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This was a huge relief but then the next natural question is: Why did we have to resort to a total life-freeze and so unprepared for these events at every systematic level? Where is this knowledge and experience propagated to if not the Homeland Security, CDC, etc... At the minimum, the readiness of the Healthcare delivery industry & adequate training of the Healthcare staff should have been achieved by now. Please keep up the great work & THANK YOU.
DARPA is so cutting-edge and I would love to hear more podcasts from these incredible individuals;project managers leading the future. I have no idea if we’ll get anymore podcasts, but to the individual who made these interviews possible I truly appreciate your effort into making these idea public. And thanks to the host who in my opinion has always done a fantastic job electrifying the topics into the truly captivating concepts that are leading our future today.


Where has DARPA gone?
I have yet to listen without taking notes on things to look into. DARPA is far more than the military, and pushes the boundaries across a range of fields.
Who uses the word interrogate instead of investigate?