Star Wars Cornocopia

Reviews For Star Wars Cornocopia

More flotsam for clutter up the internet like tossed cans of Natural Light on the side fo the road. I'd remove the comedy category from your listing.
is it possible to get a podcast removed from itunes?
this is a boy who thinks messing with an amazing subject like star wars using cursing and a crapy mic is funny
This podcast is Fantasticalous, love it!


Enough said.
Star Wars is lacking in the conten of the show, unless it is a clever metaphor for the charisma blackhole that is Jar Jar Binks. Perhaps that is why this waste of time is called Star Wars. After listening to this, I wish I could do to podcasting what I wish we could do to guns. Go back in time and de-invent them so that future generations wouldn't be hurt with their destructive powers. I feel the same way about this show.
Not only is this podcast hard to hear and understand, it is terrible and has nothing to do with Star Wars. This child is suffering from a complete lack of brains and good sense. In fact, this podcast was started because he was outed as a liar on a public forum and this is his way of giving us even more reasons to ridicule and despise him. I don't recommend anyone give this trash a listen.