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I wonder why they stopped making podcasts?
This is America, in the 21st century. Why should a Religious group be able to put out Homophobic and Xenophobic Propaganda and feel self-richeous? How many people have reformed their lives without coming to Religion, it's not the sole source of reason in the world? Why should it be a problem if only 4% of American Teens are "Perfect Evangelical Christains"? I saw The "God's Warriors"special on Battlecry, and frankly I was offended by this militant tone. It strongly mimics the tone of theocracies of the 1500s, attempting to scare the uneducated masses over to Christ.I respect your right to have faith in the Lord.However, this crosses the line. On a less critical note the videos were very well produced.
I've been to about five events and I have never gone to anything that made God so real to me before. It has helped unlock my worshippers heart at church. I'm trying to figure out some of the Unhindered songs for my youth group! I just wanna say thanks to Ron Luce and Teen Mania for doing what they do for God's glory. Let our voices be heard!!!! "Anybody wanna praise the Lord today?" "O-oh, o-oh, o-oh, o-oh." (if you went to Virginia '07, you know what I mean)
these podcasts are perfect for any youth group thats ready for battle
i was there its was awsume we need highlights of that
BattleCry IS AMAZING!!! Its awesome being able to relive the event (I just hope that they eventualy post event highlights from Detroit!!!)
to Mauger. I went to the battle cry last year in san francisco. it was awesome. pillar was totally rockin. it was like a life changing experience. im really sorry that you didnt get the God experience that He had in store for you. i hope that one day you will see what we are trying to do in this world... Saving A Generation From Itself. ill keep you in my prayers. God Bless. Anyways, i went to the ATF in dallas this year and it was amazing! Gosh! flyleaf totally like blew my socks off! but yeah, im so friggin' excited about next year because there is gonna be a BATTLECRY in dallas! i encourage anybody who hasnt been to go. and if you did go, put up your opnions on here because i want to know what other people thought. thank you.
this really isn't as witty or sardonic as I was hoping for.
This podcast is awsome , but I'd really like it more if some where just adio no video because i have a nano and i cant listne to them away from my computer." Changing the World one person at a time"
This is a great Podcast.
There is finally a good podcast to download! Battlecry is great and I encourage anyone to download this. This helps you grow in your christian faith so much, and opens your eyes to the problems of the world today.
I have to start off by saying Thank You after going to battle cry it has changed my life so much it really does open your life to a whole new world
My youth group went to the Phil. Battle Cry it was the most amazing experiece, i am gonna go to them every year. These podcasts r so cool they give u a glimpse of how awesome these events r i recomend battle cry to Everyone it is the best down load these podcasts and c what this event is all about!
Anyone who has a passion for God needs to subscribe to this podcast. There is a battle going on and this world needs young people who will stand in the gap for truth when so many people stand for what eventually will not matter. Ron Luce drops the Word!
We need to let the rest of the world know that we aren't going back down we are going to stand firm in our faith.
It is a totally awesome podcast! Lets fight this battle together! And Save OUR Generation,which has been stolen from us! Ron Luce, is awesome! I went to BattleCry, San Fransisco!! It is one of the most powerful podcasts you've ever seen!!
My heart pounds within me, i cannot keep silent, for i have herd the sound of the trumpet, i have herd the BATTLE CRY.---Jeremiah 4:19 I went to Battle cry @ first i didn't really want to but, i did and i'm glad too. Battle Cry was inspirational; it changed my life forever. Whoever The Person that was saying battle cry was just trying to brainwash you, can keep on watching your mtv cuz' really they are just brainwashing you!
Battle Cry Is Awesome!!!!!!
I love GOD! He's the best! If you didnt go to battlecry next year you should plan on going next year! Its Awesome!
Finally an accurate presentation of the horrible state of this generation, and a way to fix it. All decent people, listen up: the Battle Cry For A Generation is our last chance to steer this country away from the immoral and sad state it is heading towards... if we don't act now, our children's children will not have a country worth being raised in!


By Mauger
Ya, i went to the battle cry in SF, i even jumped on stage with Pillar...over all it was just brain washing with a sound track
This is incredible!!!! Anyhting related to Aqcuire the Fire, Ron Luce, or Battlecry is GREAT!!!!!! This Podcast will help in Luce's quest to save America's youth from destruction. You should definetly download it!!!! And if you like it go to an ATF or Battlecry event!!!! They rock too!!!
I love Battle Cry and god. I love what you guys are doing keep it up.