Reviews For Potterless

This podcast is great! I love hearing all of the surprise when you find out new things about the story. It makes me nostalgic for when I was reading these as a kid. I also love the grown up perspective. Thanks for making such a great podcast! I highly recommend!
Very fun
This podcast got me through many a sleepless night after a devastating breakup. It is the perfect combination of good humor, nostalgia and retelling the HP series. Listen to the podcast—it will cure your insomnia!
This is a really funny podcast and really fun. And I just started and I’m on book 5
As a HP fan, such a fun time. I just started and am absolutely binging. I often find myself literally laughing out loud.
I have just recently found this and am catching up rapidly. The host, Mike, is very energetic and seems like a lovely person. The cohosts change often which keeps it interesting, although be warned some may not know as much about Harry Potter as you do. As someone who usually listens to the whole audio book series about once a year, this is a good way to revisit the series without actually starting over. It is funny and slightly addictive. Thank you, Potterless for bringing a smile to my day.
I’m not usually a podcast person, but this is the only one I can listen to constantly that maintains my attention. As a huge Harry Potter fan, it’s so entertaining to listen to. Is what I like to do is read the chapters discussed in the episode and then listen (I always get the urge to reread Harry Potter around the holidays, so that’s what I’m doing). I am rereading the series along with Mike which is a great way to do it because the content that he is discussing is fresh in my head. I would def recommend trying this if you’re looking to reread! If not, it’s still a great listen; I didn’t read along until about halfway through the GoF episodes, but now I can’t listen to an episode without reading first. Mike gives great perspective and humor. 10/10 would recommend to any Harry Potter fan, or anyone looking to be entertained.
Have just started this, and I already love it.
Being 27 and never fully immersing myself into the HP series (book wise) getting to going through them for the first time has been enjoyable. Solid Harry Potter Pod.
First Harry Potter literally has nothing to do with today’s political climate. It was in random episodes at first but the further you get in to the podcasts it’s every single one, going off track of Harry Potter multiple times to discuss his clear dislike for Republicans and President Trump. No one likes him but he literally has nothing to do with Harry Potter!
I’ve been listening for about a year, but I kept forgetting to rate this! It’s SO GOOD!! As a fellow professional nerd I’m so happy for Shubes on this journey and loving it as much as the rest of us!
Was such a fun listen. Enjoyed the sass and snark!
I’m normally not a podcast person but after a friend suggested it to use in the background while doing homework, I looked up some and Potterless came up on Spotify. I got hooked by the description and have breezed through the first 20 episodes in a week 😂. I literally stopped listening to music and watching Netflix for this and I might be a podcast convert? The episodes are hilarious and bring back memories of my childhood, but are also refreshingly cynical in pointing out plot holes and awkwardly written paragraphs in the books. Thanks for making my awful homework a lot better. And as always, Wizard On!
I actually enjoy commuting to and from school now. Potterless is great! Thanks Schubes
Okay so I love this podcast and I love Mike, but my god i tear my hair out over some of his guests! Some are really great like Alex, someone who genuinely really loves harry potter and can explain certain ideas to Mike that he thinks are stupid at first then realizes they make sense. Some guests that I will not name but oh my you will pick up on them fast, do not know anymore than Mike does and seem like they've just seen the movies. The fifth book has THE WORST guests as of where I am at with the only two good guests being Kelly and Alex, there was even one episode I had to skip because I could not stand them. In conclusion Mike is great and its understandable why he doesnt know as much and is skeptical, however his guests he put on the show boil my blood for the most part, however when he does have a good guest they are usually brilliant episodes.
