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Reviews For Deloitte Insights Podcast

I'm very pleased with the depth of the podcasts, I like being able to look back at previous episodes to find what may be useful to me.
I definitely enjoy this podcast for it's interesting insights into various areas of business. It is understandably very focused on areas of business consulting and does have a lot of the "consultant speak" topics such as enterprise risk management and corporate governance practices, and the like. It is very general and only gives the 10,000 foot viewpoint without a lot of detials. But practically speaking, I guess they have to do this because I don't know how many people would listen to the alternative of a detailed 1 hour rundown on ERM best practices....
These podcasts are a great way to get some of the best thinking on issues affecting business, government and society today. The Q & A format encourages thoughtful, insightful responses. I regularly "assign" some of the podcasts to the participants of a senior leadership development program that I conduct for the State of New York. These are very busy people that need to get information in ways that are fast, engaging and digestable. Thanks for helping me build a meaningful curriculum for people who need this information.
These are great. Very good info and well done.
These are insightful and cover a wide range of business issues, all of which I find interesting. Very well produced, and the Deloitte speakers have new and different viewpoints, which are very compelling. I listen every week and look forward to the next episode.
This is a nice podcast from a topic standpoint, but it is overly professional sounding. After listening to it for several weeks I could not take any more of it. If you like the ultra consulant-like way of talking about business this is for you. Otherwise you may want to find something that is more down to earth and practical.