer in 2017. Great work Tottie!
The thing I love most about Table Talk with Tottie is her transparency. She truly tells you about the good, bad, and the ugly of following your dream of entrepreneurship; however, when she tells you the bad and the ugly of entrepreneurship she also gives you potential solutions to turn them into good. I will definitely keep listening to The Motivation Maven drop knowledge on Table Talk with Tottie.