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I’m really obsessed with this! I just got to the first kiss, and was sooo excited. Very sweet. Not every day I get to enjoy such fun gay positive sci-fi ❤️ thanks for this! Praying for more someday
This is, as one person has said, an opera. It is a space opera that holds your attention. It is in the same category as looking at your watch and saying " I got to go!", and find yourself in the same place an hour or more later still talking or listening to the source. Well done! I look forward to a continuation of this Space Saga.
I listened to this podcast several years ago when I first started listening to podcasts. I LOVED the story! However!!! I was VERY upset when Episode 10 ended the way it did and Darker Projects just let it hang there! I was frustrated enough that I went online and found Toph's website and not only read the rest of the book of The Falcon Banner, but found out he had additional books in the series! I bought them all (the first 2 can be read online). In addition, he has more stories there. I hope he continues The Carter series, also.
Great story minus the gay themed sub-plot that indeed is a total distraction from the story. The story moved on quite well and the sound effects were really fun (kinda reminiscent of Star Wars and Star Trek ). A little not sure about the abrupt ending, if indeed it was supposed to be over. A whole lot of story to be finished up here but overall, I enjoyed it!
Thought this was going to be Awesome..The it turned into an add for Homosexuals. A Gay captin Sleeping with a yong boy. The story should be pulled from iTunes all together.
I almost did not listen to this because of a review on here that said that the captain has an affair with a kid. After listening to the story I felt compelled to correct that persons statement. The "kid" character states at one point that he started working for another character a "couple of year ago" when he was sixteen. That would make him a minimum of 18.
Darker Projects always does a great job...would love to hear more from them!!
It by far the best of audio dramas I've ever heard it's awsome
When are they goingg to finish the story? We have not had a new ep. in a long time!


Good story but the captain having an affair with the kid is off the deep end. Ruined it for me. Not a gay thing, it is a child thing.
The show uses action and nice characters to tell a heroic journey story. These are not the usual characters and some elements are refreshed by some subculture cliques. More mature then Star Wars and will have you on the same edge of your seat. This series is worth 5 stars but it does feature adult male and 'young' male relationship that only stole time from the main storyline. The series seems to stay in the first book and not the sequal but does not feel constranined. Well done. Worth the time for a listen.
Good voices, action, plotline, tension, joy and relaxation. Somehow they got all of those wrapped up into each episode. There's one little quirk that might throw some, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the story so I'll let you find and evaluate that on your own.
The story is o.k., way to much time wasted on sound effects and not enough on plot & character development. The acting is fine but the podcast is streched out to add way to many sound effects that continue on way to long. The length could easily be cut by 1/3 without losing a single word of dialog! As a space drama, fits well as a classic type of space opera - space ships zooming and blaster blazing.
I just finish Ep. 10 what going to happen????
I gave a five star so I have a right to ask, "When is more?" I hope the proprietors keep at it.
Great production and acting overall. They put an amazing amount of work into these. Makes my long drives too short! I found myself sitting in the car after arriving home so that I could hear the end of the chapter. Story might be a bit corny at times, but always fun. I could do without the love interest stuff with the captain - yuck. Anyhow, I hope there is more? It just stops at CH 9. Also, this says "part 2" Where is part one, and will more follow soon?
please please please please please finish the story!
As an avid podcast listener and one who enjoys a well-told story, they don't come any better than Darker Projects, The Falcon Banner. I have always been a fan of Darker Projects, but this production is obviously their best and most time-consuming venture. The voice and sound effect quality are excellent. The story is engaging. Characters are well-developed and likeable. If you're looking for a great way to pass the time, either in travel or at work, this podcast is the way to go. I guarantee that you will enjoy this podiostory if you're a fan of swashbuckling sci-fi.
Kinda reminds me of a 1950 themed space opera. Entertaining but also simple in plot and character development. Good production values though the sound effects are a bit long at times during the lulls. There is a gay themed sub-plot that is a distraction from the story and the defeated evil earth empire hints at Christian theology run amok.
This podcast has the potential to become a cult hit. The production is fantastic, the different voices really prevent confusion and it's a pleasure to hear. That being said, it comes out so infrequently that everytime they release a new episode, I'm stunned because I thought it had been abandoned. It'll be fantastic when it's finnished, the story line is really surprising, it just needs a consistant effort.
Dude I love your writing and this book is so great so far I hope more great things are to follow
The Falcon Banner is not only good science fiction the production values are astonishing.


A great sci-fi story with superior audio production. It sounds like a movie soundtrack