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I love this podcast and because of it I am complaining that I haven't seen a new show since May. Please continue with this effort it is quite fantastic. Thanks
This podcast is really top-quality. The tutorials on Lightroom are well-designed and delivered. Also, the podcasts with photographers and others are insightful and rich in content. Many have photos embedded in them. George, the host, is a very talented interviewer as well as being an accomplished photographer. Adobe is very smart to support this free podcast. I picked Lightroom over Apple's Aperture partly due to having this valuable podcast to function as my personal mentor and tutor.
this podcast includes the best interviews of professional photographers - focusing on their art and vision - don't miss....
I was watching all the time but now I can't get to it?
This is a very informative and most of all quality podcast. I enjoy the content a great deal. The only problem is that iTunes reports a problem with the URL. I hope someone can fix this.
I signed up for this podcast originally because I love using Lightroom and wanted to learn more about the software. However, these podcasts contain so much more depth then that. George’s interviews with photographers are always insightful and inspiring; his questions balance on a fine line between technical and philosophical. I often listen to each multiple times, each time gleaning some new knowledge I can easily assimilate into my own Borg like existence. Great job George, please keep it up!!! Jim
The title may be Aobe Photoshop Lightroom, but really this podcast covers so much more. Take away the fascinating discussions with the developers and the mini-tutorials, and you are left with wonderful interviews with prominent photographers of today. It is hard to go through any episode and not learn something. These podcats are consistently engaging and recorded at an exceptional quality- this is your one stop shop for compelling photography discussion.