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This is great, funny stuff!! It's been a long time since I have seen new sketch comedy this funny. Bravo!!
In fact, just aweful.
Sorry, this podcast is anything but funny. The jokes are lame, tired, and predictable. I gave this podcast many tires by viewing several episodes, but all of them were the same. Sorry, not funny.
I found that most of these bits started out with a funny premise (like the TiVo/2001 bit). But then I would either guess the joke well before it was delivered, or the troupe would beat the hell out of a joke until I was saying "ok, ok, I get it! I get the joke! Please stop!!" The worst case scenario was when I predicted the joke AND they beat it into the ground. No thanks, I'm hitting "unsubscribe."
Straight-out funny, painfully funny, uncomfortably funny... for anyone who likes sketch comedy, you won't be disappointed.
I've been a big fan of Spurn since their debut at Collective Unconscious in 2001. There isn't a group out there that can compare to them. Spurn knows exactly how to push everyone's buttons - offending everyone equally. They get away with it because their material is always so well written. My favorite sketch posted here is Sinistar. So f*ing hysterical!!! And I do love that Be My Girl Sally. So rock on Spurn! Come on! Post some new sketches!!! Mama needs her fix!!!
These guys are great! A bit disturbing, a bit dark, but ALWAYS funny!! I look forward to seeing more stuff from them!!!


By b4k3d
i love them all, cant wait for some new ones. hallarious stuff keep them coming!
Outstanding satyre and the demented humor kills me. Anyone who enjoys twisted laughs should subscribe wholesale. Thanks for the different and hilarious perspectives.
These videos are histerical. I especially love "Be My Girl, Sally". It's all very crazy and weird, which makes it great. I hope you guys put out more soon. thanks for the entertainment.
Spurn is funny as hell, really frickin' dark, and somewhere between occasionally and frequently disturbing. I've been seeing these guys for years and, while they don't perform as frequently as other groups, their stuff is much more polished. You should take a look at anything they put up here. SPURN! (One of their advertisements for a past show was "Babies Kill Dreams." That $#%& still cracks me up.)