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best pod for most situations except for like… during an exam.
Mike is such a funny host and gives long time Potter fans and incredible and entertaining way to experience the series again for the first time. I downloaded Apple podcasts just so I could give this podcast 5 stars.
I binged on this podcast HARD a year or so ago, and for the most part I enjoyed listening to his episodes on books 1-6ish. It was magical re-reading the books and seeing the story in a different light! After that, it got almost unbearable. Repetitive, seems to be runing out of ideas, and the way that Mike tries to push his poltical agenda is honestly embarassing to listen to. It's your podcast, so you're allowed to do what you want in it, but wow it's annoying and pushy. Not only does he pick things apart that are barely problematic, but he draws it out like he feels the need to make a speech about it. Stale content and too may soapboxes for a podcast about a beloved fantasy children's book. I'm out.
The premise of Potterless is great, and I remember really enjoying the first few episodes of his confusion over the Harry Potter world in general. I stuck with it for a while and had listened up to the AVPM episodes. I ultimately dropped Potterless because it became somewhat repetitive, and I just didn’t find some of his critiques funny or valid. One example that I think of easily is how he doesn’t like how the term “ejaculate” is used in the text. I mean, I’m American too, so it’s not a word that I’m used to seeing, but it gets the point across. However, I just find it obnoxious for him to make a big deal about it when in context, there’s nothing sexual behind it’s meaning within the phrase or text. Also, in many of the episodes he’ll talk about something unrelated to the chapters/scenes that the episode is about. And in general, there were just some stuff he says that I personally don’t agree with. I think the final straw for me was when listening to his episode on AVPM, one of his first critiques is that the video quality/audio is bad, and that it’s annoying that the audience is laughing at everything... those are totally unfair critiques! It’s a comedy musical, if people weren’t laughing, then it’d be a terrible show. And let’s remember that AVPM was posted on YouTube when YouTube didn’t have the greatest quality videos back then, so why critique a 2010 video to the quality of YouTube videos today??
This is a long’n, so sorry. I’ll start by saying the premise is interesting, and it is unique to hear an adult react to one of my favorite series for the first time. I’ve laughed at this show, found myself agreeing and being surprised at missing or not considering some things. I do not dislike everything about this podcast and will eventually finish the rest of the main series because I want to see how Mike reacts to major events in the series. I’m on episode 30, and just had to stop it and leave a review because I’ve had an unfortunate revelation: Mike is a pretty below average podcast host. Throughout this exercise of re-capping each chapter and commenting on certain moments in each one, you get the sense that Mike ~should~ be improving. There should be a progression, as this seems like a pod that is very grassroots oriented, to Mike finding his footing, and developing serious skills as a conversationalist and holding an episode together. And 30 episodes may not be enough time to improve that much. But Mike does not allow room for his guests to have discussions about the chapters. If this isn’t the purpose of the guests then why have them on? To just react to your reaction? Also, as many have noted, a lot of the guests are pretty average HP fans. It’s frustrating that you have *two* people on a podcast episode about HP both make extended points about Harry being a pure-blood. Just an example, but the idea is that Mike doesn’t know anything about the world that he’s experiencing for the first time and the guests come on to set him straight and discuss in further detail the things he doesn’t understand or is simply learning as they happen. When your guest can’t achieve that, it’s the hosts responsibility to kind of push back and try to get a better understanding of the situation. It happens, just infrequently. That leads to Mike’s poor descriptive skills. The tag line for Potterless should be “Ugh! So dumb!!! So good!!!” Wish I had the energy to mark every time he uses these phrases to describe a moment, rather than to take a few seconds and dive in to why he thinks those things are “so dumb” or “so good.” Of course he does go further sometimes, and those moments are good. But really anyone has that ability to just add a few more details about why they feel a certain way. He constantly uses stand-ins like “sassy” “angsty” “amazing” “dope” (at first this was kind of a fun, more down to earth approach)—you just want the two people talking to explain more of why these things are that. That’s all. There’s also this weird TV scheduled energy he gives off, like he has a producer in his ear yelling at him to keep it under 45 mins. I don’t know who imparted this wisdom onto him, but Harry Potter is absolutely a subject that will be consumed, no matter the length and depth by HP fans. Mike is constantly trying to fit in one-liners to moments that deserve genuine conversation and debate so that he can....complain about quidditch? Or simply just move on to the next event in the chapter? Why so quickly? Stylistically this doesn’t work because, again, why have an HP fan guest on? The rushed feeling of these