I LOVE POTTERLESS. I’ll admit-when my friend first introduced me to this podcast I was ‘triggered’ by Schubert’s critiques on the Harry Potter universe, but it quickly became a favorite. I breezed through all the episodes so quickly that I was shocked when I realized that I listened to the most recent one! I travel for work and this podcast has turned hours of boring flights and drive across the Southwest into laughter. (Sometime out loud on a plane which gets me great side eye) Thank you for creating it-give me more-don’t change a thing-and I can’t wait for GOTerless (definitely have to read at least the first few books for that one-the show was bananas) And I gotta say it, like they doing when waiting for the seatbelt sign to ding before grabbing luggage from the overhead-WIZARD ON. 😍 ⚡️ 🙌
I stumbled across this podcast about a week ago, and haven’t been able to stop listening. This is so entertaining, and also great to, as a Potterhead, to go back through in depth. Mike’s commentary leaves me fist-pumping in agreement. Also, Ludo Bagman definitely did it. Wizard On!
Omg! I love it so much! Definitely worth a listen
I really like the fact that that the conversations will get very deep and even enjoy whenever the conversations get strayed because that is what happens in real life conversations, because conversations aren’t bullet, next point, bullet. Absolutely the funniest podcast and so entertaining
This was the first podcast I ever listened to, and I will forever tell every friend of mine to listen to it! So much fun, and a great way to remember the details of the books- and now the movies too! Love love love it


By dofgv
I love this podcast. It’s entertaining and so fun to relive the magic of a first read. My only complaint is the unnecessary foul language. I can’t listen with my kids around.
Great podcast that reinvigorated my love for Harry Potter, great guests and great discussions
Super fun stellar content
This podcast made me be not bored during my advanced language Aerts and social studies block class!
I have mostly enjoyed every episode. I don’t mind straying off topic and connecting some issues presented to current sociopolitical issues; HOWEVER, some episodes stray waaaay too much into this and get needlessly in the weeds about some issues. Episodes 33-34 are particularly annoying. After these episodes it goes back to being mostly good, but he keeps bringing up points that he’s already said he’s annoyed/upset by and it doesn’t drive the conversation forward. We get it, you don’t like quidditch, you don’t want to call it a Deluminator and you’re too cool for the movies. The movies are OF COURSE going to be different than the books, no need to keep bringing it up. The things that started out great will come to a point where you just skip parts of the conversations or you just think “we get it, go to your next point” By mid book 7 it does get better again and returns to the more positive approach he had in the beginning.
I love this podcast so much that when I have to do something I get so unmotivated because all I want to do is listen. So funny and I just realized I’m apple podcasts the stars where u can rate the podcast are violently purple
After listening to Potterless, it’s hard to listen to much else because it is just so entertaining! Mike is hilarious and his guests are great! I’m a huge HP fanatic and this is just the perfect thing! The only bad thing is that I have to stop myself from laughing out loud in public when I’m listening to Potterless.
STOP DOWNING THE SOUTH AND SAYING WE’RE IDIOTS. I work in a school and text books do not do that anymore. Everyone is very open about what happened. I also grew up in school in the south and always knew what it was about. I understand that you’re extremely liberal but every episode you make sure everyone knows that. Only giving 4 stars because I love the actual Harry Potter parts and the sarcasm related to it. I just don’t appreciate having to hear about politics when I’m trying to just take a brain break from the world by reminiscing on Harry Potter.
I enjoyed his commentary and bad predictions (like in Book 4) but as the podcast went on he and the other guests are increasingly finding many small things to get bothered and ridicule JKR. For example about how she shouldn’t use the words “sniggered”, “groped” and getting offended about how she talks about the interactions between wizards and other magical creatures, and then tying this into politics. The books are a children’s fantasy story, not a commentary on world politics. Maybe wizards are fearful of werewolves and giants because they’re inherently dangerous! Referring to these instances and many other supposed racially/sexist charged comments (I am not referring to using Mudblood, yes that is pretty racist) and saying she should have done them differently because it leads to people reading the books thinking being racist is okay is bogus. Most of us read them as kids and weren’t reading them to find “secret” political undertones. And even as adults reading these books don’t look that deep into either because it’s a FANTASY NOVEL as in not real!!!! I also know the podcast is listed as explicit, no problems with that, but the swearing becomes a bit excessive as the podcast goes further along. As well the sexual comments and jokes have become excessive as well. So I will not be finishing the podcast.
