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By beekann
I’m so thankful for EWTN and Mother Angelica. Feeding souls daily.✝️🤍✝️
Unambiguous. Clear. More of a leader than our lavender Bishops. I love you Mother! I cling to your teachings and the true faith.
I’m not Catholic but Protestant and LOVE Mother Angelica. She has amazing sermon skills and is deeply rooted in Scripture. I don’t agree with everything she teaches but for the most part agree with her.
I love listening to Mother Angelica because the good Lord lives in her and she was the voice of the Lord in our modern age of temptations.
Listening to her reminds me what is really important and feeds my soul! I am so grateful for these shows!
5Stars: Mother Angelica helped me to know and understand the true teachings of our Catholic Church and so I am back home in the true church “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.” Thank you, Mother Angelica! Pray for us.
I Love Mother Angelica. If she was a canonized saint, I would pick her as my confirmation saint this Easter vigil.

By vlum
I'm not Catholic, but I love listening to Mother Angelica. I have recommended her show to many people just because she is so down to earth and presents the love of Christ in a way that would touch anyone's heart.
I love listening to her, but I wish they would release more episodes more often. Two a week would be nice, ijs.
simply, Mother Angelica has a gift. the Lord love us so much that gave to us this holy woman, in most needed times. Thanks Mother for helping me in my first steps of my conversion. God bless you always!!!!
Hello, and this show is the best. I would not be where I am without it and I am so great full. I just wanted to ask if ewtn could get a new show up on iTunes every night or at least three times a week. I find myself listening to the same episode for two weeks and I really miss the show! Please have more episodes on iTunes and don't delete them when a new show comes out. Thank you for reading this!!! I have to say thanks to Mother Angelica!!!! Love the show!!!
Praise and thanks be to God that we have Mother Angelica and this program available for all of us. May God grant all his graces and blessings to Mother Angelica and those who have worked on this program and made it available on iTunes. God bless us all.
The program itself is excellent. I love Mother Angelica. However, why only one episode? It would be helpful if all the archives could be loaded on and stay there. I know you can find them on the EWTN site, but those are realaudio and I am unable to put them on my ipod. Please load more to iTunes or put them in a different format on the site!!!!!!!! This is why I am only rating with one star. Once again, the program is great. But as a "podcast" extremely disappointing.


By Jmo914
Mother angelica gives great life lessons. Its like she knows how I'm feelin
Mother Angelica has really changed my life and taught me so much. I bought one of her books on my sixteenth birthday and have read the book like four times! It never gets old. She is absolutely amazing. Praise God for His goodness in bringing people like her into our lives to help us on our way to sanctity!
The best at what she does reaching out to all that need help.
I have watched her shows since I'm a little girl with my parents in New Orleans and now I'm 27-getting married and living in Boston. Still watching her up here again (Thank God) because we couldn't get her on cable in New Orleans anymore. So in the meanwhile, I was and continue to listen to her iPod shows. She uplifts ones spirit. She's a true messenger of God. May she continue to be blessed as she has blessed us all these years!
all-around good programs from the nun that started it all
She's down to earth and relates to our human nature. The Lord most definitely speaks through her. One show and you'll be hooked.
After living a life of sin and self-centeredness for many many years, I stumbled upon Mother Angelica Live while flipping through the channels late one night and felt like I really needed to watch. I'm so glad I did, it has changed my life forever! Watching EWTN is now part of my daily routine and without it, I'm sure I would still be traveling down that road of sin. Thank you so much for making these episodes available as podcasts! Now I can listen anytime I want to my favorite episodes!!
1. She is everyone's sassy grandmother who chews you out & makes you laugh at the same time. 2. She says it like it is. 3. Being contemplatively cloistered, she has more influence in her pinky than the Prime Minister. 4. One can listen to her for 16 hours straight and never tire of it. I know. I've tried. :) 5. She just wants to teach the truthful love of God. That itself is reason enough to listen.
Mother Angelica has changed our lives! Without the Holy Spirit and her willingness to listen to God her work wouldn`t have been spread to millions of Catholics throughout the world. Thank you so much Mother Angelica for all your work it is defiantly appreciated! in the meantime be assured of our prayers. God Bless!
Mother Angelica has got the Gift! Give her the chance to speak to your heart. God has used her to speak out to the nation. We need to hear her. Pass on the Good News!
EWTN and Mother Angelica have changed my life and taught me to be a better Catholic. I recommend Mother Angelica Classics for anyone - Catholic or non-Catholic - because they are so informative and reflect the true spirit of the Church. Also, Mother Angelica is great at taking the stories and concepts in the bible and making them so much easier to understand, not to mention that she is absolutely hilarious at times!