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This podcast was a great listen, so glad we found Cleo . So happy Christine and Johnny reunited. And I am so happy that the family can be at peace now and stop worrying where Cleo is. This podcast hit home, literally I live in Burlington county and it was so crazy to hear you guys in the towns that I live in. Connie you are a great host please make more podcasts!
Such a good podcast. Opened my eyes to what is happening and I could feel their pain through their words. I cried so many times.
One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. I cried so many times for Cleo and her siblings. Thank you Connie Walker for telling this story so beautifully.
This story was quite simply heartbreaking but listening to it, I was thrilled to know that people were indeed looking for Cleo. Imagine my surprise when I learned that she was found not far from where I live! I could cry as I think of all that she endured, the horrific thoughts her family and loved ones musth have imagined as they searched for her, and the final ending. Beautifully told. Compassionate. Wel-researched.
As a counselor working with social services clients in the US, I found the story of Cleo and her family extremely moving. I have always taught eugenics to my undergrad students, and the Sixties Scoop is something I will add to my curriculum. It is so important that we learn from the past. Thank you to everyone for having the courage to share this story!


I really enjoyed listening to these seasons, the second one brought me to tears so many times. Please keep this podcast going and please keep helping people.
I didn't really like the first season but the second season greatly exceeded my expectations. The second season had a lot of substance and their investigation uncovered a lot.
Well done but in desperate need of a good editor. Could and should’ve been 8 episodes max. Feel like they’re just squeezing out air time over the final episodes.
Thank you Connie Walker for telling the stories if missing and murdered indigenous women. This is so important, their stories need to be heard.
I was so happy to find this podcast and enjoyed it (is that a proper expression here?) to the very end. It is heartbreaking and it does an amazing job of explaining how trauma has been passed down through generations of First Nations’ people. It is not easy to find this information for anyone who might be interested and wants to understand it further. Thank you for such an amazing work!
I absolutely loved this podcast. I was horrified to hear how indigenous women and children were treated. I honestly never knew children were removed and placed with white families, my heart broke for Christine and her family. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Riveting podcast! Beautifully written and presented. Well done ladies. ❤️
This is an absolute must-listen. I was relatively unaware of the very real danger facing indigenous women, and this series has opened my eyes to that plight. Keep up the good work.
This podcast is so well done and will just break your heart. I just want to say thank you to them for all they did for this family.
This story has touched a tear in my soul.
One of, if not THE best podcast I have ever heard. The emotion is raw and moving. The education I gained in regards to Cleo and Alberta, their people, the indigenous women of Canada, the horrific treatment they and their ancestors have endured, and the RMCP, etc., etc., etc. is unlike ANY other podcast I have heard. I CAN’T wait for more episodes and updates and stories of these women. Thank you for producing this podcast.
Missing and Murdered podcast was mentioned on another podcast that I listen to regularly. So I had to check this out... and wow! Gripping is right and very informative. This is a podcast you want on your speakers on a long road trip - goodbye miles. It is very addictive! Connie truly cares, and you can tell with the questions carefully asked to get better understanding. Seriously outstanding work.
Gripping, interesting, with a “caring for people” spirit. I listened to Finding Cleo and now I’m going back to the first season to start on that.
Amazing story & storytelling of this heartbreaking, emotional, wrenching, bittersweet, raw, deeply tragic piece....I sobbed on hearing of Cleo’s fate..I’m a teen of the 70’s so the language in Cleo’s notes was so familiar...Also Australian, & we have a deeply tragic story in our nation, The Stolen Generation, that parallels this...surely awards were given for this outstanding piece of investigative journalism told with such poignancy, empathy & heart. Wishing Cleo’s family much love & healing. Looking forward to what’s next.
I’ve never written a podcast review, but it would be wrong to experience something so impactful and not say something. The host bares her soul as she seeks truth and understanding. And she is as remarkable as the mysteries and families she explores. The love, the loss, the violence, the trauma, the resilience, the beauty and the incredible injustice hits the listener like a train. It is rare to find anything that stirs up human emotion like this podcast. It is a lesson for all of us to learn to be quiet and let others tell their stories so maybe, in some way, we can share their burden.


