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Reviews For Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center

If you’re a wildland firefighter this is a must listen. If you are not you can see the inside perspective from those who are knowledgeable, well spoken, and good at delivering information.
Might be one of the most well done podcasts I have ever listened too. I listen to a lot of podcasts and hands down this is my new favorite. I heard about this podcast at a South Canyon staff ride and have now listened to all the podcasts. Please do more guys. I plan on using this for my crew. It’s very well done. Eldo Ben
A great resource to keep sharp in the off season and always keep learning. The presentation is engaging and the firsthand accounts really help to bring these events to life. Thanks guys!
Many of us want to be students of fire. Now we have another excellent way of doing so. I listen while driving on long road trips, often to fire assignments or trainings. The info is great, keep up the great stuff!
A good podcast to touch on issues of the wildland fire environment and a tool to start dialogue about risks and trends in the all-risk environment. Audio levels make it difficult at times to hear what is said, yet the content is great. Would love to hear their interpretation of "the big lie" and the debate over acceptable loss and acceptable risk.


Listening to this podcast while traveling 2 states away for and major incident. Get me prepared and aware of thing that I've been doing everyday, get the complacency out of my head. Good exchange of stories to build on.
I truly enjoy listening to this podcast. It is informative and produced well. I think this might be the only Wildland fire podcast out there right now. I like that its slightly academic and truly applicable to operational personalities. I also like that it centers around relevant concepts that are immediately useful. Great job, please continue.
I was introduced to this podcast by a coworker and am very grateful after having listened to the first two episodes. The conversational format of these podcasts make them informative and enjoyable. Keep up the great work Alex and Travis.