conversations actually leads me to now—today. When I’ve paused the podcast and decided to write this. EP 30, Mike is on with OG guest Alex Moothart and girlfriend Kelly Beckman. Mike and Kelly get into a disagreement about something, and Kelly has more to say. But Mike disagrees ~so~ much with her that he raises his voice, drowns her out mid-sentence in a dramatic “shut, up we are moving on” tone and moves on to describing the next scene (again, slow down man) that I literally gasped. I get they have a relationship and they can be more direct with each other, but as a guest on a podcast, shutting someone down in the middle of an argument like that really turns me off and reeks of unchecked disrespect. Another fun (toxic) example is Mike replying to Kelly’s point about something with “valid, valid, valid” in the same disinterested and off-hand tone of “yeah, yeah, yeah.” Cool, Mike. Mike isn’t a professional podcaster. I get that. I listened to the deleted scenes episodes that are more recent, and he seems to be more polished there than here. It actually convinced me to listen from the beginning. But Mike seems to come from the YouTube, homegrown entertainment world, which you would think he’d have more intentionality with the way he structured this. You never get the sense that he himself is energizing the conversation. Rather, he is hyperbolic and uses the events in the books to move along a conversation that he either cannot make more out of, or feels compelled to be disciplined to the story. Given how much he trashes HP and takes weird tangents, the latter doesn’t seem to be the case. Also, Mike (as if you’d read this lol), as a fellow podcaster and editor, edit your stuff, man. Either you constantly have to say “AAAAAANYWAY” to stop the tangent then continue on with the next event in the chapter, or you simply learn how to use pauses in your speech and then edit out the part where you let your guest know you’re moving on. Just a stylistic choice but it contributes to my frustration with the overall presentation. Again, also: Alex calls out your privilege as a straight white man in this episode, which I think contributes to a lot of how unoriginal your commentary is, how little you’re challenged on your “problems” with the series (usually you misreading the text), and how frequently you overpower your guests and render them useless. Again, there’s positives, but the hosting is a real problem that I desperately hope improves.
Love this podcast! Makes cleaning, chores, and car rides so much easier
I enjoy this podcast even with the inaccuracies that show up (not his fault, he’s got a million and one things to analyze while still doing other podcasts and working) I’m not a huge fan of the way he bashes Johnny Depp, but I suppose this was before the truth came out about their relationship and Amber Heard’s lies. I hope he brings it up and how he views the situation now in his later podcasts(I’m only on episode 72 rn).
I’ve just started re-reading the books for the third time and have learned so much. I was hoping this podcast would be a source to keep learning even more things about this world. I understand that he was reading it for the first time (and I was excited to go on the journey with him) but I really wished he had gotten better guests. There were a few that were decent, but I wished that he had gotten experts that would correct him when he was wrong (many didn’t or didn’t even know that he was wrong about certain things). Even guests that point out Easter eggs (there are so many in the novels) or give tid bits of info that J.K. Rowling has said outside of the novels (on Pottermore or interviews) would have been amazing. I also wish he didn’t say “sassy” as much as he did. Overall I was excited to start this and wished that it was better. It had so much potential...
This podcast reduces the Sunday Scaries tremendously with its weekly Monday morning uploads! I look forward to my commutes now because I know I’m treating myself to a good dose of Potterless!!
Mike just talks about how funny he is while trash talking Team Starkid’s beloved A Very Potter Musical trilogy
Don’t need to to put your view of politics in the podcast, I don’t care what you think about politics
This podcast is one of the best I have ever listened to! As a huge Harry Potter fan, it’s great to see (or I guess hear) someone else read them, and Mike’s sassiness makes it even better! I now even kind of look forward to Mondays because I know there will be a new episode of Potterless! So thank you Mike for making this podcast and I hope you’ll keep finding new Potter content to keep doing this podcast!
I decided to listen whilst simultaneously rereading during quarantine and it has been very enjoyable. I’ve just stopped halfway through episode 46 (half-blood prince) because of a pet peeve that has occurred many times. Mike tends to have two episodes for one sitting of reading with one guest, so he ends up talking about chapters beyond the episode very often. This mildly annoyed me so I just began to read for two episodes, but he keeps doing it and it honestly takes me out of the experience. This is a great idea, and so enjoyable, but some parts of the fun commentary do lack empathy and Mike can sometimes come off as slightly misogynistic—due to how he cuts off his guests particularly women—and pretentious. I’m sure he doesn’t mean to but it does take me aback sometimes. I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching, but I hope I can because it has been a great ride. I might just finish last two books before resuming my listen.
