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Just listened to the Mother’s Day sermon and didn’t hear one bible verse read or even mentioned. The Bible was only mentioned once. I have heard good things about this church but very disappointed in the lack of biblical teaching found in this sermon.
My only issue is the lack of constant updated content
Just do life right! I love how Mark just makes it seem simple. I learn a lot from your sermons! And they keep my attention :)
Love Mark Gungor's refreshingly honest approach to the Scriptures. And the other preachers at Celebration Church are equally gifted Bible teachers.
His messages are very relatable to me in every stage of my life. I listen to them on my way to work and I'm laughing and crying and I look forward to listening every morning. I'm learning so much and I'm eager to learn more. I've never felt that way about a sermon before. thank you Mark!
We absolutely love Mark Gungor and his teachings so much we have gone out to Green Bay from Maryland to go to his church for a woman's weekend retreat. He is down to earth and in your face and funny! I do miss the Wednesday night Bible studies that used to be on podcast! Where are they?
I wish that u would have a Russian translation for Russian community in united states and Russia. Russian community churches are straggling in allot of aspects of church life. And I wish that u would have your marriage seminars in Russian translation. Thanks and God bless.
I think Mr. Gungor is "AWESOME". His approach is refreshing compared to the traditional sermons of this current day and age. I'm excited to listen and see what's next he's going to speak about. I pray for healing and a speedy recovery for Mrs."Debbie" Gungor. God bless you and your wonderful family.
Enjoy soooo much all of your teachings!! Please continue to put Wednesday night teachings on your podcast!!! They are so wonderful, and very missed!!!! You are such a blessing to so many people that need your teachings!!! Thank you and may God continue to bless you mightily!!!
I love the preaching style, except some cussing words like "holy cow"...
God bless him!
I love, love, love listening to Pastor Mark's sermons. The way he uses analogies and tells his stories make sense to me. I only wish Celebration Church would branch out to Idaho. Hint hint!
Pastor Mark has a gift for humor and solid biblical teaching. Listening to him you realize that Christianity is not a "cookie-cutter" thing. You can be a believer in Christ and still be honest and hilarious, and fun. He tells the truth...well sometimes he is shouting it, but his ability to laugh at himself, and then you, makes it work. Take a listen. Try "Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking."