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My gateway to podcasts. Sad to see it go, but all things must end. Genuinely feels like I am losing an old friend. Nothing else to say, but thank you.
Just wanna say Thank You Scott and all the other hosts that came and went, thanks for the show!
Ever since the Blizzard scandal, Scott’s gotten very bitter over everything (not just Blizzard-related), and lashes out and is pretty nasty to his fans on Twitter (me being one of them). Over the years, in the recent past he’s taken very extreme stances on things he barely took the time to understand (mainly political issues and advancements in tech), and you can just tell that his heart’s clearly not really in it anymore. I really hope he finds his stride again, but for my own happiness I’m bidding the show farewell.
Wouldnt normally write a review but after hearing these people just address blizzard's recent "problems" with decency and sanity and then seeing people attack their podcast for doing so...well I had to write to say many, many of us recognize something is wrong and we can be better. We can treat women better.
I came in a bit late but have listened for a few hundred episodes at this point. Absolutely loved it, especially the lore episodes. BUT - then they moved away from World of Warcraft and created yet another “general gaming” podcast even though the host already does several others. 2/5 stars.
Reading through the recent reviews gives me the distinct impression that the same 40-50-something, pasty white, chin-bearded, asshat has made it his quest to make his feelings known. Congrats to you, you’ve successfully demonstrated just how small-minded, sexist and racist you are. It’s amazing what gets people like you energized enough to lash out. This show has been on life support/circling the drain for the last year and I gave it a review that said as much. For you to come in and criticize the guy for acknowledging what’s going on out in the real world, addressing it the only real way he can all while trying to keep the lights on a podcast who’s n’me’m not letting Scott off the hook here. Move out of your mom’s basement and find a jobHey Scott? I commend you for trying something new, adding JOcelynowas a good move, you should let her freaking talk more. If we're to believe that she’ur mom’s basement and find a job. Hey Scott? I commend you for trying something new. Adding Jocelyn was a good move, you should let her freaking talk more. If we're to believe that she's actually part of the show tho, she needs to take a more active part of the discussion and not just throw a token "got anything to add Joce?" in there periodically. Adding someone new can be clunky at first but let's get the chemistry going before the second season, eh? ;) Keep up the good work and don't let these Trumpies get ya down! All the best!
Tired of being bashed for being a white man that can’t have an opinion on Blizzards harassment situation. Go woke go broke. You guys have screwed the pooch.
This show dropped WoW and have changed direction. This is not helping give further change in the world and they should have canceled the show and changed its name.
Wow, been listening to the Instance for 10+ years but I’m done with you guys- I just can’t do it anymore. Virtue signaling beyond belief. All three of you are going way over the top with this, especially Patrick. You’re white men… and that’s ok! Just don’t be dicks to other people and you’ll do just fine!
Scott, your whole entire true audience knows how good of a guy you are and that you are the furthest thing from being a creep or sexist. You’ve created a great community where all are welcome. I’m not sure why you feel the need to be some sort of white knight when you already have created a place of discussion and laughter that allows your audience to escape the real world.
Scott now hates himself because he’s a man. It’s to hard to listen to someone hate themselves for something he didn’t do.
The show has gone down hill over the past few years and finally hit rock bottom. It used to be entertaining for wow fans with helpful info that translated well to in game experiences. Now it has turned to a dying program where they occasionally talk about wow but usually are whining about the good old days. It’s like the once high school quarterback now in his 40s who can’t let go of the past. It’s just sad. Spend your podcast time elsewhere.
I love all of the content Scott puts out, I’ve been listening to you for 12+ years but it’s time to put this podcast to bed. Scott, by all accounts your an amazing, thoughtful, and caring man and you have absolutely nothing to feel bad about or apologize for. Your feelings and opinions come from a good place and you didn’t need to flagellate yourself for not having a female voice on your last episode. I had to turn off this last episode, put your efforts into things you care about, blizzard hasn’t been one of them for a long time.
iTunes is having trouble playing podcast.
Title says it all. Started listening back in high school, can still remember your episode about the path of the Titans being cancelled. Amazing and have always loved your work.
Been listening to Scott and his various co-hosts for probably a decade now and the show still delivers great content. Highly recommend it. -Tomas Lekis
I just recently decided to give WoW a shot since I was afraid it would be like smoking during college days. Once you got hooked in, it would have ruined my later life. Well now that my adult life is ruined, I leveled up to 50 and am really loving it. And this podcast was a wonderful transition from a curious outsider to someone who could end up playing this game for a significant time in the coming years.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the normal podcast, but I could listen to you and Metzen every day all the time!!
Patrick has to go already, skip every show he’s on. The latest show was terrible due to his political BS yet again. What happened to talking about the actual game?
Great interaction with the community! Enjoys discussing Weiner a little too much but can be forgiven in order to get the doses of Patrick talking grumpy. ••• world of Warcraft PODCAST !! Still don’t have to?! - Probably the only podcast yet standing to this day from the previous iPhones podcast era.
A good podcast is slowly becoming to political which ruins the escape from everyday stuff
Yikes, listen to the starting zone or titanforge podcast. This is 3 people that don’t play the game and shed light on forum posts that tiny amounts of people whine about non stop making the show demoralizing to listen to. If you enjoy the game and are looking for a listen to get excited about playing, this is not for you.
I’ve been a listener since cataclysm and I genuinely love this show. I love Scott, Patrick, and Garrett and the dynamics between them. I just don’t enjoy how the podcast turns political from time to time, and how they are unapologetic fanboys. Sometimes their love for the Blizzard company can cloud objective commentary on the games. They never claim to be objective so maybe it’s an unfair criticism but their handling of Dills and Turp was disappointing. I wish they would stick to the games and leave the drama and the real world stressors I am trying to escape during the episode at the door. I love you guys! Keep up the good work.
I used to be a regular listener years ago. I thought I’d check it out again. These guys don’t even sound like they like playing the games they are talking about and they definitely don’t even sound like they like each other. There’s constant sniping and picking at each other about their play styles or if someone makes a little mistake in their comment. Two out of three hosts sound like grumpy old elitist players that spit out “back in my day” references all the time.
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the WotLK days and haven’t stopped. It’s a must for WoW
I’ve listened to this show for close to 10 years. But not long ago they fired their best co-host who had been there for as long as I’ve listened. And the show just isn’t fun now. Worst, they fired him, supposedly a friend, for something that has nothing whatsoever to do with the show. That kind of disloyalty is crazy. It was simply for woke progressive cred. Now they do this careful dance to protect Blizzard when they sided with communist China against human rights and Hong Kong after the hearthstone championship incident. Carefully excusing blizzard while saying it’s complicated, yadayada. But it’s not complicated. It’s so simple who the good guys and bad guys are, and murderers China is not the good guy. It’s transparent t he way they did it too. They’ve always had a liberal bias but politics was not always in the front of the show. But now it’s social justice virtue signaling and yet defending corporatist Blizzard when they side with communists. (Leftists). It’s just not fun to listen now. Hard to separate the show from the people producing it and how they treat their friends and their truly radical politics. Shameful.
Hadn’t tuned into this podcast for many years. Listened today to get the opinion about the China controversy. Disappointed to hear hosts talk out of both sides of their mouth. “What are you gonna do?” Is a completely cowardly response. Stand up for what’s right, that’s what you do.
I can’t do it anymore. Garret and Patrick come with well thought out opinions/ speculation/ jokes. I can’t listen to Scott’s nonsense anymore. I don’t need him to be uber pro WoW player, but his commentary is that of a person who watched their friend play for a few hours. Scott probably should do a podcast on something he at least has passing knowledge of.
They did not handle the past year or so well. Don’t like dueling hosts and lack of other voices. They don’t seem to really play the game or do it in a way to retain knowledge about it. A listener can do better for information.
Scott loves two things in life: praising blizzard for everything imagineable, and jokes from a middle school locker room. Garrett loves one thing in life and that's bragging about how much he hates everyone who plays blizzard games. Combine these two and you have a commercial from a couple guys who hate the consumers of the product.
This show got me into podcasts! For the Alliance!
Great show, Scott’s been incredible for his entire tenure on here. Side question: How much of a donation would it take to get Garrett off the show? I get he’s always available when others can’t make it, but my god is that dude pompous. At the very least, can we get an edit where a male blood elf laughs over all of his voice clips? Would make the show infinitely more bearable.
So much WoW and yes reasoned takes that are bred from passion and experience.
This guy sounds like he’s being paid by blizzard to say the stuff he says. Smh


Best Sylvanus NA :)
It's hard to be critical when you are friends with the game developer. Not well researched.
I've been listening since around episode 200 and even though the show has had some new voices over the years, the fun vibe has been consistent. They've managed to stay relevant rather than become stagnant as they keep up with Blizzard. I'm a fan of Scott et al just as much as I am off Blizzard.
There are three reasons why I love this show. 1) I started playing WoW in MOP and love exploring the world of Azeroth. The instance always has cool things to do, fun tips, little known facts, and pointers to make playing WoW that much more enjoyable. 2) As a completionist and student of history, I started listening to the earliest show I could, which was like episode 168 just prior to the release of Cata. It’s been so much fun listening to Scott and Randy talk about what was new content at the time and seeing how different the game has become between then and now. 3) As I work through my Master’s degree, listening to the show helps keep me sane and gives me my WoW fix as I don’t have the bandwidth to both play and study right now. Love the show!
Title says it all. Keep up the great work, guys! For the Horde!!! 👹
The Instance is a must listen to any fans of Blizzard and their many different properties. Scott is a phenomenal host and the synergy between he and Garrett is one for the books. Sprinkle in the occasional Turps and Patrick and you’re in for a hell of a time. Wonderful, engaging, funny, and informative. That’s the core of The Instance podcast. Much love guys, keep it up!


By Jen3589
I am newbie to WoW, just started playing a couple months ago. I play with my husband who started during classic. This podcast is great for me! Gives me enough lore and game overview to help me be more effective, but not too much that I get lost. And now I know enough to giggle at boosting a 108....makes me laugh every time! Love it! Makes a person human, no worries. Keep up the great work!
I used to like this pod cost but now they keep bringing in politics and I hate it
I always listen to The Instance. Great info and insights for all things Blizzard. I love Scott, Garrett, Turpster and Patrick!
Its super and awesome


Started up playing WoW again after a substantial break and this podcast takes me straight back to my dorm room!! Still the same after all this time, don’t let up, I love it!!
I don’t get to play WoW as much anymore so getting to listen others talk about it and other blizzard games and topics is absolutely great. Gets me even more pumped to play the little bit of time I get to!