Intriguing and wide-ranged.
Interesting topics and open minded people. Worth your time.
Amazing podcasts about all my favourite topics, Michael is truly unique and extraordinary. Honoured to listen, I’m very inspired by this work.
Love this podcast. Wonderful guests. Lovely and lively conversations.
Answering questions I didn’t know how to ask. Provoking thoughts I need to get out of my head. Such a great podcast. This is mind expanding
Future Fossils is the base camp for the liminal realms. When I grow weary of the hyper functional rational perspectives (or on the flipside weird for weird’s sake alternatives), I come back again and again to this podcast for a nourishing dose of macro-cognitive supplement to my healthy connectome. This is the source for the deeper tracks of conscious explorers, and Michael is an extraordinary host, riffing along with each guest and cultivating a foundational fabric of community for this journey into deep humanity.
Michael Garfield has an amazing mind, capable of being open to a vast array of evidence and interpretations, while becoming ever more self aware of his own pre/misconceptions in order to open himself to still larger horizons. I become a regular listener after the episode called “An Oral History of the End of Reality,” and I have been totally inspired by his conversations about retrocausality and other mind-bending topics. Well worth the listen!
Michael is brilliant, and his guests are equally so. Future Fossils will expand your mind until it blows open, help you put it back together, and then blow it right back open again. I love Michael Garfield and Future Fossils, one of the best podcasts out there. 👏
I recently adopted Michael Garfield on Patreon, and Episode 109, with the brilliant Bruce Damer, validates that action again. Listening to such agile minds converse templates my modest capacities for upgrades. Thanks Michael!
So grateful to this highly intelligent , heart-centered humorous silver-tongued guide to blowing my mind and filling my soul with purpose every week .
I stumbled across this podcast by chance and I don’t think it was really an accident ✨. MG has a way of making very forward thinking ideas understandable and relatable to everyone. Beautiful mind, well spoken, interesting topics! Highly recommend to anyone who likes to think big. So thankful I found it! 💜🙏🏽💜
First off, the preceding reviews are spot on and I can only offer my full support of their adoration and gratefulness expressed for this podcast. Some great talks on genetics, time, music, biology, and somehow always fractals. Show notes are impressively detailed, but makes sense considering how many tangents and topics are explored, and yet the conversation always finds itself back on track. That being said, go find an episode on our favorite topic and listen now. Otherwise, read on: As to the title of my review, this show is so densely packed with information that I find myself listening in 10 minute chunks just so I can digest and make notes of my own. Michael is thoroughly adept at integrating and maintaining highly interesting and engaging conversation with such a wide variety of scholars of various fields that it blows my mind. He does what my mind aspires to, to see the whole system in motion from the widest point of view possible, and yet stay stay grounded with scientific intelligence and rigorous philosophy. To end, I can’t be as smart or silver tongued as Michael Garfield, but thank god he can be, and for the work he is doing.
This is the sort of podcast that causes you to take constant note of writers, theories, and even other podcasts discussed. Michael and his guests go deep on a variety of topics related to how we live and where we are heading. I would start with the Charles Eisenstein episode to get a sense of what FF is all about!
This podcast is such a trip I can’t even describe it. I’m confident telling people to pick any episode at random and you’ll still land on a good one. They’re all good. So all the podcasts in the world are part of a ship traveling towards the outskirts of the ever-expanding cosmos we call EVERYTHINGNESS. At the very front of the ship stands Michael Garfield with a machete. The very edge of the blade of that machete is the FUTURE FOSSILS podcast.
Through a playful lens akin to the best science-fiction, Future Fossils looks back from a hypothetical future to reveal humanity teetering on the cliff-edge that is our technological and moral present. But framing devices aside, host Michael Garfield brings the innocent, yet sophisticated edge of a rogue intellectual into a vast array of brilliant and creative guests, each willing to roll up their sleeves and take a chance in a philosopher's sandbox where ideas synergize into fantastical castles or else fall away with the wind. Often more of a conversation than an interview, which is a good thing, listeners are along for a wild ride with no bounds and magical surprises along the way.
From the first episode I listened to—with Daniel Schmachtenberger—I loved this podcast. Can't wait to listen to the new one with Charles Eisenstein. Outstanding work, thank you for helping to birth the necessary next stage of this grand earthly opera
Thanks for your work, Michael! So many great conversations here!
I’ve only listened to the first episode so far and I can tell this podcast is enhancing my ability and privilege to be alive as human. Absolutely love the dialogue and examples. Thank you, so much.
You are my Erik Davis and Dale Pendell rolled into one. I love love love your polypanaptic view and flow and your splay of guests. Thank you so much!
Thought provoking. Can't find convos like this anywhere else. Looking forward to more podcasts!
Future Fossils has expanded my brain and heart and in a very playful way. I made a rule for myself that I only listen to it when I go on runs, and this has become my favorite part of the day... Exercising my mental physical and spiritual health all in one, all while learning and laughing. I'm a long time fan of Michael's other artistic mediums, but somehow only stumbled into this podcast around episode 50. I've been doing a lot of running trying to catch up! Thank you Michael!
Easily one of my favorite futurist podcasts. Michael has completely flipped my view of the future on its head in the best way possible. Keep up the incredible work!
I'm so enjoying listening to your podcasts. The topics are provocative. The guests are a cross-section of fascinating complex thinkers, bringing ideas and concepts from diverse backgrounds to look at today's world from unique perspectives! Your questions and contributions are equally engaging and compelling. Bowing with appreciation.
FF consistently rewards the wayward browser. Keep up the good work Micheal.
Mr. Garfield is always on the hunt for exploration and discovery.
For the past eleven months I have been looking for a podcast that engages my understanding of multiple interdisciplinary topics, stimulate my curiosity on subjects I am interested in, and help me understand and answer questions I have about complex topics in a simple, straightforward, and dare I say FUN and inspirational conversations. I am happy to announce that I have found it in this Future Fossil podcast. Available on both iTunes and Spotify, Future Fossils is an add free, crowd sponsored show that explores our space in time. It is essentially a time capsule stored as an audio file intended to highlight the scientific, philosophical, and technological advancements in research and development happening today for our curious ancestors in the future. The podcast episodes range anywhere between an hour to two hours long, and one of the things that makes Future Fossils stand out over other educational channels is that you don’t have to listen to the podcast episodes in order for you to have a relative understanding of the topics being covered. The host, Michael Garfield, is an evolutionary biologist, artist and musician who goes through strenuous lengths of doing hours worth of research, editing, note-taking, outreach, and upkeep with every episode. He does this act of service out of love for all sentient beings. A truly educational, altruistic and entertaining podcast that I, for one, enjoy.
A consistently splendid dose of topics and thought-forms to expand your mind and POV — offered from a modern and educated, yet out of the box perspective. Fun, insightful, and extremely thought provoking, this is the good stuff you won’t find on your mom’s NPR program.
This podcast is the only one I've found that with each episode helps expand perspectives on reality. Helps keeps your eyes off the ground and on the horizon. Nice work Michael, thank you!
This podcast mimics a first-year college experience. Acid, existential angst, an emergent reordering of paradigms distilled into a finite droplet of eternity. 👅 go for it.
I discovered this podcast by searching for William Irwin Thompson in the iTunes podcast app. This is the ONLY podcast that featured him; naturally, I clicked. 'Nuff said! Scrolling through some of the other episodes, I was thrilled with what/who I saw. I went through a huge figure-ground shift recently (thanks to a "heroic dose"), and have been in a rut to "find the others" in terms of exposing myself to ideas by other like-minded individuals. Thank you, Michael!!! Right on, ride on!
Powerful probing perspectives presented here. Good addition to the toolbox. Then I power off the devices and live it.
Every episode that I have listened to so far has been time well spent. I am grateful for thinkers like Michael and for the Mindpod crew!
