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I am not usually someone who listens to podcasts but I sure could not get enough of this one! It is clever, funny, reminiscent, and entertaining. I don’t know what I loved more: hearing the critical mike schubert become an avid harry potter fan despite his undying hatred for quidditch, living vicariously through Mike as he reads the series for the first time like we all wish we could do again, or learning all sorts of fun harry potter facts from his guest stars. This podcast is a true gem!
Love it!!!! So good he makes so many good points that I never thought of. Love you shubes !
This podcast is simply delightful.
This podcast got me through a very anxious 2 years of uncertainty. I had my son at the beginning of the start of the pandemic and I started having panic attacks almost daily while driving. Listening to this helped me get outside of my thoughts and have lighter feelings.
I used to listen to this Podcast RELIGIOUSLY. As a huge Potterhead, it was so fun to listen to Mike experience the wizarding world for the first time. Lots of laughs, good dive into lore, greats guests. After Mike finished the Potter films, the content lost its luster. The worst part, however, is how much Mike gets into social justice. I love Mike and I know he means well, but I just want some good Potter content. Sincerely, A disappointed Hufflepuff
Podcast has a great premise, and the chapter by chapter recaps were fun and nostalgic but this podcast quickly turned into woke trash as Mike chose to politicize the story and alienate some of his audience instead of enjoying a story that should bring people together.
Alright, I’ve just finished the episodes up to the epilogue and I’m kinda sad now; I feel like an era has ended lol. I’ve been listening to this during the work day and it’s made time fly by! It was great revisiting the series with someone with a fresh take and hilarious predictions and some great dialogue with guests. Listening to Mike slowly get invested in the series made the podcast all the more enjoyable! Too many of my friends have been told about it and I can’t wait to talk about their reactions as they listen! Until I continue listening to the rest of the podcast.. #wizardon!
I listen to this at work and it is absolutely incredible! 9 hours every day of Harry Potter and funny predictions. I think YES
First off, I never write reviews, but this show deserves the full 5 stars and more. “MAN, I wish I could give this a [more than 5 star] review.” (I clearly just finished episode 78 with Kristen DiMercurio). Mike does such a great job organizing the episodes, that I know each episode will be just as great as the previous one. This show has many funny moments as well as some fun the-more-you-know tid bits (crenelated ramparts, behind the scenes info, literary analysis, British quandaries, etc.). I also love how positive Mike is during the show. Granted, he cracks jokes and makes fun of the ridiculous plot holes, but they’re all in good fun. Also, the variety of guests he brings on brings new perspective. I also think it’s so nice that he gives his guests a chance to shout out their social medias and projects. I was able to discover other cool podcasts through this show. If you’re ever wondering to yourself: hmm what’s the funniest episode of Potterless..? Look no further, my friends: EPISODE 32 with Eric Silver. I still crack up thinking about that episode and even have it saved. Thank you to Mike (and Kelly for motivating the idea and web design), the patreons, and the guests of Potterless for making this show possible. Since the patreon is now for Mike’s new show, The Newest Olympian, I figured the best way I can support Potterless is by giving this a heartfelt 5++ star review. Please give this show a listen!


Stop commenting on Mike’s reading comprehension. A. It’s rude. B. His reading is perfectly fine. And C. You don’t need an MA in English lit to read the Harry Potter books 😂
I only recently fell in love with Harry Potter (during while the world is ending) and (like you) I fell in love and I am such a Potterhead now. I love it and I’m sad that it took me forever to become a Potterhead but now it’s my favorite podcast ever. Love the snark. Parting is such sweet sorrow, your Molly Weasly fan girl for Lockhart (I’m such a dork!!!) Cassie Curtis.
Dear Mike, hi ! I’ve been having some rough times for the past 2-3 years. My constant anxiousness wouldn’t even let me chill for a second. And I definitely could not sleep without stress. The potterless podcast helped me A LLLOPOTTT. I would listen to it during the day whenever i felt like extremely anxious and it would make me feel better almost instantly. And at nights, i would replay the episodes that I’ve already listened to (so I wouldn’t miss any of the new ones because of falling asleep lol), and that made me sleep without thinking about the stuff i was dealing with. I’ve listened to each episode a few times, i love them so much. They’re very interesting, fun, and your comments on different parts of the books/movies were spot on. Thank you sir, thank you a lot. Hope you have the happiest moments in life. Wizard on !
I stumbled onto this podcast years after it started. Which I love because I can binge listen during my ten hour work shifts. Mike is so relatable as an adult reading HP and he’s said exactly what I’ve thought as I reread these with my daughter. His guest hosts are great at not ruining the plot lines to come and I have discovered a couple additional podcast to follow due to the hilarious banter that follows. If you’re a potterhead this is a must listen to podcast!