The snarky take on the books is hilarious and I love the guests. This also motivated me to reread the books. It is getting difficult tho cuz I don’t wanna stop listening to Potterless!!!
Mike is super funny and it is so enjoyable to hear someone fall in love with Harry Potter especially since he tries to hate them so much! Highly recommend if you love Harry Potter!
I haven’t read the books or seen the movies in forever. A really funny review for those like me who forgot a whole bunch! Watching or listening to Mike experiencing something I have had with me since I was a child makes me appreciate it even more. Also Mike’s incorrect predictions are the best!
Mike is hilarious in his recapping of the Harry Potter books with friends!! It’s a fun way to refresh for Potterheads and lovers of the wizarding world. Looking forward to continuing the journey!
3 weeks ago I discovered this podcast and I am on episode 77 already. I’m so glad that I didn’t discovered it sooner because like the Harry Potter books, I like to read them one after another one. I’m enjoying it a lot. Thank you Mike! Wizard on!
This is such a great podcast! Love it!👍
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 4 months now and I am ADDICTED. It saddens me that I am fully caught up but I now look forward to Mondays at work. This review is specifically for the latest episodes (No. 96 and 97). His sister has the best laugh ever and actually knows what she’s talking about. Her husband is amazing as well lol Love you Schubes!
This is such a great podcast!!! I love to listen to it!!
epic lol it’s really funny i love every episode
Not only do you get to relive the magic of Harry Potter all over again (#nostalgia), but you get to have a new journey full of awesome AF context now that all is HP readers are older. Thanks Mike. This is great.
A podcast full of laughs, facts, and amazing predictions that guide you back through a childhood love of almost everyone: Harry Potter. Mike Schubert takes guidance from others, with a humble outlook on his success with this podcast, while he takes listeners through his first journey through the work of JK Rowling! WORTH THE LISTEN!!
Worth the 5 stars simple for this episodes editing.
This is man is a perfect podcaster with a perfect voice and perfect editing. All of his guests are fantastic, he’s hilarious, they’re hilarious, it’s a good time. I have never been disappointed by a Potterless episode, and I don’t think I will ever be! I wish I could have a podcast like this for all of my childhood book series nerddoms. Excellent podcast. Oh by the way, he took Latin in high school.
I love this podcast. It's a great look with older eyes to a beloved series from my children. I love Mike and all his friends that relook into the story. Every espiode has me wanting to debate with him and just talk all about Potter all day! Also, sir, Hermione is a year older than the boys. So she was 15 while Krum was 18. Everything else great! I can't wait to finish the podcast. I'm at the end of Order of the Phoenix. Also you make me laugh with your anti Snape and the "always" comment XD.
I love your podcast it's funny but why on earth do you talk so friggen fast!?!? You sound like bumblebee from the transformers!!
This is a genuinely entertaining podcast and mike and his guests are fun to listen to a lot of the time. But his reading comprehension is simply abysmal. No way around it. He casually mentions things that are so off base and plainly stated in the text that it can be almost painful to listen to. If you’re going to have a reading podcast, work on your reading comprehension, man, good god.
I moved to Ireland to get my masters degree (msc in aeronautical engineering) and my irish roommate and i got to talking about our mutual love for harry potter. He recommended potterless, and i’ve been hooked from episode 1! It’s a great way to let my brain rest between classes:) I love ireland but i miss home, so hearing you talk about seattle makes me feel a little more connected to home☺️ wizard on!
This podcast is great for someone who hasn’t read these books in a long time and I do super enjoy it (hence the 5 star review) but I do have one problem. Mike, Harry is 11 when he starts Hogwarts so he’s 12 in book 2, 13 in book 3, etc. I dunno why I can’t get past this fact but omg I can’t. Also I’m only on episode 30 but this is right after he keeps getting Harry’s age wrong. Otherwise great podcast and I enjoy bringing up the politics of the wizarding world because JK often brings up politics. 11/10 would recommend!!
I've read the potter books multiple times and am a huge fan, so I love getting to experience themagain in this different way. Mike is hilarious and picks at the tiniest things, which is very fun to listen to. I'd highly recommend his podcast!