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Love this podcast. Keep up the great work! Thank u
The guy is a moron. Listening to this, after about ten minutes, you’re like, getting annoyed... ‘Dude, STF Up’ it’s like, just stop this @%**#’in dufus from talking.
Reverb is great on vocals for music. But not o. Spoken word podcasts.
Everything I need to hear to remind me of the truth
Although you might be suffering from addictions, this show has been a real help in my faith. Religion (or any belief system) has a tendency to grow hypocritical behaviors in people despite of good intentions. Therefore, we need to counter this culture by being more truthful. Christianity needs more brutally honest people like this.
i am going through a difficult time at the moment (issues of the heart), and listening to you gave peace of mind.
This is a good down to earth podcast for Christians who struggle with sexual addiction. I like the music this podcaster includes. Good tips and good observations.


Laura your wrong, God wants us to have joy. Just when it is done in a right way.
Thank you so much Russ for all you are doing. Great podcast.
I am so grateful that on day 116 of my sobriety, I found this. I was listening to a sample and then a sponsee called me; in that moment I was conscious that god was speaking to her not me, and that my experience can now be strength and hope. I LOVE the line that "God's not after your begrudging submission; he's after your long term joy". that helpsme. I thank you.
Russ, your journey and story have directed my attention to the one true Savior and away from the functional saviors taht are out there deceiving us. I love your direct approach and the love that you show to your listeners by giving of yourself in them. Please continue with them. God Bless you.
Russ throws it all out there with little regard for the over-sensitive types. This podcast is authentic and inspiring. Russ communicates in a very conversational manner so that you feel like you he is having a talk with you directly. Full of truth and application. Highly recommended.
A big thank you to Russ Shaw for putting on this podcast. He gets to the heart of the battle with lust. Russ is very humble about his own failings. I don't always agree 100% with everything he says but I respect his heart for what he states. This podcast has helped convict me on a number of occasions.
Russ is the man! He's brutally honest and truly puts himself out there. He's right on about jesus and is doing a very very good thing here! what a great companion these shows can be during good times and bad! thank you RUSS!!!
This guy is about taking off the MASK, and getting below the surface. Very real, honest, and full of hope. The morality of a generation is at stake and it is encouraging to hear someone talking honestly about this silent pandemic.
I have been listening to Russ for a few weeks. I am tired of his regular diatribes against religion. I am not here to defend religion. Far from it, but I come here to hear a message of recovery, not to hear you rehash some issue that you need to resolve. Just my thoughts. RT
A good podcast, put out by a guy who's been there. As with all podcast advice, your mileage may vary, but Russ has a good solid perspective.
I don't know why thay have an explicit sign on this. I'm addicted and I need help. I opened your podcast and found myself sobing in my office. Please keep it up. There is a ear hungering for what you are saying