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Reviews For Church Communications

I love this podcast. It is relevant to our everyday work at church, and offers practical help on how to move the ball down the field. I can’t recommend this enough.
I’ve gleaned some good stuff in the past, but I unsubscribed after several episodes in a row that were basically infomercials for Financial Peace University, their sponsor. I’m neutral on FPU (I find Ramsey kind of obnoxious, but I know some folks who have been helped and others who haven’t), but to hear every topic turned around to a FPU sales pitch was just distasteful.
Love that they’re not afraid to get technical and tactical while still giving great high-level advice for churches.
Over the last two days I have driven 7 hours all alone to and from Nashville. I know others have done it too but I binge-listened to (is that a word) the church communications podcast. It was amazing! 3 things; 1. It is like talking to friends 2. It will challenge you to take things to the next level 3. It will also make you feel like those hurdles you have aren't so big. Thank you Darrel & Katie! GO LISTEN! Most are about 30 minutes. And will instantly impact you and your ministry.
Katie and Darrel do an awesome job sharing about church communications. This podcast is filled with incredible content, tips, and stories from church communication workers across the country. So thankful for their ministry and their heart to share experience with this growing community.
It's great to learn from people who are running in their lane and doing so with excellence. Thankful for Darrel and Katie.
If you are involved in any way with church communications, you should be listening to this podcast! The guests are fantastic, the hosts are inciteful, and the content is pertinent to what we do from day to day. Whether this is your full-time gig or you volunteer in your spare time, these conversations will keep you informed and challenge everything you thought you knew about communications.
This is about the best church communications podcast out there. Darrell and Katie are terrific hosts and their personalities are a great compliment to one another. Fun to listen to, and you'll learn a lot!
This podcast is everything you need to know about church communications. Katie and Darrell bring on those who are both popular and unknown to talk about practical approaches to communicating the most important message on the planet about the love of Jesus for the world. This show is already an authority on church communications and I am thankful for what these two have done and continue to do for the community of unknowns who make Jesus known.
I'm a huge fan of this podcast, but I'm in this podcast so that could be why.
Katie is an amazing host. With such flair for asking the best speed round questions. I am super proud of her for letting her apprentice Darrel try his hand at podcasting.