As someone who has becoming increasingly aware that my mental/spiritual health suffers greatly when I am not extremely mindful of the kinds of energy I allow in from the internet - I am wholeheartedly endorsing this podcast! It demands my attention without ever leaving me feeling depleted. I'm thoroughly enjoying catching up on past episodes and hope to see it continue forever and everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
A better concept about who we are as a species will lead to better conversations. Michael's deep knowledge of evolutionary theory provides an extremely helpful base for the whole show. Context is increasingly priceless. Adding Integral Theory and art fleshes it out satisfyingly. I want more!
This is literally my new favorite podcast, only listened to two episodes and now going to start at the first show and work my way up. Keep them coming!
Top notch podcast orchestrated by a top notch fella. Every episode I’ve listened to so far has been an edifying delight.
Michael is making strides in a truly amazing direction. Every guest I’ve listened to is interesting as hell and Michael’s own critical questioning and calm presence makes for great convos.
Positive, creative and charming.
It's not just about the future, it's also about the fossils
This platform is by far my favorite podcast on the planet! I know you are craving to nerd out about the questions of life, the universe... EVERYTHING! We all are.. so strap in for a new obsession we can all hope makes it to unborn ears for generations!
Whereas most great philiosophers take complicated ideas and simplify them down for the rest of us to enjoy and play with, Garfield takes simple, everyday ideas and unravels them into complex, spiraling reveries. After listening in on some of his conversations, the world appears more beautiful and spontanious, and I'm inspired to become a better ancestor. Treat yourself to a taste of this online genius!
Micheal is not afraid to dive into the deep end with his conversational cohorts. Traverse to metaphysical lands unknown and listen to discussions catering to your interest in panpsychic futurism, among other things... it's going to get weird. You'll probably like it.
Michael consistently delivers throught provoking, intellectual discussions on on a wide variety of topics. He's inspirational with the right balance of scientific insight and futuristic thinking.
Michael's way of connecting the dots and then spinning the picture is nearly medicinal.I wish I would have experienced his method of communication and contemplation in formal school, dancing between and diving into different subjects in such a way that renders each of them new. If there's any podcast to listen to nearly exclusively for a road trip or for general, wide-reaching and mind-bending cognitive nutrient, this is it.
An excellent program with super interesting insight and entertaining banter. Definitely recommend.
This podcast is DOPE! The topics are constantly pushing the envelope to where it wasn't. The same as when one reads a book, it's almost impossible to not view the world through the lense of the author, and I find this podcast to play Dr. Opthamologist to my sun squinted mind's eye. When EVER i insert but a modicum of thought featured on this podcast into a conversation at my place of business, a party, or anywhere else people begin to ask me questions like "where did you go to school?" (i didnt), "what do you do for a living?" (nothing, literally, I own a sensory deprivation tank center, hahaha), and "well then how do you know all that stuff?!" and I am always hesitant to say that it's from a mind-bending podcast from a former paleontologist turned visual artist musician thinker who I used to give rides down to Denver from Boulder to shows with my girlfriend when i was in my late teens!! Why am I hesitant? Because then they'll know the source of all my knowledge that tricks them into thinking I am who I am!!! Of course, I always tell them, and then they get glossy-eyed when I try to explain the podcasts to them so....yeah. Thanks Michael Garfield! Keep climbing the tree of knowledge, past the low hanging fruits, and get the goodness that when you crush life gives you the tastiest of nectar. peace peace peace ~;-} G to the ELLIS **take this with a grain of Epsom salt.
fantastic mind meldy podcast of symbiotic psychosymetric comsmoembryonic mind fluid.
I've been a regular listener of this podcast for a while now and I know that I can rely on it for smart, engaging, funny conversations on a wide variety of topics, all of which fall under the thematic umbrella of innovations of humanity across time (on all planes of existence!). Host Michael Garfield brings his sharp, discerning commentary to wonderful episodes that feature guests from artists and visionaries to scientists and comedians. It's perfect for a long drive, but also engaging and approachable enough that I can listen in chunks and never be lost when I come back. Favorite episode (for the moment!): Simon Yugler.