This is the first ever podcast I’ve listen to and I love it!! I just love the wizarding world! And it’s funny to listen to Mike going through this for the first time. Though he gets a lot of things wrong or gets confused a lot but who doesn’t? We’re all human it’s fine. Anyway, I think this is a must listen to!!
im at episode 41 and overall its a fun podcast. ive found it fun to revisit the HP world since i read the books as a kid, but i have a few complaints about this podcast. 1) its frustrating how mike has all of these guests on but constantly cuts them off. ive noticed this happens more often when the guests are women but it happens with all his guests a little. i understand theres a lot of information to fit into the episode, but i feel like if mike spent less time going on sports and d&d rants, there would be more time to actually hear the guests opinions on the books... 2) to echo what a lot of other reviewers have said, the podcast is very repetitive. yes, the deluminator was not the original name, and yes quidditch is a confusing and not straight forward sport but again..if these rants were cut out more often then mike and his guests might be able to discuss the books in more detail to fit the episode length. 3) maybe this is because ive read the books numerous times, but mike complains about things only just getting introduced later on in the series when these things are brought up in the beginning of the series. like the wizard monetary system (knuts in particular), but forgets that hagrid explains this to harry in the first book... the premise for this podcast is interesting, but if youre a big harry potter fan it can be frustrating
This podcast is one of my favorite things ever. I had never been interested in harry potter until this podcast. After listening i bought the first book so i could follow along with it. I can't use it as background because i get distracted from what im doing. Its too funny to do anything else. The basketball reference and Quidditch rants are my favorite! I love this keep it up!!! My ears have been blessed and if you don't like it sPliSh sPlAsh yoUr oPinIonS trAsH (ӦvӦ)⊙▽⊙(Θ∀Θ#)(>ω<)
I heard about this podcast from a stranger in a Harry Potter Facebook group, and I have been hooked since the first episode! Sad I didn’t find it sooner! Love Schubes and his guests. This is the best Harry Potter podcast out there!


By rainvt
So, I’m just on the first episode, so no judging, but being in griffindoor does not make you win. I’m a ravenclaw and I win.
Absolutely love it!! Some say the jokes are repetitive but I find them hilarious ! True some things are touched on a few times, but only because it is funny as hell! I think repeating some jokes is good because they are so fun, and Mike does it in a great way, not saying the whole joke again but saying just enough to remind us and give us a good laugh! Go Mike! Wizard on!!
This podcast has been very entertaining and the guests bring great insight, but the volume levels of some of the episodes make it impossible to listen to while on the road. Episode 69 in particular, the guest speaks so softly it almost ruins the episode as there are frequent ten to twenty second clips of near silence while she is talking. Please remix the audio so that the guest speakers are heard as clearly as Mike Schubert.
I’m 23 years old and started reading Harry Potter in January. THEN I DISCOVERED THIS PODCAST. I have never related to a podcast more than Potterless. The only thing that kept me from quitting at book 5 (SO MUCH CLEANING AND ANGSTY HARRY??) was knowing Mike would have some things to say about what was going on. I finally finished the books last month and I just listened to the last “book” episode. I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Wizard on, y’all!
This podcast is great! It is so funny to listen to and a really cool way to hear a different and new perspective especially the first few episodes when Mike Schubert is snarkier. It made me want to read the books again and it made me realize new things that I NEVER would have realized. This is AWESOME!!!❤️❤️⚡️🤓
Mike is a snarky dude and he says so himself and basically will bring friends on and just talk about loopholes and other aspects of Harry Potter and it’s funny, entertaining and I think you should definitely give it a chance. I listen to it all day while I’m at work. Highly recommended!!!
I absolutely LOVED this podcast! It was so funny and it shows points of you that I didn’t look at while reading the books. I would totally suggest this podcast!


By yhlana
Give Schubert a chance! You’ll love this podcast!
I love this podcast because of the new perspective Mike shows us about the wizarding world. The episodes are so funny and I’m absolutely in love with it!!!
I truly enjoy listening to Potterless. It’s a fun way to distract from this crazy movie that is the year 2020. I would give you 5 stars but as a 22 year old woman who read the Harry Potter series for the very first time and some how avoided EVERY major spoiler, I was disappointed when one of the major plot points from book 6 was spoiled for me when I tried listening along as I read. It’s okay though😊 I have finished the books and have enjoyed listening to you read them for the first time.
Mike and his guests are smart, hilarious, and remind me why I fell in love with the Wizarding World in the first place! I recommend Potterless to every fan I know - it’s a must listen!
I love this podcast. It brings an interesting view on the books and is really funny! However, I noticed a lot of reviews say that jokes are repeated, quality is bad, and that Mike is obnoxious. Most of these reviews are from people who are only on the Goblet of Fire episodes. Mike started the podcast for fun without expecting it to go anywhere. Once the podcast gets farther along and it becomes more popular, Mike gets great microphones, becomes an amazing editor, finds better new jokes, and starts to fall in love with the books. I love the new, fresh take on reading the books.
i found this podcast through spotify and was inspired to read the harry potter books to understand him since i only watched the movie’s previously. reading harry potter alongside the podcast was most definitely one of the best things i ever did!!