By Noxqs74
While the ending of S1 was a little underwhelming, season 2 was absolutely compelling. I'd never heard of "the scoop" in Canada and this was such an emotional introduction to understanding it. Cleo's story unfolds like a well written mystery and was presented wonderfully!
Thorough and well-angled storytelling. Thanks for all your work on these episodes!
These episodes weave together storytelling, cultural and historical context, interviews, journalism, and other components into an engaging podcast series. I consider it a ‘must listen’ for anyone who likes to write, produce, or listen to this genre.
Man. This is amazing. Cannot believe they were able to find her. God bless this family.
I love this pod cast. Very well done!
What an amazing podcast. The story is told very well and very easy to follow. What a tragic story.
An excellent podcast! I had never heard of the 60’s scoop until this podcast. Very sad but interesting. Once you start you will be sucked in and listening every chance you get until you reach the end.
This was almost not worth listening to. The journalism seems amateurish and not very well throughout, lots of good questions weren’t asked. Also, hardly any of it is actually about Cleo and what happened/might have happened to her. You can skip to the last episode for that. This should have been done in half the episodes.
I really wanted to give this podcast 5 stars but I couldn’t the host is borderline irritating. 1) You have to remember you’re calling people when they are just getting in from work, people have families etc... I ANSWER THE PHONE WHEN I SHOWER! It maybe someone calling with an emergency! 2) I think you could have answered better questions. You’re a reporter ASK THE QUESTIONS THAT WILL GET THE ANSWERS !!! 3) Lots of dead air/ space leaving time for the person you’re interviewing to hang up! Good but not great!
Both stories are trajic & deserve to be told in a proper manner. Lilian’s children were not scooped up randomly. She attemped to give them to the scoopers a FEW times & her own son didn’t care for her because of the bad childhood he had with siblings due to her priorities of partying, drinking and staying out all night. She had a bad childhood & was selfish enough to continue the cycle. She should have STOPPED it like her children did. These cases are still being repeated by all ethnic groups & the government still doing what they think it’s best not their fault we have bad people pretending to be good & foster.
I came across this podcast trying to find a good true crime podcast. I listen to the very first episode and was immediately hooked. The host is great at what she does. I finished all 20 episodes in about a week. I wish they’d do more. I also enjoyed learning about the history. Some episodes of Finding Cleo were pretty emotional. I definitely shed a few tears.
I stumbled upon this podcast by accident but then got hooked. I was shocked that I live in a neighboring town to where Cleo lived in NJ, and have been to many of the same places as the producers.
Was this a onetime show or are there any other stories you will tell? Will they be perhaps under their own name? Waiting for more with baited breath.
Excellently told story that keeps you coming back for more and more. I can’t imagine the heartache that this family suffered through. It’s a must listen too podcast.
I got so invested in this story and actually felt like I knew her. I’m so grateful her family found the truth. No child should ever be taken away from their family like that. God Bless that family for everything they have had to go through.
Often I find Connie’s approach to interviewees harsh and quite immature. However, the podcast is through and intriguing. I’m only on season 1 and I’m anxious to learn how the production matures.
This is such a complex inquiry, at its core a story of tremendous loss, dislocation, institutionalized racism; but at its heart a story of a little girl, separated from a loving family who sought to find her, to learn her life, and to be reunited. What happened to Cleo is interwoven with a shameful part of Canadian history and Canada’s fraught relationship with its First Nation peoples. The narrative begins with a shred of harrowing, uncorroborated information: That, in 1978, 13-year-old Cleo was raped, murdered, and left by an Arkansas roadway. This was the central myth of Cleo’s fate, passed through her siblings, all of whom were taken from their Cree mother by the Canadian government and subsequently separately adopted out to families in North America. But the true fate of Cleo is something entirely different, and just as tragic. With cooperation of Cleo’s siblings, this CBC investigative reporter, a Cree herself, sensitively and emphatically, doggedly pursues every twist and turn to this case until arriving at the truth. This is riveting drama, and with each episode, the listener comes to link arms with Cleo’s siblings, virtually knowing them, following their quest to solve the mystery of their lost sister. Great reportage, superb podcast.


Finding Cleo goes well for the first few episodes. There are some neat twists and turns which take us to Jersey where she ended up, then WHAMMO, the bore sets in. You allow the ongoing bore (I 15 sec skipped through a lot of it) because it all eludes to some exciting resolution in the end. I could continue this review but you know how it’s going to end already. Meh.
I love true crime podcasts and both seasons of this podcast are thoughtful, intriguing, gripping and exciting.
I cried at least once an episode while listening to this heartbreaking, complicated, and traumatic podcast. Brilliant. The people involved are so brave and are teaching us so much about grief, anger, and strength. 👏👏👏
This podcast is shining a light on the social impact of policy on First Nations communities. It’s about time that we talked about how boarding schools, racism, and misogyny are disproportionately affecting Indigenous people, even today. We should all listen, so we can stop perpetuating the social, political, and physical violence.
This podcast is fantastic. Great job by the whole team. Love it!!!

By 'Thia
I love everything about this podcast! So much raw emotion and professionalism displayed throughout both seasons- thank you for bringing light to the lives of the women in these first two seasons!! Their stories and those of all of the individuals shared will not be forgotten! My life has been impacted by theirs! Thank you for sharing your life and stories with all of us. You are valued and cared about, even by strangers you’ve never met.
I listened to the first 2 seasons within 3 days. I couldn’t stop listening. Hoping for many new seasons to come.
This was by far one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. I had never heard of this “60’s sweep” and was mortified and deeply disturbed to know this happened. I am from Michigan where we had many Native Americans living in Michigan and Canada was our neighbor. But thank you for educating us on this and I will never forget Cleo....god rest her soul, I will keep her family in my prayers....
I couldn’t stop listening. Thank you for telling this story and educating us all on this horror.
I just finished listening to Finding Cleo and it will take some time to recover from this gut punch. This family’s story is tragic from beginning to end, but at least this investigation gave Cleo’s family some insight on her life leading up to her death.