Rambling Business Podcast

Reviews For Rambling Business Podcast

Rick and Brandon manage to make business equal parts informative and entertaining. The blending of travel and business is a natural fit. I can't wait to hear where they go next!
What a great idea/concept. I love travel and business, so this podcast fits my interests. The hosts are so funny and both add their own elements and insights. A definite listen.
Rick and Brandon do an outstanding job sharing their travel/business research adventures. Lots of great insight about those non-traditional businesses you run across on vacation, but never think to ask about, until after the trip is over.
Glad to have found this podcast! Whether you're a travel junkie who wants to be better at personal finance, or a businessperson who likes to travel, or a jet-setting globetrotting entrepreneur, you'll have fun listening and learn a lot in a short amount of time.
I LOVE CHOCOLATE...I love Rick and Brandon.....great Podcast!
Very informative. I am familiar with Rick Norris's Accounting firm. He is a leader who always performs with the highest level of integrity.
Great podcast for those looking to gear up and prepare for the realities of the business world while understanding the importance of having a little fun along the way.
I didn't know a business podcast can be so fun to listen to. I look forward to every new episode on Tuesdays. Not only do I learn what to do and not to do in my new venture, but I get to hear about small businesses and cultures across the country.
The saloon review was interesting and peeked an interest. Sounds like a fun place to visit and tip a brewsky.
Talk about being in touch with today's "Baby Boomer" migration, these guys have their hands on the pulse of today's lifestyles . I'm totally impressed with the span of knowledge and experience regarding our morphing from working class to retirement. I love their antidotal messages that emerge from family experiences and vacations. Keep it going!
Love these two and all the valuable insights!
I look forward to listening to Rambling Business every week. It gives useful and informative tips on Business and travel in an entertaining format, incorporating wit, comedy, and amazing music. Rick and Brandon rock!
I just listened to Episode # 8 and it was truly fantastic!!! It really held my interest, lots of great business tips , Rick and Devon were so very funny. Even their dry puns kept me laughing...they both seemingly have quick incredible wit, that is undoubtedly quite spontaneous. Besides being a very interesting subject the listener also gets business tips that are invaluable . I can't wait to listen to more of their wonderful podcasts!!!
Rambling business is a very funny podcast. I enjoy listening to it, and enjoy the broad amount of subjects Brandon and Rick talk about. 2 thumbs up!
Rick and Brandon sound like they have fun combining business and travel.
Rick and Brandon are on target. Informative, funny and relevant. I catch them all...
Really love the business and travel information, in addition to the tasteful background music. Two lovely and loveable hosts. I listen every week!
This is a fun podcast in that it's a family affair. Brandon is really upbeat and enthusiastic and Rick is right there bantering with him. It's clear these two enjoy the topic, sharing their experiences and locations with people, and each other. I enjoy how happy they sound. Good efforts guys!!