Was really enjoying this until 36 when the host and co-host go into a really uncomfortable rant on Depp. Really ruined the episode and my enjoyment of podcast.
I listened up to episode 89 which covers the entire (main) book series. It’s a great premise which is why I gave it a shot and I stuck around mostly for the nostalgia trip it sent me on, and some of the guests were good as well. Unfortunately I did not find the host (Schoobs) funny the majority of the 89 episodes I powered through. Related to the unfunny jokes; the amount of basketball jokes/references was nigh insufferable. I almost quit early during his many minutes long rant into the sport. Give it a shot if you like the books and want a new take. For me it was a waste of time. I could have spent my time listening to something interesting where the host isn’t a complete mook.
Ok, being completely honest here, I LOVE listening to this podcast. I just find it so interesting to listen to, and I can relate to so many things too! I normally listen to just music and not really podcast but, as soon as I saw the Harry Potter glasses and the “questions mark” I immediately clicked on it!!! And as soon as I heard the intro episode I e been binging it so far. I walk around my house like nodding, laughing, smiling, and talking too. LOL! She always asks me what I’m doing and I just tell her “Harry Potter stuff.” And she’s just like “oK”. Overall I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PODCAST! IM ADDICTED! I love everything they talk about and his emotions, and his excitement! Also the people that he has on his episodes are amazing too! If you’re in need of a good podcast, search it up, and become addicted like me. 👍🏼👌🏼
I love Poterless and HORSE! I’m giving this review with only one complaint: every time Schubes says “wingardium ad-read-osa” I want to turn off the podcast and weep uncontrollably for days. It is not just the fact that it is a pun, I love puns! It’s the fact that it is a horrible pun AND there are better Harry Potter ad read puns available. Better puns include: “Ad-read-o!” (Accio) “Ad-vada k-ad-avra” (avada kadavra) “Ad-bus Dumbledore” In summation, I would be much more inclined to listen to your ad reads if they were proceeded by the worst pun you’ve ever made on the show. Much love though great podcast 10/10 have recommended to all my Friends.
A friend turned me on to this podcast and I LOVE it! It’s one of my favorites now. Funny, irreverent, but ultimately a love note to HP.
I’m so happy I found this podcast!!! 😆
The snarky nature of the podcast and hate on quidditch is reason enough to listen. You won’t regret it!!
It’s a funny fun podcast, but having someone laugh and joke about a series that has helped me through the worst times in my life since I was 10 years old till today (just turned 30) is a bit of a slap in the face. Having a VERY horrible childhood I associated with Harry a lot and his jeering during the podcast really makes me sick.
I listen to this podcast on Spotify and it is the best thing ever! It always cures my boredom and I listen to this almost everyday for hours at a time!
This podcast is so great. I just started it last week because I happened to see someone comment about it on tiktok and decided to give it a try. I love it for long drives or if I'm at work. It's a brilliant take on the Harry Potter stories and makes me remember back to when I read them the first time. One of the best podcasts ever.


It has been over a year but i still can’t stop listening to Enter Thicknesse. Ps. every hate comment’s explanation is “it is not serious” THAT IS THE POINT OF THE PODCAST it is supposed to be funny off the rails dumb!
Long time listener; about 2 years. I used to absolutely adore this podcast, and a lot of the guests are great, and I find Mike pretty funny. However, with the past few episodes, it’s gotten repetitive. The guests will join in on bashing or praising the series without giving much insight. Also, I’ve noticed that Mike changes his opinions based on who he’s talking with. The middle- movie episodes are incredible! However, the Cursed Child has been pretty ropey. Still a great podcast, but stick to your opinions, and try to add some insight here and there!
great podcast! however, it’s a little awkward to listen to in some episodes where the host and guests barely know each other- the episodes w people that the host already know so well are the best and the conversations are so much more fun to listen to.
Dude. I laugh so much during your show. Thank you. You said, “What IS a poltergeist? A scary ghost? A COLD ghost?” Just...self-aware, passive-aggressive gold. Love.
This podcast has been a gem for me. I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter books during quarantine and luckily I discovered Potterless around when I started. I been listening to the corresponding episodes as I get through the chapters and it’s been fun listening to Mike and his guests analyze them in an interesting but also really comedic way. It’s honestly made my re-read experience so much better. Thank you Mike!
Mike and this podcast are the reason my love for this series have been rekindled- I couldn’t say enough good things about it. Thanks so much for getting me thru quarantine!


This is a hilarious podcast! If ur overly attached to the HP books then this podcast is not for you. I love Harry Potter and read them as a kid and have seen all the movies.