Reviews For PodCulture

This has to be the geek's mecca. It seems that the week moves so slow waiting for the next show to drop. Hats off to everyone on the show proving folks from Kentucky can be high quality geeks too. Remember Boron Cobalt Nitrogen is goooood on Pi*Z2*A
One of my favorite podcasts. These guys are the geekiest of the geeky. So much fun to listen to.....except the show hasn't been the same since they lost Ashley. She was so hot. And Christina sounds like Megan Mullally. Awesome show.
A small segment of the show tells you much of what you need to know about this podcast. They're geeks, and they're happy to tell you about it. Between Brad's snarky wit, Glenn's Guilty Pleasures, Christina's infectious mirth, and Adam's all around all-star geekery, this is a podcast for the geek in all of us. If you haven't listened, give it a try. I promise that it will grow on you become a staple of your weekly listening pleasure.
These four geeks provide an awesome show that will lift your spirits and entertain you. They have a great variety of segments - go give them a listen! :)
I recently gave this podcast a shot, and I'm glad I did...really fun stuff!
Great show, fun hosts.Your iPod doesnt know podcasts unless it's got PodCulture!
Interesting podcast, but the hosts make too much background noise with the microphone. Very distracting.
I look forward to every episode!
Excellent show. I never miss it. I love to hear them geek out about everything. Great sound too.
The hosts of podculture are a fun, refreshing group of guys. Alot of podcasts get boring, but these guys never miss a beat. Every week, this show brings my geek leval up to 100. These guys are easily my favorite podcast.
I'm a extreme fan of this show. I love the interaction between Brad, Christina and Glenn. Almost 99% of the time I agree with their TV and film choices (and they've got me watching some great shows). PodCulture satisfies my need to talk about geeky things! R U Listening?
This is one of my favorite posde in the podosphere and is sooooo funny and interesting. It is Wingin' it with Geek turned up to 11!!!