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Been meaning to do this for a while but I love the show guys! Granted I don’t always agree with y’all but u guys still manage to keep me engaged, informed, and entertained. I’m fairly new to comics about 4 years in now so I’m just loving it all lol I’ve only come across a few things that I’ve read and knew i didn’t like. I’m Steve Rodgers on Twitter so I’ve talked to u guys a couple times but ur doing a great job. This quarantine has forced me to spend a little to much money on trades 😂😅😅 but like most I cannot wait for comics to return!!! Oh btw I’m typing this on may 7th and just seen the release dates for dceased planet and death metal......... LETS GO 🙌🏾👌🏾👏🏾 Ps go lions!!! 🦁 —brandon
I just found this podcast and I think it’s awesome. I like that the reviews give context but are simple so that if I haven’t read it yet I can still understand how good the comic was.
I’ve been listening for the past few years and look forward to this show every week. These guys have great chemistry and is by far one of my favorite podcast. #releasethesnydercut -Darrell from The Loot Bros Podcast
I really appreciate that these reviews are honest. I felt like I was missing what was going on omg he latest action comics books: they helped me see it want me. I’m a new Batman fan and appreciate their commentary.
This is the podcast for you! Great coverage on all things DC. Great reviews of the latest comic books both good and bad; they tell it like it is. Always a great day when a new episode drops... and of course it wouldn’t be a true review without #releasethesnydercut.
I’m a fairly new listener (started around October of 2019) and this show was one of the first I listened to and remains my absolute favorite. Thank you both for making my DC reading experience that much better. I appreciate everything you both do and your sheer compassion for comics. Thank you and can’t wait for the next episode!
Love this show!!! Chris and Jordan know their stuff amd have fun doing it. Highly recommended
As someone how doesn’t have a comic book shop close by I always wait for trades to come out. So this is a great show for me to keep up on what is going on in the dc continuity every week. Chris and Jordan do a great job of recapping the issues and giving balanced feedback about what is going on. A must listen for anyone who likes the dc characters
DC Comics Squadcast is my go to podcast for anything DcC comics reviews and news. Jordan and Chris take the time to do it right and make it great.
Over the course of the last few years I’ve tried listening to a few of these kind of podcasts (recapping recent comic issues) and this is the only one that I’ve been able to stick with. These hosts know both when to expound on a subject or detail and when it’s time to move on, making for magnificent pacing.
Gotta love this podcast, there’s always some dc books I’m missing and these guys are always there to fill you in and talk about what’s going on in the DC universe
Great show for DC comic news and reviews. One of many great shows in the family of shows.
This is my favorite podcast I listen to. I listen to many different podcasts, most of them about comics. I personally am more of a marvel guy, but this podcast got me engaged in multiple dc books. Both cohosts have gobs of chemistry. They also integrate there fans through Showmail and much more more than any podcast I listen too. This gives a variety beyond there already great formula. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m hanging around with a couple of friends just talking about comics. I would suggest this podcast to just about anyone. When your not busy, please release the Fanfic cut. (I wish I could come up with a better name than that)
I love the passion the excitement of both host. Yet I struggle to feel like I’m rereading the book. I get their needs to be a summary but I rather hear topics like high point, of the comic low point, best action scene, best costume, worst costume, best art/ best panel ect. I hope you could maybe add these to your podcast. But continue on I’m so on your side for Tom King Batman doesn’t always connect the dots. Personally it’s ok for me I like to allow my mind to wander. Hope you guys get threw the run.
Hello gentlemen I’ve been enjoying the podcast since finding it a few weeks ago I became a little disgruntled when rebirth came out I was looking forward to some new story telling with homage to days of old and after a while dropped most of my books but recently your reviews of Batman , Superman and Young Justice have given me hope and makes my purchases more meaningful and your reviews peaks my interest in books I am not reading currently thanks , Kevin from Va
Around a year ago I lost one of my best friends. He left me at a vulnerable time. He was the first person I ever bonded over comics with and that sort of bond is, as you know, unimaginably strong- almost spiritual. You guys have begun filling the whole in my heart my friend left behind after he... moved to Iowa. Also, how am I like the 4th written review this year? Y’all are killin it. ❤️ Cody
Love this Podcast. Chris and Jordan are well read and honest. They are good about sharing thier opinions and not afraid to say if a issue is not quite up to normally high DC standards. They seem to enjoy comments and input on various aspects and tie-ins from past issues on current events via Twitter and make a concerted effort to respond in kind helping the listeners feel a personal connection to the podcast. They usually give a series a few less than great books before moving on to others and dropping it from review all together. They focus on the Justice League and the ancillary heroes and major events and people tied to them. The character and story analysis, is detailed, and makes my work commute enjoyable. This is second only to reading the comic yourself, and even then, some of the insights and details often make it feel more like a comic book discussion/ appreciation Podcast with a personal feel.