Sheesh Mike can be really obnoxious. Listened to about 15 episodes and slowly came to the conclusion that I kind of can’t stand his over-exuberant cadence and consistently awful takes.
I’m a little late to this amazing podcast but it has been so much fun to re-dive through the Harry Potter series through the eyes of someone who is reading it for the first time. Mike is SO FUNNY and I’ve become addicted and while sometimes I want to respond and/or argue with him I’ve enjoyed this podcast thoroughly! Highly recommend
I am still pretty early on in the series. I am currently listening to the 4th book. And I just find it extremely refreshing. I have not really thought much about the series from an adult aspect and it feels weird to think these books were made for children. They are still one of my favorite book series. But I think the aspect brought to the series by the podcast really brings a new perspective to the series. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is a Harry Potter fan
Love this podcast. Sad I got into it so late but still glad I’m here. Feels like truly with friends talking about Harry Potter. Love the commentary!!!
I’m so upset I discovered the podcast so late! It’s witty it’s funny and answers questions or rather puts things in perspective. I’m so glad for this pod cast, you guys make life a little easier. Thank you for existing ❤️
This podcast has been my favorite for years.
I’m a Potterhead and this is just good fun📚
Just writing in to say that episode 32 with Eric has me laughing to the point where tears are running down my cheeks. Absolutely love this podcast … can’t believe I was this late to the game, but so glad it’s timeless! Love you, Shubes! Wizard on!
This guy must have really bad reading comprehensive or a terrible memory because he incorrectly references information during his summary CONSTANTLY. It's painful and 90% of his guests either aren't very knowledgeable about Harry Potter or don't want to correct him. Some of the guests make the show almost palatable but most seem almost as ignorant about the story as Mike is himself.
Love this
This guy talks really fast, and took Latin in high school, and went to Rice, and really hates quidditch, like reeeaaalllyyy hates quidditch, as well as any words that could possibly have a sexual connotation, and really likes basketball and any excuse to go on a wild tangent about like NBA Jam or something, which side note: best NBA Jam match up between Harry Potter Characters (living or dead) would definitely be Fred and George vs Kingsley Shacklebolt and Teddy Lupin, and I know I know Teddy is unproven, but if you take a rookie like him with so much potential and paired him with a seasoned vet like Kingsley vs the unparalleled team chemistry of the Wesley twins, this match up would undoubtedly be an instant classic. Anyways 5 stars. -Love TBukets
The idea of this podcast is very original and fun and I love it! Listening to this Mike person go through the experience of reading these books and watching the movies and learning about all of the ins and outs of the Wizarding World is honestly so entertaining. Mike and his friends are all very funny and a joy to listen to.
I’m watching this way after the Harry Potter series in it ended but I love it!! I am also reading Harry Potter for the first time at 24 years old so it’s so interesting to see what another adult thinks of it while knowing nothing of the series like me. I knew very few things and only saw a few movies but am almost done with the series and they’re hands-down my favorite books thus far. Such a great podcast with different outlooks and theories. I definitely recommend it! :))
My only problem with this podcast, that I was listening to on a cross country trip, is that he starts almost every single sentence with “So.” It’s really annoying. I know that’s most people’s filler wore nowadays, but I wish he would’ve tried to stop doing it because it’s irritating.
This show is so fantastic. I’m upset I found it after it has ended, but nevertheless, I’m enjoying every bit of it!
I listen to this all the time in my free time and it makes me so happy to hear a bunch of Harry Potter nerds (like me:)) to ramble hilariously on about Harry Potter! I love that you guys give me new insight into fan theories and laugh about weird word choices from jk Rowling! All in all, thank you so much Mike and guests for making this such a good podcast!
I love this podcast even though I don’t often listen to podcasts. And even though I’m not an adult yet I still love his take on Harry Potter, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️so good, great humor!


By Yzw125
Frickin love this podcast.
As some one who has read/listened to the story of Harry Potter easily 25+ times I was very excited to join on this journey of some one going through their first read through. Overall it was really good, as of writing this I’m at the end of the Half-blood Prince, and overall I think it was a fun thing to listen to. On the downside I wasn’t crazy about a decent chunk of this podcast. I didn't expect him to get everything on the first pass or remember the smallest details that I think of when I read through the books but I think some of this could have been done better. Sometimes it felt like the objective of “I’m here to make fun of what I can” took over and he dwelled on stuff that not only wasn’t “important” but wasn’t as big of a deal as it was made out to be. The constant quidditch rants also got to me because it was obvious he didn’t really understand quidditch as a whole. The seeker isn’t the only important role as the World Cup showed, Ireland’s chasers were FAR superior to Bulgaria’s and that is why they won even throw Bulgaria had the better seeker. Not only that but a good beater can stop a seeker from catching the snitch very easily with a well hit bludger. Overall it was a fun experience and well done, I just wish it wasn’t tried to be turned into a comedy at some points.