Been listening since day one and I’m not planning on stopping (not until they stop). It’s just two cool guys talking about the world of DC Rebirth. They always do a great job of summing up the books for the week while giving their honest opinions. They’re also great to interact with on social media and if you like them, I’d recommend the rest of the Squadcast Network for all things DC. Hope they make it another hundred episodes and continue past the next Crisis or Flashpoint 2 or whatever!
I found this podcast back in August listened to one episode and I was hooked. With my two hour commute back and forth from work, I was able to finally catch up on all past episodes! Chris and Jordan do a great job on summarizing the books and keep me informed on books I don't have on my pull list. I'm an advocate DC fan and really enjoy their opinions. Keep up the awesome work gents, cheers to episode 100! Congrats!
Now let me explain. You guys do such a good job of breaking down comics. I feel as though I’m reading them while listening. Keep up the amazing work. Love you like joker loves batman.
Recently fell back into the world of comics mostly thanks to dc universe app. But after watching the first episode of Titans i was sooo hungry for more. So i started with your episode on your impressions of titans and enjoyed it so much I'm now going back to #1 and am listening to them all. Thanks for making this show i love it! Keep it up!
Really enjoy the way you guys go through the books. Giving just enough to get us interested but not giving all away. I appreciate that you don’t talk down to the audience-especially someone like me just getting in to comics. Please keep Batman in this podcast. It is one of the books that really interest me. Even if you all are struggling with it, I like that you are giving your honest opinions. Keep it up.
I love the way Chris breaks down Batman.
I got back into comics almost four years ago, just started listening to podcasts & I love DC comics so this show definitely caters to what I’ve been looking for because not having many people to discuss comics with having you guys review & talk about each issue is awesome. Also love that you list which comic your discussing with the time stamp is a massive plus, keep up the good work guys!
I am currently reading almost everything DC is publishing weekly. So it’s great to listen to others objective opinion on stories each week. Glad I found this podcast. The hosts typically find something positive to say about every issue, even if the story gets drawn out too long or the new creative team doesn’t understand the character. They focus on the Justice League team of characters and some of their individual adventures, there is always something new. I would recommend it for those who read all the issues or those that just want to keep up on the best comics universe available.
I just discovered this podcast a couple of months ago, and I have to say it has become one of my favorite shows each week. The hosts are very knowledgeable about the material, and they give great insight and opinions on the titles they cover. I have found myself in agreement with a lot of their views. For instance, I am a Superman fan, and I do believe that the Bendis run has been a disappointment so far. Hoping it improves soon. My one critique of the show is that only a handful of titles are covered, and I wish they would sprinkle in a few lesser-known books once in a while. I know that not all books can be covered, but to just give a little love to some might get people to check out one that they might not otherwise. In any event, though, awesome podcast for DC fans!
You guys are the best podcast out there! You bring the comics to life, give amazing analysis and history and aren’t afraid to critique anything and share your opinion. 10 out of 10!
Long-time listener of all the Squadcast shows, but first time reviewer. I rediscovered comics at the start of Rebirth and have since been spending way more money than I should be on Wednesday’s, but its worth it. Anyways, I’ve always looked forward to listening to your recap of the previous week’s books while I’m at work. Thank you guys for allowing me to escape even for a moment during my work days! Best wishes to you guys and the whole SquadCast Media family! P.S. I’m giving Bendis 3 arcs too, before I call it quits on Supes... I don’t know how much more of his dialogue and overall interpretation of Superman I can take.
I am a massive DC comics fan and I never miss an episode of this show. I really the coverage this show provides. I have expanded my pull list from some of the issues that they have covered! Great job keep up the good work!!!
Really liking the podcast! I’m listening to the most current episodes, then going back and listening to the early ones. Keeps me up to date on the DC universe while I get caught up on my massive back log.
You guys do some of the best work I’ve heard you do an interesting way how you take the audience through The book I gave you a five star after I accidentally hit the one star button and it gave you one which I hate my phone for. Keep up the awesome work
I really enjoy the listening to the guys discuss our weekly books. The criticism is fair and objective. It is a constant race trying to catch up on my books to listen to the podcast on time. Keep un the great work guys, and thanks for making my morning commute more enjoyable. Quick request: I hope it is not too much to ask but could you add the time stamp for each book review? Sometimes I want to skip a section because I haven’t read the book but I end up skipping more than needed 😬
DC comics are by far my favorite IP. I listen to a handful of other comic related podcasts, but no one goes quite in depth for me to get that itch scratched! Happy reading!
Really like the insight on the reviews. You guys have a great rapport. I look forward to each episode. If I’m entered into comic book contest, any members of the Justice League is good. Again, keep up the great work! Ron
I’m 30 years old and just started really reading comics since BvS, and especially with DC Rebirth. This podcast makes the comics much more enjoyable by listening to not only their perspective but their knowledge of the histories and backstories. Also gives a great insight into what’s going on in books I wouldn’t otherwise read; I’m mostly on all things Green Lantern and Deathstroke but these guys have me interested in many other titles! Highly enjoyable!
Love the show guys been listen for a few months and I love the reviews. You guys give honest opinions and express much love for he comic book and dc universe ! I’ve gotten so many issues based off of hearing about it from you just picked up brave and bold after listen about it can’t wait to check out the art and give it a read! Thanks !!
I love this podcast! I found it a few months back and added it to my subscription feed right away. It has been wonderful hearing the guys talk about the Rebirth books and their opinions on what has been going on. It's also great to hear them talk about a plot point that I forgot about in the earlier issues of a series that has come back to rear its head in the issues coming out now. Keep up the great work guys.
Hey guys I found your podcast through a friend recommending it to me and in the last month and a half I listened to all of the episodes I like that you give your real honest opions and don’t say something good if u don’t like it just to get people to buy any comic but it’s been nice talking to you both on twitter hope u guys enjoy summer with work be slower and go lions
I’ve been listening to this podcast for the last year or so and it’s so refreshing! I love Jordan and Chris’ take on all the comics they go over and more! I might be out of the norm, but I enjoy hearing about the guys stuff going on outside of comics too. Great to get to know them on a more personal level. I do wish you guys would go over Green Arrow though! Love the show and I listen to every pod! Keep up the great work!!!
I’ve searched for a long time for a podcast on DC books that meets my needs, and this one is it. Fantastic reviews and done from a place of true love for the books. These guys are doing good work.
As the title says I’m catching up on all the episodes; the pure awesomeness that is you two!!! So I recently decided I would start reading Batman rebirth so I went out bought the trades and every single issue I could. I know have read and am caught up with all the Batman's, but I realized I want to know more about the rebirth stuff and things, and so I found you! Thoroughly enjoying the episodes so far. Been listening for about a week and am up to episode 12! Can’t wait for the continued awesome that I know awaits me. Peace!
Let me start off by saying that Chris & Jordan are fantastic hosts. Listening to them break down the comics is like sitting around with your friends. Their knowledge of the universe is very rewarding. For me personally, an african american woman from Alabama(Roll Tide) who loves comics but kept that part of my life hidden. But listening to them has changed that for the better!
Great podcast! Y’all tell it how it is, you guys don’t sugar coat and I love it when you guys are like two weeks behind so I can listen to you guys and get ready for the new issue in couple of days!
I spent some time searching for a podcast that i can listen to at work and learn about the dc universe. This is the perfect fit! Chris and Jordan are passionate about dc and have inspired me to start picking up some issues. I’m still binging episodes; I can’t wait to catch up. Keep up the amazing work!
I began this adventurous journey into comics first with the reading of The Watchmen. Then I jumped into The justice League Dark (via a recommendation by a great friend who happens to be a die hard DC Comics fan). Then jumped into The Saga of The Swamp Thing by Alan Moore. Now I follow am reading monthlies, Damage, Doomsday Clock, and anything Swamp Thing. All that to say, when I found this Podcast with Chris and Jordan discussing the ins and outs of rebirth and keeping me up to date on all the big titles, I couldn’t resist but subscribe and listen intently. I frequently travel between Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. I am grateful to have a hour long conversation devoted solely to comics I can tune in for weekly. Recently, one of the gentleman commented that he just finished volume one of the saga of the swamp thing by Alan Moore. I felt over the moon with excitement because I feel like it makes Me an officially fan. I literally sat in my car saying “oh man!, I finished the run over Christmas! What do you think so far? I hope you give devote a little time towards the saga!” Maybe this has become a little ramble-y. But all that to say. These dudes are doing a great job. Hats off to you guys. Keep up the great work. 5 stars all the way.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a week straight now every morning while i’m at work. I had to find something to listen to because nothin is really on at 4 AM - 9 AM. I can’t stop listening to you guys. It’s nice hearing all the positivity about rebirth. Plus, now I want a shirt that says “I agree with you 100 percent” Keep up the fantastic work fellas! Andrew Fresno, CA
I found this podcast probably about a month ago and I have not been able to stop listening since, of course now that I'm out of episodes to binge on I am both terrified to have to wait but I also know that good things take time and can I just say this is by far the best podcast I've ever heard. You guys rock and it's so true that you really make the listener feel as if their in the room just hanging out. I'm in the same boat as Jordan on the Man of Steel movie, it made me dive all out into DC comics after being a marvel fan for so long even though I grew up on shows like Justice league, Unlimited, and teen titans. Man of steel made me completely rethink Superman and then the DC universe, which is the coolest fictional universe and one that is oh so inspiring as a comic writer myself. I need this podcast hung up all over my walls, keep up the kickass work.
Excellent commentary and excellent production quality. This podcast is excellent.