I really don’t listen to podcasts, but I absolutely loved Potterless! Hope you like it!
Schubert’s take on Harry Potter as an adult really brings me on a new HP journey
I love harry potter, but read it a such a young age were i can’t not love it. Mike has such a unique take on the series and just thinks of things that i never did. It is really good and you should totally listen to it.
I’m IN LOVE with this podcast. So thankful I stumbled upon it.
I’ve been binging this podcast for a few months and have REALLY enjoyed Mike realizing how amazing and epic Harry Potter is. His guests are terrific and give so much necessary insight into the Harry Potter universe that I feel like I have a better understanding of these books. But! I can’t believe in his discussion of the fourth movie they didn’t talk AT ALL about Rita Skeeter being an unregistered animagus! For me, this is the biggest gap in the movies because it comes back in the fifth book when she writes the article about Voldemort being back. Ugh. It still frustrates me TO THIS DAY, and I can’t believe Mike and Lauren didn’t bring it up at all in that episode. Other than this one complaint, this show is a delight. Good job figuring out how to pronounce “underfed,” Mike. 👌🏻
Sorry, just not a very credible podcast. Admittedly only listened for a few episodes, end of Goblet/beginning of Phoenix, but I had to get out straight away. Fumbled over misquotes, untruths, an annoyed obsession over “angsty Harry” (even though he had just been through immense trauma and was immediately gaslighted by friends and family for weeks following), and some sort of self import by repeatedly talking about the host’s age as if it is of any consequence. This is the right idea, terribly executed.
I am a delivery driver for a car parts company and I drive around eight hours a day. This podcast makes time fly by so fast! It’s very relatable for me personally because I read the books for the first time at the age of 23. It’s very interesting to listen to someone with a similar perspective on the books. I’m only on episode 17 so I look forward to listening to more. I also love every single guest that comes on, I love hearing all of their different opinions on certain aspects of the books. Thank you to the person running the cafe counter at one of my local libraries that told me about this podcast!
I love how he hates jk very much appreciate 👐🏼also I have severe depression and this podcast makes me feel better than I youuuu 🚂🚂🚂
This was an amazing podcast and it must have been hard to end it but it was a good decision because now you get to do PERCY FREAKING JACKSON which is one of my all time favorites and Rick Riordan is such an amazing author, who isn’t homophobic unlike another author-who-we-shall-not-name. So excited for a new chapter in your exploration into famous children’s literature!!!!!
I really love this podcast, but I realize (being a reader of the series) that some of the things that you say happened in the series didn’t actually happen in the books or the movies.
I listen from time to time, but it’s become my replacement for music. I enjoy listening to Mike as he reads Harry Potter for the first time. The commentary makes me laugh and it’s such a great way to be refreshed by the world of Harry Potter. I share it with plenty of people just because it’s funny to listen to!
I am a huge Harry Potter Fan. I always love hearing people’s first experience with anything I’m a fan of. i find all the hole poking hilarious. It’s nice to be able to binge the episodes with the books during work, however I do regret not being able to join the conversation with you while you were going through the books. I consider myself somewhat of a Harry Potter PhD, and there is so much backstory and fun facts not relevant to the main plot that don’t get mentioned (at least through what I’ve listened to) that I would have enjoyed pointing out, that I’m guessing you have probably learned since going through the books for the first time. Just started your first episode on book 6, and I’m really looking forward to your reactions to these final books. Glad to see the podcast is still going strong
I found this podcast almost 4 years after it came out. I hate that because I missed out on all the live fun, but I love that I can just binge it. It’s an incredible analytical look at a series that has meant so much to so many, including myself. Mike did a fantastic job being analytical, critical, and humorous looking back at the series. I laughed in agreement, yelled in disagreement, and let out frustration groans on some of the theories. Would recommend to any Potter fan. 10/10. 100/100.
Love this podcast. 8 hour days at work in an office can get really long but this podcast has been great to listen to during my days. It helps the time fly by and even makes me laugh when nobody’s around 😂 I love it :)
So, you say this podcast is for adults. But I, an eleven-year-old, listen to this podcast on a daily basis. I have a friend the same age as me that also adores this podcast. Just wanna say that kids also listen to this.
Ok so when this dude is recapping the books, I’m in heaven. It’s basically him summarizing the entire Harry Potter series and he does a pretty good job at it. I’d actually give more stars if he weren’t so unfunny. When he goes on to recap the movies etc. I lost interest.